My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 89

He had never experienced such a feeling before. It was new, yet memorable Karen Daly was still tying the tie seriously, waiting for his response quietly. She had her head lowered and Kevin Kyle could not see her face clearly. All he could see was a flashed of her thick eyelashes moving, as if she was calling for his pity. Kevin Kyle could not help it He suddenly raised her chin, leaned over and kissed her. The kiss came so suddenly and violently that Karen Daly stiffen. However, unlike what she did usually, she didn’t hide or reject but responded awkwardly. The kiss was long and sweet. They didn’t let each other go until they stopped breathing. Kevin Kyle stroked Karen Daly’s tender face and smiled slightly next to her ear. He whispered, “Okay.” His voice was hoarse and deep, like refined sand, with a warm breath. Karen Daly trembled. She quickly lowered her head to cover her blushing face and pretended to tie his necktie. However, her hands were a little shaking. She really missed the determination to seduce Kevin Kyle last night. After a long time, Karen Daly finished tying his tie. She let out a long sigh of relief, raised her head and winked at Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle was amused by her look and shook his head dotingly. Then, he quickly kissed her blushing cheek. “Thank you, Mrs. Kyle,” he said. A satisfied smile appeared on her face. She suddenly thought of a poem when she saw the knot in the middle of the tie. A gold thread tie two hearts together. “I’m willing to be with you for the rest of my life.” “You’re welcome, Mr. Kyle.” She answered with a smile. When Karen Daly went to work today, the atmosphere in the office was completely different. She learned that Sunnie Olsen, the manager of the business department, had been fired by the company. Now the position for the manager of the business department was left empty. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Karen Daly. Some were envious, and some were jealous. But they still came to talk to her. They called her Mrs. Kyle in a very uncomfortable way. She was Mrs. Kyle, but in the company, she was just Karen Daly and did not want to be called “Mrs. Kyle”. People called her Mrs. Kyle would mean that they dismissed her working competency. She didn’t want to publicise her relationship with Kevin Kyle, because she was worried about this. Now it really happened just like what she was worried about. Alice Cole said excitedly, “Karen, Manager Olsen has been fired. You will soon be the manager of our business department. You are the most promising one.” To be honest, if it was based on merits, Karen Daly was confident that she had the ability to be the manager of the business department among the crowd. But now, in people’s eyes, if she could become the manager of the business department, it was not because of her strength but her relationship with Kevin Kyle. For the whole day, Karen Daly didn’t do much work. She spent a great deal of time talking to those who suddenly approached her, perhaps to make amends with her and get on her good books. If it went on like this, could she still work? After getting off work, Karen Daly did not go home, but went to the studio to complain to Faye Reed. Faye Reed was also happy to see Karen Daly. She took her to the office to show Karen Daly around. “Karen, the studio’s profit this year has doubled. If we continue to make profits like this, we will soon be able to buy a house and a car in this town. Hearing such good news, Karen Daly was also very excited. “It was all Miss Reed’s effort.” “Look at you flattering.” Faye Reed rolled her eyes at Karen Daly and said, “Karen, why don’t we do it together. With my management method and your talent, we can work together to build the most famous wedding design studio in Chatterton Town.” Today, her colleagues were surrounding her calling her Mrs. Kyle. In addition, Karen Daly was thinking about her future. She had thought about giving up the current job and returning to the studio with Faye Reed. It was her dream to design the most beautiful wedding dress in the world. During countless dreams, she even dreamed of standing on the world’s highest podium and getting the best designer’s trophy She really wanted to pick up her passion and design a wedding dress for herself and Kevin Kyle. Before Karen Daly answered, Faye Reed added, “Karen, do you still remember your former idol Ivan?” “Of course I remember. I’ve regarded him as my idol since was seventeen years old.” When it came to the name “Ivan”, Karen Daly’s face was also full of excitement. “I saw him a few days ago.” “What? You’ve seen him?” Faye Reed was surprised. After thinking for a while, she said, “It’s impossible. I left my contact number when I helped you submit your work. How could he find you?” “What submission? Karen Daly was confused. Faye Reed took out a piece of document and placed it in front of Karen Daly. “It’s said that he came to Chatterton Town and had hosted a small competition not long ago.” “What’s that?” Karen Daly had paid a lot of attention to the design field, so how could she not hear about it? Faye Reed added, “Because of the lack of media publicity, there are not many people who knew about it, but it was very well known in the circle. Many people, including me, passed on their own design draft to him, but he did not like any of them.” Karen Daly nodded. “It’s a pity. If you can study with Ivan, it would be a great experience.” Faye Reed said with a smile, “He didn’t like my design. I was reluctant, so I sent the design draft that you handed out three years ago. I didn’t expect that person to like your design at first glance. With this, Faye Reed showed a dissatisfied look. “Your design is not much better than mine. Why did he choose yours instead of me?” “Which design draft?” Karen Daly was so surprised that she couldn’t believe what she had heard was true, “It’s the wedding dress you designed for yourself three years ago.” Faye Reed paid attention to Karen Daly’s expression and continued, “Karen, you are married now. Let the past go. Let’s thrive for a new life together.” If it was a few days ago, Karen Daly might hesitate, but today she didn’t want to hesitate anymore. She didn’t want to miss the opportunity that she had missed a few years ago. However, she did not agree with Faye Reed’s proposal immediately. She had to discuss this with Kevin Kyle and listen to his opinion. While she was thinking about Kevin Kyle, he called her. Looking at the words “Mr. Kyle” on the screen, Karen Daly smiled and answered, “Hello, Mr. Kyle.” As soon as she said that, the person on the other end of the phone was silent for a long time. Then she heard his serious voice, “Hello, Mrs Kyle.” *Anything?” Karen Daly really wanted to ask if he missed her, but she was still shy and did not want to be too directive..

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