My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 90

There was another silence on the other end of the phone. The silence lasted longer than the previous one. It was so long that Karen Daly finally said, “Say something.” “Don’t think too much about the company’s affairs. I won’t interfere with the business manager’s position, nor will I let my subordinates interfere,” Kevin Kyle said. Kevin Kyle’s sexy and pleasant voice came from the other end. Every word seemed to beat Karen Daly’s heart rhythmically, Kevin Kyle knew that Karen Daly cared about this, so he would never interfere and let her fight for that position with her own ability. Whether she could succeed or fail was her own choice. He would never interfere. Karen Daly nodded. “Okay, I believe you.” Kevin Kyle added, “It’s cold outside. Go home early if you have nothing to do.” Karen Daly smiled. “Alright, Mr. Kyle.” Seeing Karen Daly on the phone calling him Mr. Kyle and smiling shyly, Faye Reed got goosebumps all over her body. “Mrs. Kyle, you know that I haven’t had a man’s nourishment for a long time. Are you showing off in front of me?” “Faye, let me ask you something.” Karen Daly looked around and checked if there was anyone else around her. She lowered her voice and said, “Does Sebastian Spencer control his lust when he is with you?” “My lust is stronger than his.” Faye Reed simply and rudely said such a sentence. Suddenly, she realized what Karen Daly meant and asked, “Do you mean that your man is not willing to touch you?” “Don’t say it so loudly.” Karen Daly quickly covered Faye Reed’s mouth. Although everyone was off work now, but if a customer walked in at this time, it would be awkward. Karen Daly was a little embarrassed and said hesitantly, “In fact, we haven’t done that…” Faye Reed roared again, “Karen Daly, are you sure there’s nothing wrong with your man?” “He surely has no problem.” Karen Daly was sure. Having slept in the same bed with Kevin Kyle for such a long time, she could still feel something. “Alright, he has no problem. But he is sleeping next to you and he didn’t touch you. What that means is, you are not hot enough. Men are not interested in you.” Faye Reed said mercilessly. “Faye Reed, do you think we can still be friends?” Karen Daly slapped Faye Reed on the back. “Just pretend that I didn’t tell you.” “Karen, so you’re waiting for me?” An extremely arrogant voice came from somewhere. Faye Reed and Karen Daly looked behind at the same time and saw Charlie Gook coming in from the door of the office with an arrogant look. Seeing Charlie Gook, Faye Reed’s reaction was more intense than Karen Daly’s. She instinctively jumped in front of Karen Daly and shouted, “Scumbag, what are you doing here? Be careful, i’ll knock you to death with a stick.” “Faye, we haven’t seen each other for such a long time. Is this how you feel when you see your old friend?” Charlie Gook said with a cheeky smile. She didn’t take Faye Reed’s anger seriously at all. “Get out!” Faye Reed pointed at the door. “You are not welcomed here.” “I’m not here to see you.” Charlie Gook cast his eyes on Karen Daly. “Karen, I haven’t seen you for a few days. I miss you so much.” Thinking of the brief conversation between Karen Daly and Faye Reed, his eyes lit up. It seemed that Karen Daly and Kyle guy had been married for a long time, but they didn’t even have sex. If it weren’t because Karen Daly was waiting for him, he didn’t know what other possible explanation there was to explain her abstinence. “Charlie Gook, I don’t want to see you, and I don’t want you to come to our office.” Karen Daly also pointed to the door. “You better leave immediately, or we’ll call the police.” “Karen, why are you so ruthless?” Charlie Gook shook his head in disappointment and said, “Don’t think that just because Innovative Tech was acquired by Rovio Corporation Inc, and that Kyle guy has the support of Rovio Corporation Inc, that I can’t do anything to him!” “Scumbag-“Faye Reed almost jumped up. Karen Daly grabbed her and comforted her, “Faye, don’t worry. It’s not worth hurting yourself for this kind of person.” “Karen..” Faye Reed gritted her teeth. In the past, she had seen what kind of things Karen Daly had experienced and how hard Karen Daly had tried to forget them for the past three years. She didn’t want anyone to destroy Karen Daly’s happiness. Karen Daly looked at Charlie Gook calmly, who still had a faint smile on his lips. “Charlie Gook, you’ve threatened me many times. Are you still a man?” “Ha…” Charlie Gook sneered and said, “Didn’t that Kyle guy go on a business trip? Do you want to see him leaving the house alive, but coming back as a corpse?” “Oh, really?” Karen Daly walked to Charlie Gook with a smile. “That’s why Karen, you have to listen to me… Before Charlie Gook finished his words, he was slapped heavily on the face. Karen Daly stood in front of him, looking at him coldly with a malicious look in her gentle eyes. Karen Daly acted so quickly that not only Charlie Gook was shocked, even Faye Reed was taken aback. At this moment, Karen Daly was like the Karen Daly she was three years ago. Decisive and hot tempered, she would never be threatened by anyone. “Karen..” Charlie Gook touched the burning left cheek Karen Daly slapped on and smiled obscenely and wickedly. “You hit me! How dare you hit me!” “I only hit shameless bastard like you.” Karen Daly’s lips curled slightly and she said coldly, “Charlie Gook, mark my words. I’m telling you, if you dare to hurt a strand of Kevin Kyle’s hair, even if I die, I will drag the whole Gook Family with me to the grave.” Karen Daly’s tone was very cruel and cold. It seemed that as long as Charlie Gook dared to hurt Kevin Kyle, she would definitely drag him down. Charlie Gook had never seen her like this. Even the hot tempered Karen Daly three years ago had never had such a side. For a moment, he really believed that Karen Daly would have the ability to drag him to death. Soon, Charlie Gook came back to his senses. No matter how hot-tempered Karen Daly was, she was just a little girl. Even if Kevin Kyle had Rovio Corporation Inc’s support, but surely Rovio Corporation Inc would only back Innovative Tech up, not Kevin Kyle. These two people did not have the strength to fight with the Gook family. If the Gook family wanted to trample them to death, they wouldn’t have room to resist. Faye Reed was also shocked by Karen Daly’s words. When she thought it through, she was worried that Charlie Gook would take his revenge, so she quickly picked up her mobile phone and called 110 to call the police. Charlie Gook sneered and said, “Well, let’s wait and see!” Charlie Gook said those harsh words and turned to leave. Faye Reed said with lingering fear, “Karen, will that scumbag Charlie Gook..” [Public Chat: Dear friends, it’s not that I don’t want to reply to everyone. I’ve read everyone’s messages, and I really don’t have time to reply one by one. Thank you for giving me a message and explanation in the book circle. Three more chapters will go on at night. Please vote for my little friend who has a monthly ticket. Finally, I recommend the same group’s author (Ye Ge’s book ‘Gorgeous Love: Uncle Revert pointing at Little Tianxin).

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