My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 92

Kevin Kyle was not around, but the two of them did not hang up the phone all night. If Karen Daly could feel Kevin Kyle’s presence, it was like he was there physically with Karen Daly. When she got up in the morning, she heard Kevin Kyle’s voice from the phone. “You’re awake.” It was as if he was really sitting by the window, listening to her wake up and looking back at her. Karen Daly smiled. “Yes, I’m awake.” Kevin Kyle added, “I’ve got someone to prepare breakfast.” “Mr. Kyle, if one day you don’t treat me so well anymore, what should I do?” Karen Daly said very sadly. Kevin Kyle had done everything so thoughtfully that she would gradually get used to it and rely on him. If one day he was not so thoughtful anymore, in fact, it would return to the way it used to be. But for a person who had been used to his thoughtfulness, she would feel that he doesn’t treat her well anymore. What should she do at that time? “As long as you are Mrs. Kyle, I will treat you well. She was his wife, and he should treat her well. Kevin Kyle’s thoughts were that simple. “Okay, I know. I will definitely not let go of the position of Mrs. Kyle.” Karen Daly decided that no one could take up Mrs. Kyle’s position for the rest of their lives. Karen Daly decided to do what she wanted to do immediately, so she went to the company to hand in a resignation letter in the morning. There were not any managers in the business department at that time. Karen Daly went straight to the human resources department. As soon as the human resources department saw Mrs. Kyle resign, they didn’t say anything. They didn’t even mention about the regulations to apply for her resignation. Thanks to the relationship with Kevin Kyle, it didn’t take long to finish the simple resignation procedure. When she walked out of the company’s door, the cold air was so cold that it made Karen Daly shiver. This damn weather suddenly dropped several degrees, it will make people live miserably. She quickly pulled her coat and wrapped herself tightly in it. She must not let herself catch a cold. “Karen…” When Karen Daly was about to leave, a familiar and gentle voice sounded behind her, which made her stop. She even thought she was hallucinating. She could not believe that this person would suddenly appear beside her. “Karen, it’s me..” The aged voice and crying voice reached Karen’s ears again. Even if she thought she was hallucinating, she still slowly turned around Then she saw the person standing behind her. How did she get so much older and thinner in just three years? She used to be very thin, but she was not as thin as she was now. Now she was as thin as a skeleton. Karen Daly opened her mouth and wanted to call her, but the two words that were at the tip of her tongue never came out of her mouth She didn’t want to remember about the abandonment of her three years ago, but when she saw this woman, memories would reappear. She would remember that her mother was crying and said to her, “Karen, you are more independent and stronger than your sister. Just let your sister go for once.” Whenever she thought about her mother saying this, her heart would hurt, like she was being cut by someone. Just because she was independent and strong, does that mean she can be abandoned and framed? “Karen..” The woman looked at Karen Daly with tears in her eyes, and her tears kept falling like pearls. After meeting Charlie Gook, Karen Daly had figured it out very clearly this time. When the incident happened, Charlie Gook’s affair hurt her heart, but her parents’ attitude made her more dissapointed. If love were lost, it might be possible to find a new love. However, if family were lost, it could never be replaced. Karen Daly’s nose felt funny, her eyes were swollen, and tears were rolling in her eyes. She bit her lip and looked up, trying not to shed tears. “Karen, mother knows that I’ve wronged you..” As she said, Karen’s mum sobbed again. “You can blame me if you want. It’s all my fault that I have no opinion and can’t make decisions at home. That’s why something like that happened in the end. I watched you being wronged and framed, but I couldn’t do anything.” She bit her lip tightly and clenched her fists. Her nails were squeezed into her flesh, and she seemed to not feel any pain. “Karen, don’t you want to say a word to me?” As Karen Daly kept silent, the woman became sadder and sadder as she thought about it, and finally burst into tears. Karen Daly was not unwilling to speak, but afraid to speak. She was afraid that she could not control her emotions and would cry in front of her. “I know, I have always known that I am weak. I have been weak all my life, and I can’t even protect my own daughter..” Karen’s mum said as she cried, her thin body shivering. Karen Daly took a deep breath and forced herself to toughen her heart. She said calmly, “If you come to me because you want me to go back to Beaford City and be a surrogate mother for Charlie Gook and Kristine Daly, then you can go now.” Three years ago, Kristine Daly was pregnant with Charlie Gook’s child. According to the Gook family’s plan, they wanted Kristine Daly to be married into the family. But now Kristine Daly couldn’t give birth anymore, and so they followed Charlie Cook’s orders, that he wanted to take Karen Daly back. Karen Daly could totally ignore what Charlie Gook did and what he said. She never thought that her mother would come from Beaford City to persuade her. Three years ago, she shed tears and made Karen Daly leave because she had to. And now she had to ask Karen Daly return to Charlie Gook after three years? No matter what the reason was, Karen Daly did not want to listen anymore. She glanced at the person who gave birth to her and bit her lips to endure the pain and left. She walked very fast, as if there were some monsters chasing after her. In fact, there were not monsters chasing, but she was afraid that she would be unable to control her tears in front of them. After running for some time, Karen Daly could not control herself. She hid in a dark corner, covered her mouth and cried. When so many people were against her three years ago, she didn’t cry. She could even leave with a smile. And now, she had begun her new life. Her mother who used to love her so much still came after her. Did her mother really treat her as her daughter? In fact, Karen Daly already knew that in the eyes of her family, especially her father, she and Kristine Daly were just tools to raise the status of the Daly family. Her mother, who was so scared and never had her own opinions, would only listen to her father’s instructions Three years later, after facing Charlie Gook and Kristine Daly again, Karen Daly could treat them like strangers. However, facing the mother who used to love her so much, she couldn’t do it. In the end, Karen Daly could not bear it. She walked out and looked back secretly, only to see her mother tremble and fall to the ground. At this moment, she could not care about anything else as as ran towards her crazily [it’s all over today. See you tomorrow, my friends. recommend friends in the same team (Huo Yan’er’s book ‘Evil Prince’s favor: the heaven-defying legitimate daughter is too arrogant). I beg for monthly ticket again, please forgive me.).

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