My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 93

“The patient is already in poor health, and she has suffered a serious injury, leading to a temporary coma. We must treat her immediately.” The patient is already in poor health! Suffered a serious injury! No one knew how long it had been, but Karen Daly could only repeat what she heard the doctor had said before he entered the emergency room. Thinking of the bruises on her mother’s body, and the painful and regretful eyes of her mother when she looked at her, Karen Daly’s heart ached so much that she almost stopped breathing. In this life, her mother was weak and had no opinion, but the love given by her mother since she was little was no less than any mother’s. Karen Daly still remembered that when she was a child, she was very naughty and often injured her own knee. Her mother often helped her clean her wounds, and at the same time, she would be crying. Her mother was such a cry baby, a woman who used tears to solve problems. She was such a weak mother who loved crying and rarely spoke loudly to her husband. But she repeatedly argued with her husband for Karen Daly. The thing that Karen Daly remembered the most was that she promised to get engaged to Charlie Gook, because it was the first time that her mother quarreled with her father. Karen Daly had always loved her mother, but when that happened, when her mother said “Just let your sister go this time”, Karen Daly felt that she couldn’t forgive her. If someone else betrayed or hurt her, for her, it would be just someone else. She could fight back in the same way, or even do more. However, her mother was her closest relative. She was raise by her mother. She was her blood. How could her mother say that? Karen Daly held her face and took a deep breath. “Why did my mother come to Chatterton Town this time?” Would it be like what Kristine Daly said? Under orders from Karen Daly’s father to persuade Karen Daly to go back to Beaford City and help Kristine Daly and Charlie Gook to give birth for them as a surrogate mother? If that was the case, her mother would not have cried so sadly, nor would she have fainted on the roadside in the end. Karen Daly continued to think, “Did I misunderstand my mother? Maybe she didn’t come here to persuade me to go back to Beaford City?” When Karen Daly was lost in her thoughts, the phone suddenly rang. it startled her. When she saw the words “Mr. Kyle” on the phone screen, she didn’t dare to answer it for a long time. She was so worried that she would cry if she heard Kevin Kyle’s voice. Staring at the phone number on the screen for a while, Karen Daly took a deep breath, tried to calm down and then slid her fingers through the screento answer it. She tried to speak to him in a relaxed tone, “Mr. Kyle, what’s the matter?” Must he call only if there is something? She couldn’t see Kevin Kyle frowning slightly at the other end of the phone, but he said calmly, seemingly unbothered by Karen’s words, “It’s noon. Don’t forget to have lunch.” “Okay.” Although Kevin Kyle could not see her at all, Karen Daly still tried to smile. Karen Daly didn’t try to find something to talk about, and Kevin Kyle didn’t know what to say. Both of them were on the phone but they were silent. “Miss Karen, the patient’s condition is not very optimistic. Although she has woken up at the moment, based on her physical condition she might go into a coma at any time.” The light in the emergency room went out, and a doctor came out and explained to Karen Daly. Hearing the doctor’s words, Karen Daly was anxious and forgot that she was still on a call with Kevin Kyle. She grabbed the doctor and hurriedly asked, “Doctor, what do you mean she might go into a coma at any time? How is my mother’s condition? The doctor took her aside and said with a sigh, “Miss Karen, don’t be agitated. Your mother’s physical condition is very bad. You should know that. In the condition of poor health, who could stand the blows being beaten?” Poor health? Being beaten? So this time mother went against that man’s will and was unwilling to come Chatterton Town to persuade her to go back. That’s why that man beat her up again? “Karen, which hospital are you in?” On the phone, Kevin Kyle had already heard the situation from the conversation between the doctor and Karen Daly. “I..” The words that were about to be blurted out stopped abruptly at the last moment and Karen Daly bit her lips shut. In fact, she wanted to tell Kevin Kyle what had happened. At this time, she needed him to give her a little bit of strength, but she didn’t want to disturb Kevin Kyle’s work, and she didn’t want Kevin Kyle to see how terrible her family was. “Karen, tell me, which hospital are you in?” Kevin Kyle’s repeated his question calmly. Karen Daly took another deep breath and said, “I’m at the People’s Hospital of Chatterton Town.” “Karen, with the doctor there, mother-in-law will be fine. Don’t be afraid.” Kevin Kyle comforted her softly. “Yes.” Karen Daly nodded vigorously. “I’m going to hang up now.” Kevin Kyle hung up the phone, then he said, “Assistant Gray, arrange for a flight to Chatterton Town as soon as possible.” “President Kyle, you want to go back to Chatterton Town?” Suddenly, Amelia Gray was startled when she heard Kevin Kyle saying that he wanted to go back to Chatterton Town. “President Kyle, you can’t, the meeting in the afternoon will start soon. This meeting is related to the development of Rovio Corporation Inc in the west. If you leave now…” Kevin Kyle completely ignored what Amelia Gray said and continued to ask, “And contact the people at the People’s Hospital of Chatterton Town. Ask them to arrange the best doctors to take charge of Karen Daly’s mother and send her medical records to me before I board.” Amelia Gray added, “President Kyle, the meeting is about to begin. The top leaders of several western district are here..” are “Don’t you understand what I said?” Kevin Kyle stopped and looked at Amelia Gray coldly. His tone was neither heavy nor light, but it was absolutely powerful. “.. Amelia Gray opened her mouth and did not dare to persuade him anymore. She glanced at Nick Black who was at the other side of Kevin Kyle. Nick Black saw Amelia Gray’s gaze and quickly followed up with Kevin Kyle’s pace. He persuaded, “Director Kyle, in order to move to the west, Rovio Corporation Inc has spent three years preparing for this. This is the most important meeting. If you leave, the money and manpower we have spent for 3 years for Rovio Corporation Inc will be of nothing.” However, Kevin Kyle did not care. He raised his watch and checked the time. “How long will it take to get to the airport?” Amelia Gray said, “It will take at least half an hour.” “Book a ticket to Chatterton Town for forty minutes later.” After ordering Amelia Gray, Kevin Kyle looked at Nick Black again. “Let Morris Scott take charge of this afternoon’s meeting. You stay back and help him.” “Director Kyle..” Nick Black still wanted to persuade him, but he didn’t say anything when he saw Kevin Kyle’s eyes Their boss had officially taken over Rovio Corporation Inc. For six years, he had not made any ruthless decisions, nor had he acted so carefree. Today, he said that he wanted to leave before an important meeting. What on earth could have him make such an outrageous decision?.

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