My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 94

They all knew that Kevin Kyle just called Karen Daly. After that phone call, Kyle then asked to go back to Chatterton Town immediately. They had been with Kevin Kyle for many years, but they had never seen him so rebellious. With such a huge business, the leaders of several western districts were all here. However, Director Kyle screwed it up at the most critical moment. Was it possible that President Kyle has went beyond feeling sorry for Karen Daly, did he just develop feelings for her too? After sending Karen’s mother to the special ward, the doctor sighed and said, “Miss Karen, if your mother wakes up, don’t trigger her emotions too much. And domestic violence can’t be tolerated anymore. It’s better to seek the law to protect herself. Karen Daly had thought of seeking the law to protect her mother, but her mother had been educated to obey her husband since she was a girl. No matter how the man treated her, she never thought about resisting, and she would not protect herself legally. Her mother was less than fifty years old, but her face and body looked so old. Looking at her mother, who was lying on the hospital bed with a pale face and frowning eyebrows, Karen could not help but reach out to her hand and gently stroke her skinny face.”Mom..” After three years, Karen called out again. She struggled to speak. “Karen.. The quiet and timid voice came out of her mother’s mouth. She waved her hands and said, “Karen, run, run…” “Mom.” Karen Daly rushed to her and hugged her tightly. “Karen’s okay now, nothing will happen to Karen again. Mom, don’t worry.” Maybe it was Karen Daly’s words, but her eyebrows relaxed slightly. It seemed that she was not so sad like before. However, Karen’s mum did not sleep very well. From time to time, she would scratch her hands unknowingly. She kept shouting. “Karen, run..” Seeing that her mother was in so much pain, Karen Daly wanted to share the pain for her mother. However, she knew that in reality, she was helpless. Seeing the wounds on her mother’s body, Karen Daly could only imagine what her mother had been living like for the past three years. Three years ago, she just left, but she left her mother in that hell-like place and lived in darkness. How could she not understand the grievance in her mother’s heart and the pain when she said those words? If she had seen how helpless her mother was, she would definitely leave with her mother. However, it wouldn’t be easy to take her mother with her. Even if she wanted to take her mother with her, her mother might not be willing to go with her. Her mother was afraid of Karen’s father. She’s grown to be inseparable from him. “Hello, Mrs. Kyle!” A doctor knocked on the door and came in. He nodded politely to Karen Daly. “Director Kyle arranged for us to come over and tell you about your mother’s condition. Is it convenient for you?” Karen Daly nodded. “Please don’t hide anything. Tell me everything.” The doctor glanced at Karen’s mum on the bed and said, “We have just analyzed your mother’s condition. Her body was injured, but it could be healed. We are talking about the depression symptoms. That might take a lot of time and energy.” Karen Daly also looked at her mother and remembered that her mother had just told her to keep running. Surely, her mother must have spent the three years in pain after Karen Daly had left Beaford City. As she recalled what Charlie Gook said a few days ago, he said that her mother fell sick after she left. It seemed that Charlie Gook was not lying to her. The doctor added, “Mrs. Kyle, you don’t have to worry about these things. President Kyle has arranged for the best psychiatrist to come over. By then, we will help your mother recover.” Kevin Kyle just called her and asked her which hospital she was in. After one or two hours, he had already arranged everything for her so well. At this moment, even if he wasn’t with her physically, Karen Daly still felt his concern. As soon as the doctors left, her mother, who was half-awake on the hospital bed, cried and said, “Karen, I have let you down, I’m sorry… Karen’s mum kept repeating this sentence. Karen Daly now knew how much regret her mother had gone through for not helping her daughter for the past three years. Knowing that her mother has not fully awaken, Karen Daly put her hand under the quilt and tried to talk to her mother with a smile. “Mom, I’ve misunderstood you. You didn’t let me down.” Karen’s mum waved her hands again and said in a daze, “Karen, do not go back to Beaford City and don’t go back to that home.” “Mom.” At this moment, the stone in Karen Daly’s heart had been removed. She knew that she misunderstood her mother. Her mother didn’t come to persuade her to go back to Beaford City, but she came to protect her. “Karen.. Will you forgive me?” Karen’s mother suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Karen Daly in front of her. She asked carefully and cautiously. If Karen Daly chose not to forgive her, then she could not live through her days at all. Karen Daly nodded with tears flowing down her face. “I misunderstood you, mom. Mom, I hope you wouldn’t blame me.” Karen’s mother touched Karen Daly’s face and said with a smile, “My daughter, you seemed to be more and more beautiful “Because my mother is beautiful, that’s why she can give birth to such a beautiful daughter.” Karen Daly wiped her tears and said with a smile. The Daly Family had two children. Karen Daly looked like her mother, while Kristine Daly looked more like her father. Kristine Daly was good-looking, but compared to Karen Daly. there’s a big difference. When Karen Daly was young, she often heard some people say that daughters who looked like fathers are a blessing. Karen Daly wondered if it was because of this statement, that their father’s expectation of Kristine Daly was higher than Karen Daly’s. Karen Daly could also feel that although she and Kristine Daly were siblings, her mother’s heart leaned more towards Karen Daly “Karen… I’m relieved to see that you’re fine…” Karen’s mother pursed her lips and smiled, her thin eyes shone brightly. She murmured, “If Karen is fine, then I’m relieved.” “Mom, Karen will be fine.” Karen Daly looked at her mother, especially when she saw her mother’s prominent bones on her face. Her heart ached again. “Karen.” Karen’s mother called Karen Daly’s name and smiled weakly, then closed her eyes. Karen Daly held her mother’s hand tightly and said, “Mom, you can sleep peacefully, Karen will accompany you here all the time. You can see me when you open your eyes.” As soon as Karen Daly finished her sentence, she heard someone knocking on the door. She was about to say “please come in”, but Kevin Kyle had already opened the door and came in..

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