My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 95

Kevin Kyle wore a silver- gray suit with a black overcoat, Because of his tall figure, he looked elegant. When he came to Karen Daly, he looked like a moving work of art, which made people fix their eyes on him. Karen Daly looked at him quietly and watched him get closer and closer to her. Finally, he came to her side. He called her name in a low voice, “Karen-” At this moment, Karen Daly did not hesitate at all. She threw herself into his arms, stretched out her slender arms and held his thin waist tightly. “Mr. Kyle, why are you back at such good timing?” Because he knew that Karen Daly needed him at this time, that’s why he came at such good timing. Kevin Kyle hugged her with one hand and patted her on the back with the other. He said softly, “Karen, mother-in-law will be fine. Don’t be afraid.” “I was scared at first, but now that you’re here, I’m not afraid anymore.” She wiggled in his arms. She said softly, but she was more at ease. It turned out she didn’t even know that he had given her such a great sense of security. As long as he was there, her heart was stable, as if nothing could stump her. Kevin Kyle did not say anything else. He rested his chin on top of her head, sniffed her hair, and held her tightly. Karen Daly moved, raised her head from his arms and asked, “Have you finished your work?” The work in the west was so busy that the leaders of several provinces were waiting for Kevin Kyle to go to the meeting, but he suddenly left. This was absolutely an extremely bad thing. As soon as Kevin Kyle left, the staff who stayed in the west immediately started a series of public relations activities to calm the scene down, to prevent some people from making a fuss about it. Fortunately, Nick Black and several people in charge of affairs in the west were all trusted generals of Kevin Kyle’s. They often followed him in different places, so they were very capable of handling things like this. Kevin Kyle’s absence would definitely cause some people to be dissatisfied, but after everyone’s efforts, the situation became stable. As for the following deal negotiations, that was the moment of truth for his team. To answer Karen Daly’s simple question, Kevin Kyle calmly said, “The staff there can handle the rest of the things.” Hearing that Kevin Kyle was done with his work, Karen Daly was relieved. She rubbed her hands against his chest and said, “It’s good that you’re done with your work. If you’re not done yet, i’ll feel bad if you delay your work.” “Alright.” He touched her face, lowered his head and kissed her forehead, and said, “Don’t worry too much about mother in-law’s condition. I’ve just asked the doctor about the situation. She will be better soon as she recovers. “Mr. Kyle, thank you for doing so much for me.” Karen Daly smiled and said, “Mrs. Kyle, it is Mr. Kyle’s duty to do these things.” He said seriously, but there was a smile in his eyes. “Karen, who is he?” Karen’s mother who was on the bed had opened her eyes for a long time, but she did not say anything until they called each other Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Kyle. Karen Daly pulled Kevin Kyle to her mother’s bed and said, “Kevin Kyle, this is my mother.” “Hello, mother-in-law!” Kevin Kyle nodded politely. Karen Daly continued, “Mom, he is Kevin. We have registered for marriage. He is your son-in-law.” Karen’s mother did not pay attention to Kevin Kyle. At this time, her skeptical gaze fell on Kevin Kyle as she looked at him from head to toe. “Mom, what are you looking at?” Karen’s mother stared at Kevin Kyle like this, and Karen Daly felt a little embarrassed. Staring at Kevin Kyle for a some time, Karen’s mother looked at Karen Daly. “Karen, I want to talk to him alone.” “Mom, what can you say to him alone?” Karen Daly was worried and looked at Kevin Kyle. “Karen, mother-in-law might be hungry. Go get some food.” Since Kevin Kyle said so, Karen Daly had no reason to stay. Before leaving, Karen Daly looked at them and left reluctantly. As soon as Karen Daly left, Karen’s mother said directly, “Kevin Kyle, do you like my daughter?” “I don’t like your daughter. I like Karen Daly.” Kevin Kyle answered very clearly to prevent others from trying to misquote him. The Daly family has two daughters, but there is only one Karen Daly. He married the one and only Karen Daly in the world. Hearing Kevin Kyle’s answer, Karen’s mother paused and threw another question. “Can you be good to her for the rest of your life?” “Karen is my wife. If I’m not good to her, I don’t know who I should be good for.” Kevin Kyle stood straight, and his words sounded calm and powerful. Hearing this, Karen’s mother looked at Kevin Kyle from head to toe again and asked, “No matter what kind of background she has, you will account for her as your wife?” This was the first time Kevin Kyle answered so many questions since he became an adult. But because it was about Karen Daly, he did not hate it. Every question he answered was serious and firm. Kevin Kyle knew what Karen’s mother was worried about when she asked that question. Besides, he decided to marry Karen Daly. Marrying Karen Daly had nothing to do with her status or background. So, Kevin Kyle emphasized with certainty once again, “Karen’s status is Mrs. Kyle.” Karen’s mother said, “I meant her past…” “Mother-in-law, please listen to me.” Kevin Kyle interrupted her without waiting for her to finish. He looked at Karen’s mother and said sincerely, “Mother-in law, I know what you’re worried about. I just want to tell you that your thoughts are the same as mine. We all want to protect Karen, not to open her wounds and hurt her. And I can tell you very clearly that I only know that she is my wife.” Karen’s mother had been attached to others for most of her life, but it did not mean that she did not know how to read through people On the contrary, because most of the time, she has always stood behind and listened around. These people can read people more accurately than others. Just like before, she opposed Karen Daly’s engagement with Charlie Gook, and let Karen Daly give Charlie Gook to Kristine Daly. In fact, she had selfish motives. She felt that her younger daughter was definitely not a match for someone like Charlie Gook. More importantly, she was afraid that if Karen Daly was too tough against the Gook Family, she would be hurt by the Gook family, including that man. At that time, Karen Daly’s best choice was to escape. Then she looked at the man in front of her. He was noble, calm, and had a good look. More importantly, his eyes were very sincere. She could feel the sincerity in his words with every word he said. Only a man like Kevin Kyle, whose appearance and character were impeccable, could be worthy of her strong and sensible daughter, Karen Daly.

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