My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 96

Karen’s mother and Kevin Kyle had just finished talking when Karen Daly came back with the porridge she had bought. She looked at her mother and said with a sweet smile, “Mom, I bought your favorite century egg and pork porridge. Have a try and see if Chatterton Town of Bradford City’s porridge is better.” “My Karen, you are still the most considerate and sensible one,” Karen’s mother smiled and said. Maybe the knot between Karen’s mother and her daughter was untied, Karen’s mother looked much better than she did in the morning, and her voice was softer. Karen Daly opened her arms and hugged her mother like she was a child. “Because you are my mother. Of course, should take care of you.” “Alright, you are the best!” Karen’s mother smiled gently and kindly. She was satisfied that she could still be so close to her beloved daughter in her lifetime. Kevin Kyle looked at the mother and daughter, especially when he looked at the happy smile on Karen Daly’s face, there was a peaceful, content look in his eyes. Before he went to register for marriage with Karen Daly, he asked someone to investigate everything about Karen Daly. Karen Daly’s parents were being investigated too, but he accidentally found out about the thing Karen’s mother mentioned. That sad past happened because Karen’s mother couldn’t speak out in front of Karen’s father, and she was being fooled around In order to protect Karen Daly, Karen’s mother chose to endure her husband’s domestic violence and all kinds of misfortunes. She had endured for more than 20 years. “Karen, it’s getting late. You and Kevin Kyle should go back first.” After finishing eating, Karen’s mother laid down and urged Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle to leave quickly. “Mom, how can I let you stay alone in the hospital?” Karen Daly laid on her mother’s body and wiggled in front of her. “Anyway, I don’t have to be at work lately. I’ll stay and chat with you. “Who wants you to chat with me? Go back and accompany your husband. Be careful not to let someone else take hold of him.” Karen’s mother touched Karen Daly’s head and said gently. “No, I’m going to accompany you.” Karen Daly looked back at Kevin Kyle and said, “If someone else was able to take hold of him, then there is no point in protecting anyway.” “You child.” Karen’s mother poked Karen Daly’s head and sighed, “You are married, how can you say something like that?” Karen Daly smiled again. “I’m always a child in front of mom.” Karen’s mother closed her eyes and said, “There are nurses here who will look after me. You can leave now. Kevin, take Karen away. Don’t let her bother me here.” “Mom..” “Go back quickly, don’t bother me here.” Karen’s mother waved her hand impatiently, gesturing at Karen Daly to go away. She really didn’t want Karen Daly to stay here with her all night. What should she do if her beautiful little face turns ugly from sleeping late? In the end, Karen Daly still could not dissuade her mother, so he had to go back with Kevin Kyle and she planned to come back early tomorrow morning to accompany her mother. However, she never expected that in less than half an hour after they left, a middle-aged man came to the ward. He pulled away the quilt on Karen’s mother’s body and sneered, “What did I ask you to come here and do? Did I ask you to enjoy?” Looking at the person, Karen’s mother smiled gently. “My daughter has grown up. She found a person who really loves her. You can’t hurt her and make use of her ever again.” Karen’s father cursed with a ferocious face, I have raised her for more than ten years. Shouldn’t she do something for the Daly Family? I’m asking her to have a baby with the young master of the Gook family. In the future, the heir of the Gook family will have half of the Daly family’s blood. Who is she to disagree?” “Just because she is my daughter. She is a living person, not a tool.” Karen’s mother still smiled gently. Thinking of the man who Karen Daly could rely on, she had nothing to worry about. In the future, her daughter would have a new life and someone would protect her daughter. As a mother, she could not help her, so she would try her best not to hold her back. Karen’s father grabbed Karen’s mother’s hair and said coldly, “Since you don’t want to persuade her, then I will have to give you a hard time.” “Samuel Daly, I won’t let you succeed.” Karen’s mother said calmly because she had expected this to happen. Samuel Daly forced her to persuade Karen Daly to go back and give birth to a baby for the Gook family. If she did not follow his order, she certainly would not have a good life. Karen Daly was her daughter. She only wanted her daughter to live happily, that’s why she wanted Karen Daly to leave, never return to Beaford City, and never be used again. “Do you want me to send these out?” Karen’s father took out another photo and shook it in front of Karen’s mother. In the past, whenever he did this, Karen’s mother would give in and endure, but this time she did not. She still smiles gently, as if nothing could affect her. The more she did not respond, the angrier Karen’s father was. He pulled her up and said, “I’ll take you back to Beaford City. If your good daughter is still filial, she will definitely come back.” At the same time, Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle just got home. Karen Daly hung onto Kevin Kyle’s arm and winked at him playfully. “Mr. Kyle, what did Mom talk to you about alone just now?” Kevin Kyle touched her head and asked, “Do you want to know?” “Of course I do.” Karen Daly nodded vigorously, and approached him really closely. Kevin Kyle suddenly smiled and said, “Guess.” Guess! This man could say such a thing. She just thought that he was the best husband in the country. She decided to take back the award, he was not good at all. She pouted and glared at him angrily, her eyes full of dissatisfaction with him. Her lips were pink and tender, and now they were pouting as if waiting for him to pick on them. In recent days, what Kevin Kyle liked to do most was to meet her requests. If he wanted him to kiss her, then he would kiss her. So, he held his head, lowered his head and kissed her. He licked her lips and bit them maliciously. After tasting her, he wanted to let go of her, but Karen Daly held him and refused to let go. Her face was against his chest and she whispered, “Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Kyle wants to have a baby with you.” Today, Karen Daly felt very happy and finally solved the misunderstanding between her and her mother. The mother and daughter reconciled. The man she had decided to spend the rest of her life with also came back to keep her company. She felt as if she was dipped in honey. No matter how she rolled, it would be sweet. “Karen-” Kevin Kyle did not seem to believe what he had heard. He asked in shock, “What did you just say?” “I want to be your real wife.” Karen Daly roared angrily. “Are you willing or not?” She had said that she wanted to give him a baby, but he still didn’t understand. Does he want her to tell him that she wants to make love to him, only then he could understand? Seeing Kevin Kyle’s shocked look, Karen Daly was even angrier. She no longer cared about anything else, pushed him down on the sofa in the living room, kissed his cold lips with dominance, and bit him hard!.

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