My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 97

The kiss was simple and crude, and there were no rules at all. She just relied on her enthusiasm and wanted to give her complete self and her happiest self to her husband. She wanted to be with him when she is the happiest, rather than just being a couple by name. In the future, she would have a lot of babies with Kevin Kyle, and then she would live happily with her mother. She would no longer care about the Daly family or the Gook family. Not only were they kissing, but Karen Kyle’s hands were also very busy. Her two small hands were touching Kevin Kyle’s body all over, she wanted more. However, after a long time, Kevin Kyle did not respond to her. She was anxious and did not know what to do next. She had already pushed Kevin Kyle down tonight. She did not want to give up halfway like last night. She made up her mind that she would finish what she started. Otherwise, she would not have the courage to push him down next time. “Kevin Kyle, do you want me or not?” Although she blushed, she pretended to be fierce and shouted at him. After shouting, Karen Kyle was so nervous that she licked and bit her lips that had stains of their saliva. She was so scared that he would say he didn’t want her. Karen Kyle’s subconscious action of licking her lips, like the fuse of gunpowder, completely ignited the lust in Kevin Kyle’s body that had been suppressed for a long time. How could he not want her? He wanted to swallow her a long time ago and restrained himself only because he promised not to force her. When she saw his eyes, which had long been stained with lust, Karen Kyle was so scared that she quickly looked away, but in her heart, she was looking forward to what he would do next. However, Kevin Kyle did not want to let her go. He grabbed her chin, pulled her head over, and made her look at him. He asked softly, “Karen, have you thought it through already?” If it starts, he would never stop. She had the courage to provoke fire, so she must have the courage to bear the consequences. “Kevin, are you still a man? If you want to do it, hurry up. If you don’t want to then get out of here, why are you talking so much nonsense?” Karen Kyle said. Karen Kyle really wanted to kick him. Why did he ask so much nonsense? Wouldn’t it be better to do it directly? Karen Kyle was scared by his wild thoughts. His heart beat so fast as if his heart was going to jump out of his throat. “Very well!” The two hoarse words came out of Kevin Kyle’s mouth… When he went all the way, Karen Kyle’s body was slightly stiff due to the pain… “Karen -” Kevin Kyle took into account her feelings and called her name. His voice was deep and raspy, as if he wanted to call her name into the depths of his soul. “Kevin -” Her voice had explained everything, as if it was urging him. Her voice was like a kitten’s cry, mixed with pleasure and pain. “I shall comply, Mrs. Kyle!” He listened to her urge, he went full force, leading her to enjoy the love that only belonged to them. After an unknown period of time, when Karen Kyle felt that she was about to be swallowed by the storm, everything finally calmed down. The quiet surroundings made the heartbeat and breathing sound of the both of them sound like noise. Karen Kyle had long been tired and did not even remember how to return to bed. She vaguely remembered that Kevin Kyle carried her back to the room as if he was still urging for her.. Thinking of that scene, Karen Kyle’s face blushed, which was originally because of the intense exercise, but it became even redder, like a ripe red cherry that could drip juice. “Karen Kevin Kyle’s husky voice, which sounded like sand being ground, sounded above her head, which made Karen Kyle feel fascinated again. “Kevin, hold me tight!” For some reason, she felt that her body was suddenly so empty that she wanted to be held tightly by him. He held her tighter as promised. He lowered his head and bit her round earlobe. He blew gently in her ear and said, “Mrs. Kyle, let’s do it again.” Karen Kyle had already collapsed on the bed and had no strength to move even her fingers. But when she thought of how he had only cared about her feelings and pleasure earlier, he had forgotten to make himself feel good, so she could not refuse him. The lust in his eyes had not dissipated, especially the heat of his body told her that he really wanted her. “Okay.” Karen Kyle felt bad for rejecting, so she nodded with a blushing face. With Karen Kyle’s permission, Kevin Kyle pounced on the little sheep again like a hungry wolf, tasting the “food” that only belonged to him. The corners of Karen Kyle’s lips lifted, and her heart was as sweet as honey She finally became his real wife and felt that he was so powerful and domineering to become one with her. In the past, she had never thought that a man like Kevin Kyle, who had a cold temperament and was not good at talking, would be so fierce in bed. He usually looked like a harmless sheep, but when she really saw him tonight, she finally knew that this man was a wolf disguised in sheep-skin. At the end of the second round, Karen Kyle felt tired even when she breathed. She laid in Kevin Kyle’s arms and did not even have the energy to speak. But Kevin Kyle pushed her away, got out of bed and went to the bathroom When the heat source around her disappeared, Karen Kyle felt a sense of loss in her heart. “Can’t this stinky man hold her for a little longer?” Just as she was scolding him in her heart, Kevin Kyle came out of the bathroom again. Karen Kyle looked up and saw what she shouldn’t have seen. She was so surprised that she forgot to close her eyes and watched him get closer and closer. “What are you thinking about again?” He came over and carried her to the bathroom They didn’t wear anything, so Karen Kyle’s closed her eyes shyly and didn’t dare to look at him again, but she could not resist touching his strong abs, This was the first time that she had seen his body. When he was wearing a suit, no one had expected that he would have a strong body with eight prominent abdominal muscles under his gentle appearance. Kevin Kyle put her into the bathtub filled with water and helped her wash up, without any ill intentions. But only he knew how much willpower he had spent to restrain himself to just help her wash up and not do anything else. She was naked in front of him and she was willing to let him clean her up.

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