My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 98

Karen Kyle was so shy that her whole body was covered with a layer of pink hue. She really wanted to bury her head in the water. However, at the thought of his consideration and love for her tonight, Karen Kyle felt as sweet as though bubbles of happiness were in her heart. She had a mother who loved her so much and she married such a thoughtful husband who loved her so much. Karen Kyle felt that God was just testing her, letting her see a rainbow after the storm. Her mother and Kevin Kyle were the two most beautiful rainbows she had seen after the storm. She would definitely take them together and move towards a happy life. Her future life would include her mother and husband, and she might even have several children. It was a happy picture Compared with Karen Kyle, Kevin Kyle was not only excited but also had all kinds of emotions… In the past, he also had women who would throw themselves into his arms, but he never had any desire for those women. Only Karen was different for him. He married her and occupied her. He attached Kevin Kyle’s special label on her so that he could take care of her in public. But why did he want to take care of her publicly? During this period of time, Kevin Kyle also thought about it seriously, but he couldn’t think of the specific answer. Perhaps it was because the tenacity in her bones that attracted him. Today, he realized that Karen Kyle was different from other women. He not only wanted to care for her, but also wanted to love her. Just like tonight, he possessed her gently and strongly over and over again, feeling her and making him really become his wife. At this time, she was lying quietly beside him, breathing slowly and peacefully. Her delicate little face was red and her body was full of marks that he made. Looking at her, he swallowed his saliva was was gradually dripping out. He really wanted to “eat” her again. But he knew that her virgin body could not bear it again. Therefore, he forcibly suppressed his desire to “eat” her, gently held her in his arms, kissed her, and called her name repeatedly in his heart. Karen! She had finally become his wife! The next day. When Karen Kyle woke up, it was already bright. She gently moved her body as if she had been run over by a car, even her bones hurt like it had been shattered. “Tsss-“She frowned and groaned. “You’re awake.” The man, who was sitting by the window and reading the newspaper as usual, turned his head and looked at her quietly, “Yes.” Karen Kyle answered simply. How could this man be so calm? It seemed like he wasn’t the same person as the one who wanted her so hard last night. Kevin Kyle came over and touched her face. He looked at her with deep eyes and said, “If you don’t feel well, don’t get up. Take a rest at home today. I’ll ask a nurse to look after mother-in-law.” There were still traces of their love making in the room, especially when he came over, he felt his breath once again occupying all her senses, Karen Kyle blushed and couldn’t say anything. “..” Kevin Kyle added, “I didn’t control my strength last night and hurt you. I’ll be careful next time.” This man could be so serious about saying these things, as if he was talking about business with her instead of private things between them. Karen Kyle reached out and pinched his waist. “You bad boy.” Last night, she plucked up all her courage to pounce on him. When she woke up today, especially when she thought of her request last night, she was so shy that she wanted to find a hole to hide in. He said such flirty words, did he want to make her feel ashamed? Last night, she was like a wild cat, and now she was so shy that she didn’t even dare to raise her head or look at him. Looking at her shyness, Kevin Kyle laughed. He lowered his head and kissed her blushing face. That’s settled. You take a rest in bed today. I’ll get you something to eat.” “No.” She grabbed his clothes, lowered her head and said with a red face, “Mr. Kyle, I want you to hug me for a while.” She hoped that when she woke up this morning, she would be in his arms, instead of sitting by the window and reading the newspaper as usual, as if nothing had happened last night. “Hmm?” Kevin Kyle hugged her and sniffed her body scent. This silly girl, she certainly didn’t know how attractive she was to him. Just holding her like this, he wanted to crush her again. After two times last night, the flame was still alight in his body, and his body was still shouting. He wanted to pounce on her and continue to take her on. If it weren’t for his strong willpower and understanding that he let her go, she wouldn’t have the energy to annoy him at this time. Karen Kyle wiggled in his arms and whispered, “Mr. Kyle, you have to hug Mrs. Kyle like this every morning.” The fire in Kevin Kyle’s body had not been extinguished Karen Kyle definitely provoked the fire so early in the morning. The desire in his body was shouting again. She rested for a night and seemed to be in good spirits. She should be able to do it again… Kevin Kyle laid down on the bed. Then he bit her earlobe and said gently, “Mrs. Kyle, every morning, Mr. Kyle will dote on you like this.” Karen Kyle was so shy that she didn’t know what to say. But thinking that he would love her like this every morning in the future, she was a little excited. Later, when Mrs. Kyle got rid of Mr. Kyle, it was already two hours later. Sitting at the dining table and looking at Kevin Kyle’s satisfied look, she thought silently, “He is really a well dressed beast!” Before yesterday, she still thought he was a gentleman. He could stay calm even when she came up to him, and he could even resist. But after last night, especially this morning, the image of this man had completely changed in her heart. At the thought of this morning, Karen Kyle’s delicate face was burning hot. She could not even look at Kevin Kyle secretly Did he have a lot of experience in the past? How could he come up with so many tricks? Even Karen Kyle had to beg him for more. How hateful! As she was thinking about it, she felt a gentle touch on the corner of her mouth. In a flash, she came to her senses and was startled as she moved a little to the side. “There’s milk on the corner of your mouth.” He raised his thumb, which was covered with white milk, in front of her. “I wiped it off for you.” White, sticky… “Ah! Ah! Ah!” Karen Kyle wanted to give herself two slaps on the face. What was she thinking about? Why was her mind full of messy things? The milk was just milk. How could she think of it as Kevin Kyle’s? It’s over. Karen Kyle did not want to think too much, but she could not control herself. If it went on like this, he would definitely not be able to go out today.

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