My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 99

Where was the courage to pounce on Kevin Kyle last night? Why would she feel shy when she woke up after doing everything? Karen Daly didn’t even understand herself. “Eat quickly. I will accompany you to go to the hospital after eating.” If Kevin Kyle did not interrupt her, he guessed that she would not be able to get out of her strange thoughts today “Oh.” Karen Daly nodded in a low voice, but her face was still very hot. She secretly glanced at Kevin Kyle and saw that he looked elegant while he was eating. His attitude was the same as before, as if last night was just a dream for her. It was almost noon when Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle arrived at the hospital. Kevin Kyle had an important meeting to attend, so he had no time to accompany Karen Daly in. “Mr. Kyle..” Before he left Karen Daly stopped him and pursed her lips nervously. Kevin Kyle looked back at her and asked, “What’s the matter?” Karen Daly took a deep breath and plucked up her courage, saying, “I want you to hug me before I leave.” What’s wrong with her today? It will only be a short while. Her heart seems like she was reluctant to leave, like she wanted him by her side all the time. Kevin Kyle reached out and hugged her. “Go in quickly.” “Okay.” Karen Daly turned around and walked into the hospital. After a few steps, she looked back and saw that he was still standing there looking at her. She waved at him with a smile. Along the way, Karen Daly was still thinking about what happened last night and this morning. It turned out that she always thought that happiness was far away from her and found that happiness was actually by her side. Later, she wanted to ask her mother if she wanted a granddaughter or a grandson? She planned to give birth to two children in three years and let her mother take care of them. Her mother would not be so bored if there are children around her. Karen Daly pushed open the door of the ward. It was neat and did not seem to be occupied. She quickly pulled a passing nurse and asked, “Where is the patient here?” The nurse looked up and said, “The patient in this room left after the discharge procedure last night.” “Impossible.” Karen Daly was a little anxious when she heard the news. Yesterday, her mother promised her that she would stay in Chatterton Town to live with her and never go back to Beaford City. Why did she suddenly get discharged? Unless… she was taken away. Karen Daly remembered that familiar number a few years ago. She called and it was answered immediately by someone on the other side. It was Samuel Daly’s voice. “Karen, I had already taken your mother back to Beaford City. Don’t worry about her anymore. If you like, you can come back home to see her. I haven’t seen you for three years, I miss you very much.” Samuel Daly’s words sounded proper. A father would probably say that to a daughter. But Karen Daly knew that this was just a personality created by Samuel Daly. His real intention was to bring her mother back to threaten her. Karen Daly calmed down and tried to speak as calmly as possible, “Where is my mother? I want to say something to her. “Your mother?” Samuel Daly sighed and said, “She doesn’t feel well and inconvenient to talk to you right now.” “Let me talk to her.” Because she was worried about her mother’s condition, Karen Daly was so anxious that the hand was shaking She didn’t even want to imagine the kind of harm her mother would suffer after being caught by Samuel Daly. His mother’s injuries had not healed yet, and the mental damage were even more serious. She could no longer stand the torture of Samuel Daly. Samuel Daly smiled and said, “Your mother is in poor spirits and keeps talking nonsense. In case of an accident, I locked her up in the storage room in the backyard.” After a pause, Samuel Daly said, “You should be very clear about that storage room. It’s dark and damp because no one has cleaned it for a long time. There are many mice and cockroaches in there.” “Samuel Daly, do you know what you are doing? It’s illegal to imprison your wife.” Samuel Daly’s behavior made Karen Daly so angry that she raised her voice, which attracted a lot of attention Samuel Daly smiled and said, “You can even call your father by name, what’s wrong with locking up my crazy wife?” “I don’t have a father like you. Please let my mother answer the phone. I want to talk to her.” Having such a father, Karen Daly simply felt that her life was miserable. A person could choose his/her own life, and choose how to live it, but could not choose their own parents. If she could choose, Karen Daly only needed her mother, she didn’t want a father that would only treat family members as tools. “Karen, if you really want your mother, you can come back and have a look. The door of Daly Family is always open for you, welcoming you home.” After that, Samuel Daly hung up the phone. He knew very well that Karen Daly could not let her mother go. At this point, Karen Daly would definitely go back to Beaford City to save her mother. He hung up the phone directly. Hearing the busy tone of the phone, Karen Daly was so angry that she bit her lips. She could not imagine what her mother had suffered through last night She should have stayed with her mother. She should have known that Samuel Daly would not give up so easily. Why did she leave her mother alone in the hospital? Karen Daly hated herself so much. She hated herself for being knocked out by joy for a moment. She messed up her simplest task. Knowing that her mother was in danger, Karen Daly’s mind was in a mess. She turned around in a hurry and thought of calling Kevin Kyle to talk about it. She did call, but Kevin Kyle did not answer it. He should be in a meeting. Karen Daly had to send him a brief message. She had to go to Beaford City as soon as possible. She had to rescue her mother from the fire pit. She must not let her mother stay alone in that dark place. After several hours of tossing and turning, it was already evening when Karen Daly transited from few transportation modes and arrived at the Daly family’s villa. She raised her hand and rang the doorbell, waiting nervously for the servant of the Daly family to open the door. The weather in Beaford City was much colder than that in Chatterton Town. She left too hastily that she did not have time to pack any clothes. At this moment, it was so cold that her jaws began to shiver and her body began to tremble. After leaving for three years, she thought that she would never come back here again. Unexpectedly, she came back just like that However, the bitterness and pain in her heart were unclear and incomprehensible. It was said that the most precious thing in the world was family. However, what does family affection mean in her family? Father, sister… were not even as good as a stranger who had nothing to do with her. “How dare you come back.” Kristine Daly stood at the gate and looked at Karen Daly coldly, “Do you want to come back and break up this house?” “Open the door for me. I want to see my mother.” Karen Daly did not want to talk nonsense with Kristine Daly. She did not want to return home, but to take her mother away..

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