Mr. Wilis promised quickly, but at the same time, he had already thought of various possibilities. He was sure that Kristine Daly’s proposal to marry him was definitely not as simple as just wanting to be his wife. The reason why he agreed immediately was that he wanted to hear and see what her real purpose was. “Who cares about being your wife?” Kristine Daly smiled slyly. She said, “I want 20% of the shares, and I want to be the matriarch of the Gook Corp.” It was her long-cherished wish to be the matriarch of the Gook Corp. Now that she could not rely on Charlie Gook, she thought of other ways. Kristine Daly was a graduate from a well-known university in China, and went to the United States to study at Harvard University. She had both looks and brains. After leaving Samuel Daly and Charlie Gook, she could do better. She would definitely be better than the Kristine Daly, whom they were so obsessed with. “It turns out that Miss Daly is still thinking about the young master of the Gook Family.” Mr. Wilis slightly narrowed his eyes and said with an enigmatic smile, “Once our plan is carried out, the Gook Corp will change its master. At that time, the Gook Corp will no longer be called the Gook Corp.” “So what?” Kristine Daly asked in a cold voice. In her opinion, no matter who would take charge of the Gook Corp, the Gook Corp was still the Gook Corp that had once been glorious. Mr. Wilis smiled and responded, “Since Miss Daly doesn’t care, I hope we can cooperate happily Kristine Daly was not in the mood to play around with him. She took out a small box from her bag and threw it to Mr. Wilis through the window, and said, “The things in the box are enough to pull down the person you want.” Having been by Charlie Gook’s side for so many years, she had not only been by his side. She had kept the evidence of the dirty things that the Gook Family and the Daly Family had done together over the years. These evidences were kept by her for self-defense. As long as they did not do anything harmful to her, these pieces of evidence would never come out. Therefore, no matter how badly the Gook family was defeated, Charlie Gook and her family deserved it. It had nothing to do with her. “Miss Daly, this day is going to change. Go back early before the snow become heavy.” After saying that, Mr. Wilis waved to her and drove away. Kristine Daly watched his car getting farther away from her. With a sarcastic smile on the corner of her mouth, she said silently, “Two to eight, I want you to get none.” According to the weather forecast, there would be heavy snow at 11 o’clock tonight, and the following two days too. In heavy snow, the airport would be temporarily closed, which directly affected the flight situation in and out of Beaford City If they returned to Chatterton Town as planned, their flight would be delayed by the heavy snow. Karen Daly was in a hurry to go back to Chatterton Town, so Kevin Kyle asked Amelia Gray to change the flight to seven o’clock tonight Somehow, when she thought that she would be back to Chatterton Town soon, her heart was filled with joy. Perhaps it was because Beaford City always brought her bad luck, she did not want to stay here any longer. She wanted to leave as soon as possible and stay away from the Gook family so that the man could take over the Gook Corp as soon as possible. When she returned to Chatterton Town, she could also work hard and everything would be fine. Karen Daly turned her head to look at Kevin Kyle, who was sitting next to him. He was still busy reading his documents. Looking at the documents, and making phone calls. After waiting in the VIP lounge for about half an hour, he was still working. He was always so busy, and she could not imagine how busy he was. “What are you thinking about?” Kevin Kyle’s attention finally fell on her. “I’m wondering since you are busy with work, is your big boss from Rovio Corporation Inc just in charge of counting his income?” Hearing her angry words, Kevin Kyle felt funny and laughed in a low voice, “Only the staff members of the bank are busy counting money every day.” She pursed her lips at him and said, “Your boss didn’t even give you time to rest on weekends. How much did your big boss pay you?” He said, “Enough to raise you.” “Who wants you to raise me? I can make money myself.” Although Karen Daly didn’t need him to support her, she couldn’t help but feel a trace of sweetness when she heard his love words. She asked again, “It’s almost time to board the plane. Are you done with your business? “I’m done.” Kevin Kyle turned off his phone and handed the computer to Amelia Gray next to him. He reached out to hold Karen Daly and sniffed her hair. “Why are you so happy?” “Because we are going home.” She snuggled up in his arms and held him. “Today is the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month, and there are still some days before the New Year. I have to go home and prepare for it.” Kevin Kyle pinched her chin, raised her face and said, “Karen, come with me to see my parents during Spring.” Suddenly hearing that from Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly was a little excited, but also a little worried. If his family did not like her, what should she do? Judging from Kevin Kyle’s words and deeds, clothing, habits and so on, his family should not be an ordinary family. And thinking about her own family Thinking of her family, she felt sad again. If Kevin Kyle’s parents asked about her parents, how should she answer them? “Karen -” Kevin Kyle saw her worrying face, kissed her forehead and said, “You are my wife, and my family will like you” “Really?” It was not that she was not confident, but she had too many tainted parts. Kevin Kyle would believe her. Kevin Kyle did not care about her past, but his family might care. Some people said that marriage was a matter between two people, as long as Kevin Kyle believed her. But she didn’t think so. She wanted to live a better life with Kevin Kyle. Of course, it was better to get blessings from his elders. “Of course it’s true.” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head again. He believed that his family would definitely adore a kind, strong, and beautiful woman like her. “The British 3817 flight to the Chatterton Town is ready for boarding… Hearing the boarding announcement, Kevin Kyle attempted to carry Karen Daly. Karen Daly was shocked by him again and tried to stop him. “There are so many people, you’d better let me down.” “So what?” He was holding his wife, he didn’t hug anyone. What did it have to do with others? With so many people looking at her, she would be embarrassed. But Kevin Kyle didn’t mind. His grip was strong, and she couldn’t move at all. This was her husband, a man who was a little bossy, had slightly low EQ, but also very considerate..

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