Even though she was drunk, when she heard the familiar sound, Mia Kyle knew who was carrying her. No one dared to do this to her except him. She stretched out her soft little hand and touched his back casually. She sighed, “Leo, why do you always come to me?” “Why are you so free? Why don’t you find a girlfriend?” Mia Kyle shook her head and sighed while saying, “Spring is coming. You are 29 years old soon and after that, it’s one year away from turning 30. You are so old. If you don’t find a woman, no woman will be willing to marry you in the future.” She didn’t know if there was really something wrong with her brother. She released the news that he was a playboy. So many people rushed to send women his way, but he refused to see anyone Ugh. She had put in a lot of effort to find him a woman so that he could continue the Kyle family’s bloodline, but he didn’t appreciate her kindness at all. “Leo, what kind of woman do you like? Tell me, I promise to find you a woman that will satisfy you. Among the women! know, there are both sexy and pure types. There are all kinds of women. However, to be honest, they are worse than me. Don’t be too picky. After all, not every woman in this world looks like me.” Mia Kyle said casually. Seeing that Kevin Kyle did not say anything, she patted him on the back and said, “Leo, grandpa is almost 80 years old. He must be anxious to have his great-grandson. Even if you don’t want to get married, you should think of him.” After saying that, Mia Kyle waited for a long time, but Kevin Kyle still did not say anything. He carried her and continued to move forward gracefully. She rolled her dark eyes and flashed a sly smile. “Leo, if you don’t want a girlfriend, do you like men?” “Shut up!” As soon as Mia Kyle said this, she heard Kevin Kyle’s gloomy reproach. But she was not afraid of him. He finally responded. She was proud, so she said, “Are you so angry because guessed it right?” “Mia Kyle, it seems that you have left home for too long and forgot all the etiquettes you have learned.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s gloomy warning, Mia Kyle felt chills down her spine. Oh no, no, did she really guess it correctly? If he really liked men and was accidentally exposed by her, he would definitely shut her up. Thinking of this, she smiled again and said, “Brother, I really don’t know anything. Even if I know something, I will never tell anyone.” Hearing her words, Kevin Kyle’s back stiffen up. Seeing Kevin Kyle’s reaction, Mia Kyle was sure that there was something wrong with her brother. He was the only one in the Kyle Family. If he liked men, the bloodline of the Kyle Family would be broken. However, his family had a younger sister who was so beautiful and lovely. She had all the perfect traits of a woman. After Kevin Kyle saw her beautiful face many times, it would be difficult for him to fall for any other women. Mia Kyle was thinking far ahead, but Kevin Kyle was touched by her first sentence. Mia Kyle had misunderstood him because he had not told his family about his marriage with Karen Daly. Seeing that the Spring was approaching soon, he decided to take Mia Kyle back to meet Karen Daly tonight, and to prepare his family for the news. “Leo..” “Shut up!” He could not let Mia Kyle go on. “You are raising your voice at me again.” Mia Kyle rubbed her eyes with a pitiful look that she was about to cry. “You could scold a lady that is so pretty like me, no wonder you can’t find a girlfriend. No girl will like you for the rest of your life, so go and fall in love with men.” “Stop talking nonsense.” Kevin Kyle put Mia Kyle into the car and sat down next to her. Seeing Kevin Kyle’s sullen face, Mia Kyle curled her lips but did not speak again. What if she made him angry and he sends her back to the U.S.? Mr. Watson looked back at them and asked, “Young Master, are you going to the Royal Bay?” “Let’s go back to Dreamland City” Kevin Kyle said and turned to Jacky Ball, who was outside the car, “Notify Aunt Jen to cook a bowl of soup.” Although he really wanted to teach this little girl a lesson, he instinctively wanted to treat her well. Taking care of her had become his habit over the years. Soon the car arrived at Dreamland City. Kevin Kyle came to Aunt Jen’s room with Mia Kyle in his arms. Aunt Jen actually lived next door to him and Karen Daly, so it was so convenient for her to cook. There were also two other helpers in charge of cleaning the house, so it was actually convenient to go over to the next door and work. After receiving the call, Aunt Jen immediately cooked a bowl of soup. As soon as she finished cooking, Kevin Kyle came with Mia Kyle. She greeted him with a smile. “Young master, Miss..” Kevin Kyle placed Mia Kyle on the sofa and said coldly, “Feed her some soup.” “I just drank two cups and I’m not drunk, so I don’t want to drink any soup.” In fact, she didn’t mind the soup at all. She just wanted to go against him. Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and said, “Do you want me to feed you?” Mia Kyle looked at him and pursed her lips. “Fine, I will drink it.” Aunt Jen handed the bowl of soup to Mia Kyle and said with a smile, “Miss, the young master cares about you. If it were someone else, he wouldn’t care.” Mia Kyle certainly knew that Kevin Kyle cared about her, but she just didn’t like him to put up a strict front. She glared at Kevin Kyle again, and then took the soup and drank it. Seeing Mia Kyle drink the soup, Kevin Kyle asked the helpers at home to help her draw a bath. Coming out of the bathroom, the servant gave cotton padded pyjamas to Mia Kyle. She was so sleepy that she couldn’t open her eyes and lied softly in Kevin Kyle’s arms. “Leo, I want to sleep in your arms.” “Okay, go back to sleep.” After being tortured by her for so long, Kevin Kyle was still reluctant to stay angry at her. He picked her up and carried her back to his house. At this time, Karen Daly should have fallen asleep. Kevin Kyle opened the door and walked very carefully, he carefully took Mia Kyle to the guest room. He took the quilt and covered her with it. Then he adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner in the room to a comfortable level. This little girl should not get a cold. Seeing that she was asleep, Kevin Kyle sat beside her bed and looked at her tenderly. He sighed helplessly and said, “Little girl, don’t mistakenly think that I do not have the courage to send you back.”.

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