It was not that he couldn’t stand her anymore, but he didn’t want her to suffer. It had been an indispensable 18 years of his life to take care of her and make her grow up happily and healthily. Back then, when his mother came back with Mia Kyle in her arms, he was ten years old. Looking at such a small baby, he was moved somehow. Perhaps he wanted to take care of her more because she was so little. Rubbing her head, Kevin Kyle got up to leave, but Mia Kyle turned over and grabbed him. “Leo, I’m afraid to sleep alone. You have to sleep with me.” When she was young, she was especially afraid of sleeping alone, especially in the rainy weather. At that time, she would sneak into his bed and hold him in her arms. As long as he was there, he would protect her like her patron saint, and she would no longer feel afraid. “Okay, I’ll keep you company.” Kevin Kyle held her hand and patted her gently. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” “Okay. Mia Kyle responded with satisfaction. Knowing that her brother would always be with her, she fell asleep. After confirming that Mia Kyle was in a deep sleep, Kevin Kyle carefully pulled back his hand and got up to go back to his room. In the room, a dim orange light was still turned on at the bedside table. The soft light shone on Karen Daly’s rosy face, making her look quiet and beautiful. Kevin Kyle walked over and bent down to kiss her forehead. Karen Daly did not sleep deeply. When he kissed her, she woke up immediately and blinked her sleepy eyes. “You’re back. Are you done with your work?” “I’m done.” Kevin Kyle couldn’t resist kissing her lips again. “Go to sleep. I’ll take a shower.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded, grabbed her mobile phone and checked the time. It was already past three o’clock in the morning. He wakes up very early every morning. She was afraid that he would not have enough sleep. Thinking about it, she really felt sorry for him. She hoped that she could help him and not let him be so tired. Soon, Kevin Kyle came out of the bathroom. He only wrapped himself in a bath towel. His washed hair was still dripping with water, and some of the water dripped on his strong muscles. Karen Daly was attracted to this. This was the first time for her to see his strong and perfect body so clearly Karen Daly suddenly thought of the first time he had been so powerful and loved her hard… “Uh-” What was she thinking about again? Why did she always think of this kind of thing? Karen Daly covered her hot face and quickly looked away. If she went on, she didn’t know what she would do. Kevin Kyle came out and walked around. He took something and went back to the bathroom to blow dry his hair. Karen Daly heaved a long sigh of relief and quickly shook her head to drive away the inappropriate thoughts. Not long after, Kevin Kyle, who had blown his hair, came out. He went to bed and lied down beside Karen Daly. Karen Daly was worried that she would do something to him again, so she moved a little to the side, trying to escape from him. As soon as she moved, Kevin Kyle pulled her back. He held her in his arms and said, “It’s getting late. Go to sleep.” He held her, and her face was just on his bare chest. Their posture was so flirtatious. Did he really just want to sleep well? Karen Daly looked up and glanced at him quietly. He closed his eyes, as if he really just slept with her in his arms. He had no other thoughts. Looking at him who was so calm, there was an indescribable sense of frustration in her heart. As Faye Reed said, she was a beauty at least. But when she was lying beside Kevin Kyle, he was always unwilling to touch her. Was she really so unattractive to him? Thinking of this, Karen Daly deliberately moved her foot and hooked it on Kevin Kyle’s leg… “The wound on your leg hasn’t healed yet.” He pressed her moving foot to stop her from moving, and said, “Sleep well, don’t move around.” Karen Daly….. She really wanted to kick him hard. How could this man be so slow? Was he only willing to touch her if she took the initiative? Thinking of this, she felt depressed and pinched Kevin Kyle’s waist. She used a lot of strength to pinch him, but he didn’t even flinch, just held her tighter. In Kevin Kyle’s warm embrace, it didn’t take long before she fell asleep When Karen Daly woke up again, she felt something on her. She was sleeping soundly, but she was suddenly pressed hard by the “weight” coming at her. The “weight” pressed on her, making her unable to breathe. She suddenly opened her eyes and saw a tender girl lying on top of her. The girl squinted and sighed with satisfaction, and reached out her hand to touch Karen Daly. “Leo, you said that you would accompany me, but you left me and ran away. Now I can finally catch you.” Suddenly, there was an extra person on the bed, and it was pressing on her. Karen Daly screamed out of fear and did not hear what the girl said. Mia Kyle, who was still half awake, was awakened by Karen Daly’s scream. Mia Kyle stared at Karen Daly and asked in surprise, “Who are you?” “Who are you?” Karen Daly also stared at the girl on top of her with wide eyes. Their eyes met, and they were both looking at each other, wondering who the other was. Kevin Kyle, who was busy in the study, heard Karen Daly’s cry and rushed into the room immediately. Then he saw the two women looking at each other. “Polaris, what are you doing?” Kevin Kyle’s tone was particularly bad. Karen Daly and Mia Kyle came to their senses. Karen Daly had seen Mia Kyle’s photos on the internet before. Last time, she almost misunderstood Kevin Kyle, so she remembered her face. Kevin Kyle’s sister was her sister-in-law. But why did she come to her bed? Mia Kyle was excited. She jumped up on the bed and said, “Kevin, it turns out that you have a girlfriend and you brought her home. Why didn’t you tell me?” Without saying a word, Kevin Kyle came over and took Mia Kyle away. He threw her back to the guest room and said in a low voice, “Stay inside. You can’t come out without my permission.” “Leo, how can you be so cruel to your cute little sister?” Mia Kyle looked at Kevin Kyle’s back and shouted. At this time, her mind was full of Karen Daly. To tell the truth, this was the first time she had seen a woman who looked so well-matched to Leo. Although Mia Kyle felt that Karen Daly loses a little to her, she was already very excellent. She hurriedly found her mobile phone and wanted to call her mother. She wanted to tell her mother not to worry about Leo anymore. That boy was finally willing to sleep with women..

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