When Kevin Kyle returned to his room, Karen Daly had already changed. She looked at him with some dissatisfaction. “Your sister is here. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I should have gotten up early to prepare.” Kevin Kyle walked over and held her in his arms. “You don’t have to prepare anything.” He had asked Aunt Jen to get everything ready. Karen Daly said, “It’s the first time for her to come to our house. I have to treat her well. She is your sister and your family. I have to leave her a good impression.” “Karen -” Kevin Kyle called her name said seriously. “You don’t have to flatter anyone on purpose. She is my sister, and you are my wife. We are all family.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Karen Daly wanted to roll her eyes at him. There was no doubt about this man’s IQ and ability to work, but in his life, she was doubting how he handled some aspects. She didn’t mean to flatter anyone on purpose. Instead, she should treat his sister well. This was the most basic thing in the world. Kevin Kyle added, “Polaris is still a child. She likes to make trouble, and she doesn’t pay attention to her words. If she said something wrong, don’t take it personally.” Kevin Kyle said so many words in one breath. Karen Daly guessed that he must love his sister very much. Although every time he mentioned his sister, he would gnash his teeth. In fact, he really loved Polaris. “Are you telling me that you want me to be patient with anything she does?” Karen Daly pretended to be angry. “I don’t…” Kevin Kyle was at a loss for words. He didn’t mean that. He was worried that Mia Kyle was used to being free. Sometimes, she didn’t think thoroughly before she speaks. He was afraid that Karen Daly would misunderstand Polaris Before he could finish, Karen Daly interrupted him with a smile and said, “Don’t worry. She is your sister, and I will treat her as my own sister. I will never make things difficult for you.” Karen Daly was not a person who would stir up trouble, and she was willing to treat Kevin Kyle’s family with her genuine heart Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and said, “Thank you.” “Thank you for what? I am your wife.” Karen Daly smiled and pulled him to ask, “What does your sister like to eat? Is there anything else she can’t eat?” Polaris was Kevin Kyle’s sister. This was Karen Daly’s first meeting with Kevin Kyle’s family. Although Mia Kyle just became an adult, Karen Daly still felt that she should be careful. “She is not picky with food,” Kevin Kyle said. Mia Kyle’s taste was raised by her mother to be as high as Kevin Kyle’s, but her ability to adapt was extremely strong. No matter what it was, as long as others could eat it, she could eat it. “It must be easy to raise you kids. No one is picky.” Karen Daly sighed from the bottom of her heart. “I am picky. My brother is pickier than me. So no woman wants to be with him.” Mia Kyle poked her head out of the door and looked at Karen Daly with a smile. “Sister, people say that they would rather believe in ghosts than men. Don’t believe in men’s words. Don’t let him lie to you.” Kevin Kyle turned around to look at Mia Kyle and rebuked sternly, “Polaris, have you forgotten what you’ve learned? Can children interrupt when adults speak?” “Where is the adult?” Mia Kyle rolled her eyes. “This sister looks about two or three years older than me. If I am a child, she is also a child. You will not let go of a child. Should I still call you Kevin Kyle in the future? Maybe I should call you The Beast instead.” The corner of Kevin Kyle’s mouth twitched. “How dare you talk back!” “I’m going to argue with you. If you have the ability, you can beat me in front of this sister.” Mia Kyle raised her head high, looking as if she was provoking him. Looking at the brother and sister talking back, especially when she saw Kevin Kyle talking so much, Karen Daly understood that Kevin Kyle was actually talkative, but he only talked this much with his family. And she didn’t seem to have the honor to see him like this. When a family gets together, they could quarrel occasionally, but when the other party needed help, the other person would definitely be there, This was the real family! Karen Daly hoped that she could get such family affection, and there was also someone who could tolerate her unreasonable behavior. Mia Kyle hid behind Karen Daly. She held Karen Daly’s arm, and said pitifully, “Sister, I tell you, my brother always bully me. You must help me.” Being pulled by Mia Kyle like this, Karen Daly felt that she was willing to get close to her. Her heart softened. She smiled and said, “Okay, I will help you.” “Sister, you are so nice.” Mia Kyle was cute, especially when she smiled. She showed her wide teeth when she smiled, which made people want to hold her in their hands. “She’s your sister-in-law,” Kevin Kyle said after a while. “Sister-in-law? Are you going to marry her?” Mia Kyle asked back. If that was the case, that was to say, her brother decided to marry this sister. “We are married,” Kevin Kyle said. “You two got married?” Mia Kyle was really scared. She paused for a while.” Kevin, you said you got married without telling our family?” Although their grandfather really wanted to have his great grandson, Kevin Kyle had secretly done this thing. Mia Kyle was trying to imagine how angry his grandfather would be after knowing the situation. “Let’s go have breakfast first, Kevin Kyle said. At the dining table, Mia Kyle sat there without saying a word. She looked like an obedient and sensible child, but her angry eyes spoke the truth. Karen Daly filled a bowl of soup for Mia Kyle and said, “Polaris, drink a bowl of soup first.” Mia Kyle smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you, sister-in-law.” She still didn’t forget to throw a provocative look at Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly was ready to give Kevin Kyle another bowl of soup, but Kevin Kyle took over and filled her a bowl of soup. He said, “Take a sip first and warm yourself up.” “Okay.” Karen Daly smiled at him. “Miss, I have prepared your favorite food. Have a try.” Since Mia Kyle came home, Kevin Kyle asked Aunt Jen to come over. “Aunt Jen, you always treat me the best.” Mia Kyle jumped up, gave Aunt Jen a big hug, and looked at Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly. The two of them ate silently, and neither of them spoke. If she hadn’t known that the Kyle family’s etiquette well, she would have thought that they didn’t welcome her. In front of Kevin Kyle, Mia Kyle did not dare to be too presumptuous, especially at the dining table, otherwise, she would definitely be sent away to learn mannerisms. Mia Kyle put down her chopsticks after eating, wiped her mouth with satisfaction and said, “Brother, go to work. I will take good care of my sister-in-law at home..

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