Mia Kyle was a very clever girl. You would never guess what she would do next. Kevin Kyle was absolutely worried about leaving her alone with Karen Daly. If she told Karen Daly some irrelevant or embarrassing things, he would really regret this. He wiped his mouth with a paper towel and said seriously, “You’ll go out with me later.” “No.” Mia Kyle turned around and looked at Karen Daly with eager eyes. She said coquettishly. “Sister-in-law, I want to stay and chat with you.” Mia Kyle looked very cute and smiled sweetly. She liked her genuinely Karen Daly also looked at Kevin Kyle and said with a gentle smile, “I’m a little bored at home alone, so how about allowing Polaris to keep me accompany?” Karen Daly had already said so. It would be unreasonable if Kevin Kyle insisted to take Mia Kyle away. He had to nod and promise, “Your leg injury hasn’t healed yet. Rest at home and don’t run around.” Karen Daly quietly held his hand under the table, pursed her lips and looked at him. She nodded and said, “Ok, don’t worry. I’m not a child anymore.” Mia Kyle looked at her brother. In the past, his brother never looked at other women seriously. Now that he had married a woman, she didn’t expect him to be so gentle, She looked at Karen Daly again. Karen Daly was different from many women who wanted to make a move on her brother. Those women who wanted to seduce Kevin Kyle in the past tried to make her brother happy. Of course, she also gave them some support, but no one could get close to him in the end. However, her new sister-in-law Karen Daly was very quiet. She spoke in a gentle voice, like she could attract all the attention of her brother as long as she sat there. She thought that her brother must have found someone he wanted for the rest of his life. Mia Kyle had been making friends based on her intuitions for a long time. Her sixth sense had always been very accurate, Today, her sixth sense told her that Karen Daly was a good girl, so she decided to get in touch with her new sister-in law. If anything happened to her family in the future, she could help. Although she had little power, it was better than nothing. Kevin Kyle got up and went back to his room with Karen Daly. In the room, Karen Daly took a tie and tied it carefully for Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle held her head and kissed her tender face. “Call me if anything happens.” Karen Daly smiled with a red face and said, “What can happen? Are you afraid that Polaris will eat me at home, or are you afraid that I will eat her?” “Yes.” Kevin Kyle nodded. He was actually worried about that. Karen Daly thought that he was worried about Polaris. She reached out to hold him and snuggled herself in his arms. “Mr. Kyle, don’t worry. Polaris is your sister. Even if she hit me, I will let her win. I will let you deal with her when you come back?” “Karen Daly, do you think of me like that?” Kevin Kyle’s voice was slightly unhappy. He looked at her with dissatisfaction, then turned around and left. He suddenly became angry, Karen Daly was feeling confused. Before going out, Kevin Kyle gave Mia Kyle a warning glance and motioned for her not to talk nonsense. When Kevin Kyle was around, Mia Kyle was not afraid of him. Once he left, Mia Kyle behaved like a king. Seeing Momo squatting on the ground, she said, “Little darling, come here and let me hug you.” Looking at the stranger who broke into the house, Momo barked a few times. “Momo, this is your little aunt, not a bad person. You can have fun with her.” Karen Daly picked her up and handed her to Mia Kyle. “Little aunt? I like this name.” Mia Kyle looked up at Karen Daly and stared at Karen Daly’s belly. “Sister-in-law, are you pregnant? I heard that generally, couples who want children will raise a little pet first. Let’s raise little pets to get some experience first, and then take these experiences to support children.” “No.” Karen Daly quickly waved her hand and replied awkwardly. She had only had one night with Kevin Kyle, so it was not easy for her to get pregnant. Mia Kyle didn’t notice Karen Daly’s embarrassment at all and said, “Sister-in-law, our Kyle Family is weak. Mother didn’t have many children because she was not well. Both of you are so young, you can have more children to play with me in the future.” “Polaris, how’s your filming going?” Karen Daly didn’t want to continue the topic of giving birth to children, because she hadn’t thought about having children yet. “It’s done. I can have fun for a few days.” Mia Kyle hugged Momo and sat beside Karen Daly. “Sister-in-law, are you familiar with Chatterton Town? If you are, then you can be my tour guide. The service fee is given by my brother. He has a lot of money anyway.” “I’ve been in Chatterton Town for a few years. I’m quite familiar with it.” Karen Daly told the truth. “I’m not familiar with Chatterton Town at all, and I don’t have any friends. No one can accompany me wherever I want to go. When your injury is healed, you can take me around to play, okay?” After that, Mia Kyle blinked her beautiful eyes, making it impossible for others to refuse her request. “No problem.” Karen Daly nodded and said, “Polaris” “Sister-in-law, you can call me Mia from now on. Actually, everyone likes to call me Mia at home. My name is Mia Kyle.” “Mia?” Karen Daly repeated the name silently. She seemed to have heard of this name somewhere before. She thought about it carefully and suddenly remembered. It was said by Kevin Kyle’s uncle at the charity banquet that day. He said that Kevin Kyle’s grandfather wanted Kevin Kyle to marry Mia Could they be the same Mia? Mia Kyle? It could just the same name, but with different family names The name of Polaris was Mia Kyle, and she was Kevin Kyle’s sister. How could the Kyle family let Kevin Kyle marry Mia? “Sister-in-law, what are you thinking about?” Mia Kyle looked at Karen Daly again. “I just feel that your name is so friendly. Mia, you are like my sister.” Karen Daly shook her head and said with a smile. She didn’t know why she was so sensitive to a name. How could she be suspicious of Kevin Kyle’s sister? “My name was given by grandpa. When I was brought back by my mother, she said that I would be the little treasure of the Kyle family from now on, so grandpa named me Mia – Mia Kyle.” Mia Kyle said carelessly. She didn’t mind that she was not related to the Kyle Family by blood, because the elders of the Kyle Family loved her more than that silly brother. “Mia, you mean…” Karen Daly didn’t want to ask directly After all, people usually didn’t want to admit that they were adopted. “Yes.” Mia Kyle nodded and said proudly, “I’m not their biological child, but grandpa, dad, mother and brother. They love me and I love them too.”.

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