If Mia Kyle was adopted, then it made sense if the parents of the Kyle Family wanted to match Kevin Kyle and her. Thinking of this, Karen Daly looked at Mia Kyle carefully Mia Kyle eyes were clear and her smile was sweet. No matter how she looked at it, she was just a young adult. All her thoughts were written on her beautiful face. Mia Kyle called her sister-in-law, which meant that she acknowledged the relationship between her and Kevin Kyle, but somehow she was thinking a lot. Karen Daly was so angry that she doubted what happened between Kevin Kyle and Mia Kyle. If there was really a relationship between them, how could Kevin Kyle marry her? When Kevin Kyle married her, he said clearly that he wanted to live a good life with her. Although Mia Kyle was not blood-related to the Kyle Family, when she mentioned the Kyle Family, Karen Daly knew that Mia Kyle really took Kyle Family as her family. Karen Daly was Daly Family’s own child, but her father’s actions were so beast-like. Therefore, interpersonal relationships could be so complex. Sometimes blood related didn’t mean they would be the closest to each other, and relationship could also be cultivated through nurture. Mia Kyle didn’t notice that Karen Daly’s mind had been full of thoughts. She continued to say, “Sister-in-law, let me tell you, grandpa, dad, and mom are very good. When they see you, they will definitely like you like how they like me.” “Thank you, Mia!” Karen Daly smiled. Even if the parents of the Kyle family could not accept her for the time being, she could still rely on her own efforts to let them accept her. In any case, as long as Kevin Kyle did not say anything, she would not break up with him easily. After chatting for a while, Mia Kyle answered the phone and left in a hurry. When she went out the smile on her face was very bright, as if she was busy to see her lover. Kevin Kyle understood that Karen Daly’s leg injury had not healed completely, so he asked Aunt Jen to make some food for Karen Daly at noon. “Young Madam..” Aunt Jen looked at Karen Daly and wanted to speak but stopped. “Aunt Jen, if you have something to say, just say it.” Karen Daly smiled and said. “Young Madam, I’ve been in charge of Young Master’s food for nearly 30 years. When he was still in his mother’s womb, I went to serve her. Later, when Young Master was born, was always in charge of Young Master’s food,” Aunt Jen said. “Mmm.” Karen Daly nodded. “Aunt Jen, you’ve been working hard these years.” what ! “Young Madam, you misunderstood me. This isn’t want to say.” With this, Aunt Jen took out a notebook from her apron pocket and handed it to Karen Daly. “Young Madam, this notebook records the young master’s habits. The things he doesn’t eat and can’t eat. Please take a closer look, Young Madam.” Karen Daly took the notebook and flipped through it. The most obvious place on the first page was that Kevin Kyle had a kind of food that he could not eat. Once he ate it, he would become allergic to it. That food was – an onion! Karen Daly remembered that not long after Kevin Kyle and her lived together, she made an onion dish for Kevin Kyle to eat. For the first time, he refused. For the second time, he ate, and he did not return for the whole night. Aunt Jen added, “I shouldn’t have been involved in these things, but I’m worried that you will.” Karen Daly interrupted Aunt Jen with a smile, “Aunt Jen, thank you for giving me this notebook. I will read it carefully and remember it carefully. I will never let Kevin Kyle eat the wrong thing again. Throughout the afternoon, Karen Daly had been reading the notebook. After reading it, she realized that Kevin Kyle was not an ordinary picky eater. Kevin Kyle couldn’t eat a lot of things. Hls food was always well prepared. He never ate outside, especially the hot pot. Looking at these, Karen Daly realised that she did not know much about Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle couldn’t eat onions, but he didn’t tell her personally. She knew it through an aunt. This made Karen Daly feel very uncomfortable. It was okay for him to tell her face to face. Why did he not tell her? Was she not as important as an aunt in Kevin Kyle’s heart? Thinking of this, she smiled again. What happened to her today? She seemed to have become a little dissatisfied wife. Karen Daly put down the notebook and took the brush and drawing board to the balcony of the master bedroom. The winter in Chatterton Town was not as cold as in Beaford City. It was sunny in the daytime today, so it would not be too cold. At this time, the sky had gradually darkened. The temperature slightly dropped, but it was not cold. Even Karen Daly, who was afraid of cold, did not feel cold. Sitting in front of the frame, Karen Daly picked up the brush, but could not paint for a long time. Because she was very flustered and panicked. She didn’t know what she wanted to do and what she was worried about After sitting for a while, she began to draw on the drawing board. In fact, she did not know what she was going to draw. When she had a moment of realization, a vague portrait appeared on the drawing board. Although the drawing was very ugly, it could be seen that it was Kevin Kyle. When Kevin Kyle reached home, he searched all the rooms but did not see Karen Daly. Finally, he saw her on the balcony of the main bedroom. He stood behind her and saw her drawing him. From her messy strokes, it could be seen that she had something on her mind at this time. Kevin Kyle turned back to the room and took a coat for her. He went to the balcony and put it on her. “It’s so cold, why are you sitting outside?” “I want to sit outside. It’s none of your business?” She said in an unfriendly tone. Because she was very flustered and wanted to find an outlet to release her frustrations, so Kevin Kyle was the best candidate to vent her anger. “What’s wrong?” Karen Daly was angry with him when he came back. He didn’t know why, but he still asked her patiently He frowned slightly, his eyes were full of worry and concern for her. Karen Daly’s heart softened. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about me.” She didn’t want to talk to him anymore. She was afraid that her panic would become a sharp sword and hurt Kevin Kyle. “Karen, tell me? Obviously, Kevin Kyle did not want to let her go so easily. He had to find out the truth. “What a hateful man! Do I have to tell him the truth?” Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle angrily. Kevin Kyle was confused and was about to ask further when Karen Daly suddenly stomped her foot and roared, “I’m jealous!” As soon as she finished her words, Karen Daly, like an angry kitten, quickly rushed over and kissed Kevin Kyle’s lips. The kiss came suddenly and fiercely. There was a lot of emotions involved. She was jealous of Mia Kyle. She never knew that she would be so unreasonable. Suddenly, she tasted blood in her mouth. The blood spread between their lips and teeth as they kissed..

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