Karen Daly felt that she crossed the limits, her kiss suddenly softened, and then slowly withdrew from his lips. Karen Daly let go of Kevin Kyle. She looked at him and his bloodied lips with teary eyes. Her lips were red and plump too. “Does it hurt?” she asked. Kevin Kyle nodded. He held Karen Daly’s head and whispered, “Is that enough?” Karen Daly bit her lips and whispered, “Not enough.” As soon as she finished her words, Kevin Kyle smiled faintly and kissed Karen Daly hard. His kiss was different from Karen Dalys, fierce and controlling, like a strong, dominating lion. Karen Daly was a little worried and instinctively wanted to avoid it, but she did not allow herself to do so. Her helpless hands grabbed the corner of his clothes tightly and went with his pace. She didn’t know what happened to her. Why was she suddenly jealous? She was jealous of Mia Kyle, Aunt Jen, and everyone around him. The people around him, all of whom had been with him for a long time, 18 years with Mia Kyle, 30 years with Aunt Jen, and more than 10 years with Nick Black and Amelia Gray. Everyone knew him so well, his diet and habits, everything about him. But she was his wife, she knew nothing about him. Thinking about this, she suddenly panicked and felt scared. She always felt like she would lose him. In fact, Karen Daly disliked herself when she gets jealous and paranoid, she didn’t like to rely on Kevin Kyle too much. Maybe because of getting injured and she had not fully recovered yet, causing her to be delayed in seeking her next employment, so she would feel worried, anxious, and afraid mostly She thought to herself, but she knew that it was not the only reason, but there were also for many other factors that scared her. After being married for so long, everything she experienced in the past was exposed to Kevin Kyle. He knew everything about her, but she knew nothing about him. It was this kind of feeling that made her feel very sad and she wanted to let her anger out… When Karen Daly returned to the present, she had already been carried back to the room and laid on the bed. His strong body leaned over and held her tightly in his arms. “Karen-” His gaze was deep, and his voice was low and hoarse, sounded like a bottle of fine, aged wine. She raised her head and looked into his eyes which were as deep as the vast starry sky. Hearing his seductive low voice, she reached out and wrapped her arms around his strong waist without realising. She did not say anything, but her actions told him that she was willing to accept everything he was going to do to her. Her subtle movements and small changes in her gaze were all noticed by Kevin Kyle and felt deeply in his heart. “Karen-” He called her name again in a hoarse voice, kissed her again, and their lips collided with each other’s, from light to heavy, and slowly he kissed deeper and deeper. He led her to a paradise that only belonged to the both of them in the most gentle, yet dominating way, His strength, his warmth, his tenderness… Karen Daly felt all of him and everything he had. Mia Kyle, Aunt Jen, Amelia Gray and so on. They had been with Kevin Kyle for a long time, but so what? At this moment, there were no one else except the two of them in their world. He was hers and she was his. No one could enter their world. “Karen-” Kevin Kyle called her name and showed her love in the most direct and primitive way. She was not used to it in the beginning and Kevin Kyle took great care of her. Then, the combination of their body and spirit made them more comfortable with opening up and exploring their relationship. After doing it twice, Karen Daly was so tired that she can’t even move her fingers. She was panting on Kevin Kyle’s body. Kevin Kyle held her tightly in his arms and did not say anything. He just held her tightly as if he wanted her to be a part of him. Karen Daly didn’t remember the details. The only thing that she remembered the most was his strength when he held her, which was so tight and so strong. It seemed that he was afraid that she would disappear as soon as he let her go. “Karen Daly, tell me about what happened today?” Karen Daly almost fell asleep on his body when he asked her. She told him that she was jealous and he kept probing for more details. She did not answer. Kevin Kyle lifted her chin and slightly lifted her head, whispering, “Karen, tell me? Hmm?” “I said I was jealous.”Karen Daly bit her lips and pretended to be angry, shouted at him, “What else do you want to know?” He patted her head and said after a while, “I am your husband and you are my wife. No one can change this fact. You have to understand.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and bit his chest playfully. She bit hard on his left chest. Leaving deep, red bite marks. “Does it hurt?” she asked. “No,” he answered. She needed to imprint her initial on him in this way. He would let her do whatever she wanted to do, as long as she was happy. “How can it not hurt?” she said. His left chest was on top of his heart. She used a lot of strength to bite him. She wanted to imprint the mark on him so that he would not get rid of it for the rest of his life. “Because I hurt you also,” he said again. His voice was still low, sexy and seductive, but it made Karen Daren understand his intention. Actually, she didn’t care that he hurt her at all. Because physical pain was not a form of pain for her, those were sacrifices for one another. Although the way she bit him was very childish, Kevin Kyle did not care. He liked to see her childish side. He liked to see her emotional side, he didn’t need her to be too rational when she is with him. In front of him, she could take off all her protective shield and mask. All she needed to do was to be a little woman and let him protect her. “Karen” He called her name again in a low voice, but there was no response from her. He looked down and found that she was exhausted and had already fallen asleep on his chest. She slept so deeply and sweetly. Her slightly raised lips made him understand that the insecurity in her heart was gone. After watching her over and over again, Kevin Kyle lowered his head and kissed her. The night Was still young..

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