The next day. It was late in the morning before Karen Daly woke up. She tried to move, but her body was still very weak. However, she did not have the same kind of pain as their first time. She opened her eyes and looked out the window, but she did not see Kevin Kyle. She picked up her phone to check the time. It was almost 12 o’clock at noon. He was so busy, he would definitely not sit by the window and wait for her to wake up, While thinking, Faye Reed called. She slid over the screen and answered it. Then she heard Faye Reed’s anxious voice, “Karen, come to the studio quickly. There is a customer who is not satisfied with all the designs. My hope is all on you.” “What kind of customer?” Karen Daly frowned and asked. “I can’t tell you clearly on the phone. You come over first.” After that, Faye Reed hung up without giving Karen Daly a chance to speak. Hearing Faye Reed’s anxious tone, Karen Daly got up quickly and prepared to rush to the studio as soon as possible. As soon as she sat up, she saw a note on the side of the bed with several words written by Kevin Kyle He was going on a work trip for three days. Kevin Kyle. “I am going for a work trip for three days, Kevin.” Karen Daly looked at the words and read them in a low voice. She didn’t see Kevin Kyle sitting by the window when she opened her eyes. She was a little disappointed, but after seeing the note saying that he will be on a work trip for the next three days, that disappointment earlier was nothing compared to this. Kevin Kyle was on a work trip, and the studio was busy. Karen Daly immediately decided to simply pack something and take Momo to Faye Reed’s place to stay for a few days, which was convenient for her to work. When Karen Daly and Momo got into the taxi together, Kevin Kyle called. When she answered the phone, she heard Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice. “Are you awake? “Yes, I am awake.” Karen Daly nodded. “What’s the matter?” “I’ll ask Aunt Jen to prepare something for you to eat when you wake up.” Karen Daly said, “No, thanks. I’m in the car with Momo. I’m going to stay at Faye Reed’s for a few days for work.” Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle kept quiet at the other end of the phone. After a while, he asked, “Are you angry?” They spent so much time together last night, but he got up early this morning. He rushed to the airport and went to another city for a work trip to left her home alone. She should be angry. “Ah” Karen Daly paused and said, “I’m not angry. Why do you think I’m angry?” Karen Daly didn’t understand why he thought so, and Kevin Kyle didn’t give her an answer. After a few words, they hung up the phone. After arriving at the studio, Karen Daly found out that it was Faye Reed who took the order, but the couple was not satisfied with the styles designed by several designers in the studio. Faye Reed panicked and called Karen Daly over, who was still recovering from her injuries. Karen Daly put Momo down and let it free. Karen Daly got the information and requirements of the customers from Faye Reed. The wedding dress was ordered by a couple in their 50s. They lived together for decades, but they didn’t have any wedding ceremonies before Therefore, their children planned to carry out a wedding ceremony for the two old couples during their golden anniversary The wedding was set in a few months, so they did not have much time to change the design draft. It would take time to make the product after the draft gets approved. The New Year was around the corner, if the design draft couldn’t be completed, it will be impossible for them to finish the products on time. That was why Faye Reed was so anxious. After knowing the requirements of the couple, Karen Daly knew very well that the wedding ceremony was not that important to them. They wanted health, peace, happiness, happiness… However, the couple was not willing to let their children’s efforts go to waste, so they found this studio. “Faye, were the designs of wedding dress mostly dreamy?” Karen Daly asked while drawing the design. “How did you know?” Faye Reed nodded and looked at Karen Daly in surprise. Karen Daly said, “Then let’s not get into western style dresses. We could try an oriental style, with happiness and health as the main theme.” Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Faye Reed felt enlightened. She immediately clapped her hands and said, “Karen, it’s a deal. Then, please hurry up and prepare the first draft for the couple to see. As long as they are satisfied, then I won’t feel guilty.” Karen Daly stretched out her hand and pointed at Faye Reed head. “Take care of Momo for me. I’ll draw the first draft first so that the customers can see it sooner.” “Please, Mrs. Kyle,” Faye Reed said with a smile. Hearing the title of Mrs. Kyle, Karen Daly seemed to be a little happier. She gave Faye Reed a big smile and said, “Go and do your work. Don’t disturb me.” When she drew the design draft, her mind was full of thoughts about growing old with Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle’s hair had turned white, and time had left marks on his handsome face. However, he still stood straight with the same character. Holding her hand, he led her to the red carpet and slowly walked to the center of the stage. In the centre of the stage, there was a line of words, “Mr. Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly’s Golden Anniversary!” Some people said that when it came to design works, the most important thing was to be sentimental. First of all, you have to love your work, so that others would accept your work. Karen Daly was designing the dress for them, but she designed them while imagining her old golden anniversary. So the dress designed by her would naturally be satisfying. The next day, when Faye Reed sent Karen Daly’s draft to the couple to see, they were very satisfied and made the order immediately. Faye Reed asked Karen Daly curiously, “How do you know the couple likes that theme?” Karen Daly raised her red and tender lips and said with a smile, “Because I hope that I can be like them when I’m old. Then when I think about what I will look like when I’m old, know what I need.” “Fortunately, I asked you to come back to work. You didn’t work in the studio for three years. How much money do you think I have lost?” “I’m back now, am I not? I’ll work harder to earn back all the profits that you have lost in the past three years.” “My God of Fortune, are you going home tonight?” “No.” “Did both of you quarrelled?” “He’s on a work trip. There’s no one to talk to when I am home.” Karen Daly thought for a moment. “Miss Reed, let’s go for steamboat together tonight.” “That’s what I thought.” Faye Reed picked up the coat and put it on. “Karen, is it really because he is on a work trip that you don’t want to go home?” Last night, because she was in a hurry to draw the design, Karen Daly didn’t go home, and Faye Reed didn’t think too much about it. Today, Karen Daly still refused to go home, so people would think of other reasons. “Do you think I am having an affair with someone, so I don’t want to go back?” said with a smile. However, when she turned around, she saw Kevin Kyle standing at the door of the studio..

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