Kevin Kyle was wearing a silver-gray handmade suit that he usually wore. He stood straight at the door and he did not display any expressions. His eyes fell on Karen Daly. Faye Reed also saw Kevin Kyle. She smiled and said, “Mr. Kyle, you are here to pick up Mrs. Kyle, aren’t you? It’s time to get off work. You bring her home.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle nodded politely “I thought that you are on a work trip for three days. Why did you come back early?” Karen Daly looked at him and smiled, but she was a little afraid to approach him. His face looked calm as usual. He was used to being cold, but when she looked into his eyes, she could feel that he was angry. Kevin Kyle did not say anything and just looked at Karen Daly quietly. His eyes were deep and focused entirely on Karen Daly Faye Reed pulled Karen Daly’s sleeves gently and whispered, “A small quarrel between husband and wife is common. Since he came to pick you up, go back with him.” “We didn’t quarrel and there was no conflict.” Karen Daly was not angry with him. It seemed that Kevin Kyle was angry with her. She didn’t know what she did that made him angry with her. “Anyway, there is only a few days before the holiday. I’m going back to Beaford City. You can work from home, don’t come to the studio.” Faye Reed patted Karen Daren and whispered, “By the way, it seems that Ivan had returned to Italy. We will talk about the study later after the new year.” “We agreed to have steamboat together at night,” Karen Daly said. “Let your man accompany you if you want to eat something. I don’t want to be hated.” Faye Reed gave Karen Daly her bag, pushed her towards Kevin Kyle, and said, “Mr. Kyle, take your wife away. Don’t let her pester me all day long.” Kevin Kyle looked cold and did not say a word. There was still no expression on his face. Karen Daly wanted to step back, but her waist was held by Kevin Kyle tightly. She moved and whispered, “Let me take Momo.” Momo had already run over, but because it was too small, no one noticed it if it did not make a sound. Karen Daly picked Momo up and said to Faye Reed, “Then I’ll go back first.” Faye Reed quickly waved her hand and said, “Bye.” After walking for some time, Kevin Kyle still did not speak. Karen Daly looked at him carefully and asked, “What’s wrong? Was there something wrong with your work?” Kevin Kyle’s face was gloomy, but he still did not say a word. He slightly increased the strength of his hand around her waist. Karen Daly pursed his lips and asked, “Who on earth provoked you? If you tell me, I’ll deal with him for you.” No matter what Karen Daly said, Kevin Kyle still kept his face darkened and did not speak. If he was not holding her waist, she would have thought that this person did not exist at all. After talking for some time, he still ignored her so Karen Daly stopped saying anything. She patted Momo’s head in her arms and sighed helplessly. If he wanted to be cold, let him be. But in such a cold winter, it was so cold that it made people feel uncomfortable. Until she got in the car, Karen Daly sat in the passenger seat, and Kevin Kyle sat in the driver’s seat. Just as she was ready to put on the seat belt, Kevin Kyle stretched out his arm and grabbed her head and kissed her crazily. His movements were fierce and wild, like a mad beast. Karen Daly only felt pain in her lips. He bit her lips, and blood flowed from her lips, and the smell of blood spread in their mouths Karen Daly did not struggle. If he was angry, she would let him let out his anger. Just like when she was upset, she would let it out in front of him. When she encountered unhappy things, she will let it out on him because he was the one closest to her. When Kevin Kyle did this, Karen Daly naturally thought he would feel the same way However, as Karen Daly just silently took the blow, it made his anger even more intense. His original plan was to go on a work trip for three days, but Karen Daly didn’t answer his call today. He couldn’t get in touch with her from morning to noon. Worrying about her safety, he immediately made up his mind to push the work that had to be handled by him this afternoon to the next day. He had to come back to assure her safety first. All his worries were relieved when he saw that she was fine. At the same time, another inexplicable anger rose in his heart. He called her so many times. As long as she cared for him, she would make time to call him back, but she did not. He was very angry that she didn’t answer his call. He was so angry that she didn’t take him seriously, Kevin Kyle took another bite on Karen Daly’s lips before letting her go. He glanced at her lips that had been bitten by him, then looked away and started the car. The car’s route was not to their house. Karen Daly asked cautiously, “Kevin Kyle, are you going in the wrong direction? Kevin Kyle drove the car without looking at her. He completely ignored her. Karen Daly got tired. She stroked Momo’s head in her arms and looked out of the window, looking at the scenery on both sides of the road. She saw couples walking hand in hand on the road, there were also couples embracing each other… She looked away and looked at Kevin Kyle. He was still gloomy and did not talk to her, nor did he intend to pay attention to her. “Stop the car,” she said. He ignored it “I ask you to stop the car,” she said. Kevin Kyle finally glanced sideways at her, but he did not intend to stop the car. “Kevin Kyle, stop the car first. Let’s have a good talk.” As she spoke, she reached out to pull his steering wheel. Kevin Kyle happened to see the red light. He stopped his car and looked straight ahead, ignoring her. “Kevin Kyle, why are you mad? What did I do to make you unhappy? Tell me.” If she really did something wrong, she was willing to change it. But he did not say anything and refused to communicate with her. The couple had nothing to say among themselves. They didn’t say anything to each other and were only angry at each other. Did he want to give her the silent treatment? How would she know why he was mad? Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle’s face looked even worse He looked sideways at her, then looked away and continued driving Along the way, Karen Daly did not talk to him anymore until the car entered the Rovio Skyview Bay area, and then came to the exclusive villa area named Nuoyuan. The door opened automatically and a guard came over immediately. Kevin Kyle got off the car and threw the car key to the guard. He looked back and found out that Karen Daly was still sitting in the passenger seat. Kevin Kyle looked over and found that Karen Daly was looking at him. She pursed her lips and blinked her big watery eyes at him pitifully. “My injury seemed to have torn.”.

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