After hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle immediately walked over. He opened the car door and picked her up. At the same time, he ordered the people around him coldly, “Call the doctor.” Karen Daly hooked her arm around his neck and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. Then she smiled proudly and said, “As long as you are not angry, my legs won’t hurt.” He was deceived by her acting! Kevin Kyle looked at her smiling face, and her smile was so bright and charming. He was triggered, and felt a wave of emotions. He came back because he was worried about her safety. He didn’t come back to irritate her. As long as she was fine, he shouldn’t be angry with her. “Do you still want to be angry with me?” Karen Daly blinked and slipped down from his arms. She reached out to touch his chest and touched the position of his heart. The bite marks left by her at the night after they made love. Kevin Kyle thought of the same thing as her. He grabbed her hand and warned her in a deep voice, “Don’t move.” “Then tell me, are you still angry with me?” She blinked and looked at him mischievously. She wanted him to admit that he was not angry anymore. Kevin Kyle was unwilling to say anything. He took her hand and said, “Let’s go into the house.” “Momo.” Karen Daly turned around and called out for Momo. When the little fellow followed her, she asked Kevin Kyle, “Where is this place?” Kevin Kyle said, “Our new home.” “Our new home?” Karen Daly looked around and couldn’t believe what she heard. In the villa area of Sky Cage Bay, it was said that ordinary people could not afford to buy a villa here. Being able to afford it was not enough, one needed to be evaluated in other life aspects as well. But soon, Karen Daly realized that this was the Sky Cage Bay, a high-end project for the development of the Rovio Real Estate Kevin Kyle worked so hard for his big boss every day. Maybe this was the reward he got from his work. She smiled and joked, “Is this a gift from your big boss? If so, will every senior executive will have such a villa?” “No.” Kevin Kyle didn’t know how to answer her. He didn’t tell her that he is Leo Kyle. At first, he felt that there was no need to explain it to her. She didn’t ask, so he didn’t tell her. Later, their relationship developed slowly, she heard some reports about the identity of the Leo Kyle and she didn’t have a good impression of Leo Kyle. If she knew his identity, she would not be able to accept it at once, so he had to think it over and find a suitable opportunity to make it clear to her. “Young Master, Young Madam.” Aunt Anne, the housekeeper, led a couple of helpers to stand in a row and welcomed the masters to officially move in “Yes.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Young Madam, I’m Aunt Anne, the housekeeper here. If you need anything just tell me.” Aunt Anne spoke on behalf of all the helpers. “Thank you, Aunt Anne.” Looking at this group of people and seeing such a mansion, Karen Daly was still a little nervous. She grabbed hold of Kevin Kyle and whispered, “Kevin Kyle, we’d better not move in.” Karen Daly felt that she cannot accept all this. She felt more comfortable to live in a smaller place. If someone else served her, she would feel uncomfortable. She felt that Dreamland City was more like home. Every day after returning home, it was only Kevin Kyle and her. No one would disturb them. However, at this place, there were so many people working around them, so it was inconvenient for her to do anything for, or with Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle said, “During the New Year, the elders will come back from abroad, and everyone will live here. As the owner of this house, you should be familiar with the environment first, and then you can treat everyone well.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Karen Daly suddenly panicked. This kind of panic was not due to fear, but about the discomfort she felt when she was about to meet her husband’s parents. Karen Daly asked in a hurry, “When will they arrive?” “In a few days.” There were no news from the elders of the Kyle family. Kevin Kyle also had no clue. Besides, his father was fine with anything. He would go wherever he wanted and never let people around him make a reservation for him in advance. Hearing that there were still a few days left, Karen Daly quickly patted her chest to calm herself. The grandfather of the Kyle family, Kevin Kyle’s parents were all elders of Kevin Kyle. They were his closest relatives. As someone from the younger generation, she must prepare some gifts for the elders. However, the Kyle family’s background was far better than hers. What should she prepare for them? Thinking of this, Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle and said, “Kevin, what are your grandfather and parents’ hobbies? Can you tell me in detail?” “They are all easy to get along. As for the things that we should pay attention to, I will ask Aunt Anne to tell you about it tomorrow.” Kevin Kyle, who had always been quiet, explained patiently to Karen Daly. His work was not done yet, and he had to leave early tomorrow morning. He had to rush to the meeting at 10 o’clock in the morning. He had no choice but to hand Karen Daly over to Aunt Anne and the others to take care of her. While walking, Kevin Kyle suddenly stopped and asked, “Why didn’t you answer my calls today?” “Did you call me?” Karen Daly immediately looked for her mobile phone, but she could not find it. She looked at him and smiled embarrassedly. “Maybe I left it at Faye Reed’s house, so I didn’t hear your call.” Hearing her explanation, Kevin Kyle frowned. Karen Daly suddenly smiled. “So you were angry just now because I didn’t answer your call?” Kevin Kyle felt very awkward, but he still nodded. He had to let her know what she did wrong, she would not make the same mistake in the future. “Kevin, I’m sorry. You have to worry about me all the time. I will pay attention to it in the future.” Thinking that he might have left his work and came back to find her because he didn’t get through her phone, she felt so sorry. He patted her head and said, “Don’t be so careless in the future.” Karen Daly nodded heavily. “I won’t let you get worried about me anymore in the future.” Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly into the hall and took her around for a look. The decoration of the hall had a minimalist theme, similar to Kevin Kyle’s usual style. Kevin Kyle added, “Our room is on the third floor. Let’s go and see our room first. For the other places, i’ll ask Aunt Anne to show you around tomorrow.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded. Kevin Kyle held her hand and she followed him up the marble stairs step by step. The decoration style of their bedroom was exactly the same as the one in Dreamland City, but the size of this room was double the size of that, or even bigger..

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