There were wardrobe room, changing room, bathroom, and a small study room. It was not only a bedroom, but also a large suite. In a villa area like the Royal Bay, it was not an exaggeration to say that an inch of land was worth a hundred gold. Not only did Kevin Kyle own such a luxurious villa in this place, but he also had so many people serving him at home. Was he really just a senior executive of Rovio Corporation Inc? If not for the pictures of Leo Kyle on the Internet, she would really think that Kevin Kyle was the legendary Leo Kyle from Rovio Corporation Inc. First of all, both of them were 28 years old. Kevin Kyle had a fair and humble temperament, good cultivation, and elegance – no matter how you look at him, people would think that his family must be extraordinary “Would you like to have a look?” Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly to the wardrobe room. “Yes.” Karen Daly nodded. Women love the wardrobe room very much. Karen Daly walked over and pulled open the wardrobe on the right. Her clothes and shoes were neatly placed, like a clothing store. She looked at Kevin Kyle and asked, “Did you prepare these clothes for me? Kevin Kyle nodded and looked at her tenderly. “Do you like it?” “Of course I like it.” There is no woman who doesn’t like beautiful clothes, and she was no exception. But what she preferred was not the clothes in the wardrobe, but his love for her. On the left side of the wardrobe room was Kevin Kyle’s clothes, about a dozen of suits, all of silver-gray colours. She didn’t know why he liked this series of clothing very much. The room inside was their bedroom, which was bigger than the main bedroom where they used to live. In particular, the large bed in the room was wide and big. No matter how much they rolled on the bed, they will not fall from the bed. Thinking of this, Karen Daly blushed without realising and did not dare to look at Kevin Kyle. However, Kevin Kyle came over and held her from behind. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “I have to go out to work for two days. Wait for me at home.” She didn’t know if he did it on purpose. When he spoke, the warm breath was on her ears and neck, which made her ears and neck turn red. “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded vigorously, but she did not have the courage to look up at him. “Karen-“He called her name again in a low voice. “Hmm? “Come with me on a work trip next time.” When she was not beside him, he always had trouble falling asleep, and his mind was full of her. “Don’t worry. I won’t misplace my phone again like today. You can go on a work trip without worrying.” Karen Daly was oblivious towards his deeper meaning in his request. Kevin Kyle was not willing to explain. After taking a light breath, he hugged her in his arms again. The next day, Kevin Kyle left early. Karen Daly also got up early with him, because this place was too new for her and it didn’t feel like home. Furthermore, there were too many people in the house and they were all from the Kyle family. She didn’t want her future mother-in-law to think that she was a lazy wife before she saw her. Karen Daly wanted to go and buy some new year goods, but all of the new year goods and errands were already being attended to by the helpers. She didn’t need to help with anything. She was her owner of the house, but in fact, she was just someone who did not do anything. After lunch, Karen Daly felt bored and went to the backyard alone, basking in the winter sunshine. “Catch that puppy. It’s so dirty, you can’t let it enter the house. You know that young master hates these little animals the most.” Suddenly, there was a voice. She looked for the source of the voice and saw two women chasing after Momo. Momo ran while barking to resist. Karen Daly walked out and said, “Momo…” After hearing the sound, Momo turned around and ran to Karen Daly. It seemed like Momo had been greatly frightened. Karen Daly caught the little body that was rushing over and gently patted its little head. She comforted Momo in a soft voice, “Don’t be afraid, mum is here.” “Young Madam, please give it to us.” The two maids spoke politely, but they said “please in a very tense tone. Karen Daly smiled gently and said, “Momo is afraid of strangers. I’ll take care of it. Don’t have to trouble you.” “Young Madam, we are going to disinfect it. The maid paused for a moment. Then she said, “Young Master is a germaphobe. Wherever he is, such little animals are not allowed to appear.” “Really?” Karen Daly saw that Kevin Kyle had a good relationship with Momo. Was the young master they talked about really Kevin Kyle? “Young Madam..” “I’ll go with you to help with the disinfection.” Since a big family had its own rules, Karen Daly would not make trouble. However, Momo was afraid of strangers, so it should not be a problem for her to help Momo personally. The two maids exchanged glances and said, “Young Madam, this way please.” Two days later, the whole Nuo Garden was decorated, and every corner of the garden was decorated with a festive theme. Karen Daly haven’t had a good New Year’s Eve for three years. Seeing everyone busy and the house was decorated with lanterns and streamers, it felt good. “Aunt Anne, can you tell me about the preference of the elders of the Kyle Family?” Karen Daly found Aunt Anne and wanted to know more about the elders of the Kyle Family. Anyway, this was the first time she would be meeting with the Kyle family, she had to give them some welcome gifts. She didn’t have much money, and the elders of the Kyle Family must have had everything they needed, so she wanted to prepare some meaningful small gifts by herself according to their preferences. Anyway, she wanted to put some effort and leave a good impression for the elders of the Kyle Family Aunt Anne said, “Old Master likes calligraphy and painting, Master likes travelling, and Madam likes embroidery.” After getting these information, Karen Daly went to prepare her gifts. Karen Daly knew that there was a cultural street in Chatterton Town which sells all kinds of antiques and paintings. Not all of them were authentic or good, but if you put effort to it, you could definitely find some precious goods. As for Grandpa Kyle, who liked traveling, Karen Daly thought about it over and over again, but she couldn’t figure out what to get him. Mother Kyle’s hobby was easy for her. One of the four famous embroidery workshops was located in Chatterton Town. Karen Daly was ready to shop. It took her a whole morning to find several experts who knew about calligraphy and painting, and then she found a piece of calligraphy work that she was very satisfied with After a simple lunch, she went to the famous embroidery street and personally chose a double-sided embroidery for Mother Kyle. These things were carefully chosen by her. She was sure Kevin Kyle’s parents would like them..

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