It took Karen Daly whole day to prepare the gifts for Grandpa Kyle and Kevin Kyle’s mother. Next, she had to think about what to gift to Kevin Kyle’s father and Mia Kyle. Karen Daly planned to call Kevin Kyle and ask him for advice on the gift for his father. As for the gift to Mia Kyle, Karen Daly had a hard time deciding. She couldn’t think of a suitable gift for Mia Kyle. Mia Kyle was deeply loved by the Kyle family. She had been spoiled by them since she was a child. Whatever she wanted, she will have it. After thinking about it, she didn’t come out with an answer. The taxi that Karen Daly took had arrived at the villa area of Seaview Bay. Since foreign vehicles were forbidden from entering the villa area, Karen Daly had to get off the car and walked in. It would take about half an hour to walk to their house from the main entrance of the Seaview Bay. It was already getting late, so Karen Daly picked up her pace while carrying the nicely wrapped gifts. Kevin Kyle was not at home, so Karen Daly did not want to live in this completely new place, she was having a hard time to get used to this. Those helpers called her “Young Madam” politely, which sounded polite, yet distant. It made her feel that they did not see her as one of them. Karen Daly often saw this when she was with Kevin Kyle. When those strangers greet him, he will be polite and distant. Kevin Kyle She thought of him again. During noon, he called and said that he would only come back tomorrow. She would be able to see him in less than a day, but Karen Daly felt that time passed so slow when Kevin Kyle was not around. She really hoped that when she returned home, he would be waiting for her. But she knew that he will not come back so soon. Kevin Kyle couldn’t come back, she couldn’t blame him also. After all, she’s the one who left her mobile phone at Faye Reed’s house two days ago. Kevin Kyle couldn’t find her through the phone, so he flew back and postponed his work. It was almost the New Years, and the elders of the Kyle family are arriving soon. As the day drew near, she felt insecure. Perhaps when Kevin Kyle come back, he will be by her side, then, she would feel less insecure. It will usually take half an hour to walk back home, but today Karen Daly walked fast that it only took her about 20 minutes to arrive. After walking for such a long time, she felt much warmer The security guard opened the door for her and greeted politely, “Young Madam, good evening!” Karen Daly nodded and smiled, Seeing this large Nuo Garden, Karen Daly tried to imagine Kevin Kyle’s family background and his income. She didn’t know how big the land was, but it would take a few minutes to walk to the main room from the security room. Along the way, there were pavilions, plants, and trees, as if it was a leisure scenic spot. Moreover, the main building they lived in was a four-storey high Chatterton Town style building, surrounded by various facilities, such as gym, swimming pool, a large patch of grass behind, and even a golf course… In short, the luxury facilities here was beyond Karen Daly’s imagination. In the past, she thought that the villa area where Daly Family lived in was already very upscale, but compared with Seaview Bay, the difference was obvious. Perhaps, this estate really lived up to its name. Although the elders of the Kyle family lived in the United States for many years, they still cared a lot about traditional culture at home. Every New Year, they would still come back here to celebrate the New Year. They would gather their friends and relatives. Karen Daly knew that Kevin Kyle was going to introduce her to the Kyle family when everyone got together during the New Year. Karen Daly could not eat or sleep well for the past two days due to this. She felt as if there was a big stone crushing on her heart and she could not breathe. Thinking of this, Karen Daly could not help but clenched the bag in her hand, hoping that the elders of the Kyle family could see her efforts. Today, the lights of the whole villa were turned on. From afar, it was as beautiful as the palace of Jade Lake. “The Chatterton Town is my hometown. I grew up here, and the weather here is good. I’ll just walk around. It will be fine. Go back to your room and do your work.” “It’s cold outside. You’re not feeling well. Go back inside and rest. You can come out tomorrow when the sun is out.” “Hale…” Karen Daly was about to enter the house when she suddenly heard a conversation between a man and a woman. She stopped her movements abruptly and looked for the source of the voice. She saw a couple who were with each other. Both of them seemed to be in their early forties. The woman was beautiful, and the man was handsome. Time and tide had polished them like a work of art. Every smile and gesture had an elegant vibe, but they made people feel pleasure when looking at them. Karen Daly looked at them quietly and couldn’t move her eyes away, because she saw the shadow of Kevin Kyle’s shadow on them. Karen Daly was very sure that they were Kevin Kyle’s parents. However, Kevin Kyle’s father was 57 years old, his mother was 50, and they looked like they were in their early forties at most. Time really showed mercy to them. Karen Daly was lost in her thought. When Kevin Kyle’s mother noticed her, her eyes were fixed on her. “Hale Kyle, go in and do your work first. I’ll let this little girl walk around with me.” Kevin Kyle’s mother’s gentle voice interrupted Karen Daly’s thoughts. Their sight fell on Karen Daly, as if they were asking for information Karen Daly’s heart was beating so fast as if it wanted to jump out of her chest. They were Kevin Kyle’s parents. She should have called them Dad and Mum’ with Kevin Kyle, but no one introduced her. She was worried that calling them ‘dad and mum’ would be too abrupt and scared them. Just as Karen Daly was hesitating, Kevin Kyle’s father looked at Karen Daly and said, “Stay with Madam. If anything happens, inform me in time.” Kevin Kyle’s mother gave him a funny look and said, “You. You always protect me like this. What else can happen to me at home?” “Then you should go for a walk for a while more. Remember to tell someone when you are tired.” Before leaving, Hale Kyle warned her again. Watching Hale Kyle entering the house, Mother Kyle’s eyes fell on Karen Daly again. “Little girl, you can accompany me for a walk.” “Okay..” Karen Daly wanted to say something, but she was too nervous to say it. Seeing her being nervous, Kevin Kyle’s mother smiled and said, “You must be new.” New? Karen Daly was stunned for a moment, but she soon reacted. It seemed that Kevin Kyle’s mother thought that she was a new maid at home. She subconsciously looked at her clothes. She was not wearing something branded, but it was not dirty. Why would she think that she was a new maid?.

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