“Little girl, leave your things here and go for a walk with me.” Kevin Kyle’s mother walked in front of Karen Daly. Karen Daly looked at her hands again. It turned out that she was carrying two big bags in her hands. She looked like a maid. Kevin Kyle’s mother might have mistaken her as a helper for this reason. Karen Daly found a place to put the things down and followed behind Kevin Kyle’s mother. She heard his mother say, “Little girl, how long have you been here?” “Three days.” Karen Daly was telling the truth. She had only been here for three days and was not familiar with everything here. “I see.” Kevin Kyle’s mother smiled gently and said, “In our family, old master, master, young master and miss are all easy to get along with. Since you come to work for us, you are also a member of the Kyle family. Don’t have to be too courteous in the future.” Karen Daly really wanted to say, “I am not working in the Kyle family, I am your daughter-in-law.” But she couldn’t say it out loud. Kevin Kyle didn’t tell his parents that he already got married. How could she break the news? As they walked, Mother Kyle let out a long sigh. “Mia is not here. It’s very quiet at home. Where did she go?” “Woof-” Karen Daly was about to talk about Mia Kyle when Momo’s voice interrupted her. “Momo, behave. Everyone here is one of us.” Karen Daly held her up and stroked her head comfortingly. After staying here for two or three days, Karen Daly could feel that Momo was unhappy. She had been high on vigilance when looking at people. “Is this your little pet?” Kevin Kyle’s mother asked with a smile, “What a cute little guy.” “Yes, it’s cute and obedient.” Karen Kyle looked at his mother and smiled shyly. “Mrs. Kyle, do you want to touch it?” Mrs. Kyle? Hearing this name, Mother Kyle was taken aback and looked at Karen Daly This girl was young and beautiful. Her words were gentle and soft, and she will easily blush. She was a child who was completely different from their Mia. However, she was also very lovable. “Can I touch it?” Mrs. Kyle was also excited, looking like a child. “Of course.” Karen Daly held Momo in her arms and approached Mrs. Kyle. Mrs. Kyle reached out and patted Momo’s head. She was also very obedient. She snuggled her head against Mrs. Kyle’s palm and pretended to be cute. “Can I hug it?” As Momo acted sensible and cute, Kevin Kyle’s mother wanted to hug it. Karen Daly handed Momo over to Kevin Kyle’s mother and wanted to ask Momo to call her grandmother, but she felt it was not the right time. She had not been recognized by the Kyle family yet Kevin Kyle’s mother held Momo in her arms and sighed, “Actually, small animals are very cute. I have always wanted to have one. But Matthew is a little germaphobe. Our family has never raised any small animals.” “Is Kevin really a germaphobe? He really doesn’t like to keep pets?” Karen Daly didn’t believe what the helpers said for the first time. Now hearing what his mother had said, Karen Daly processed those words. She thought of Kevin Kyle’s look when he brought Momo home for the first time. On that day, Kevin Kyle seemed to dislike Momo and did not want to touch Momo. The relationship between him and Momo changed later. She thought that it was very simple for Kevin Kyle to accept Momo, but she did not know how much effort Kevin Kyle had made to accept it. “Mom.” Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice was suddenly heard. She turned around and saw that he was striding towards them in a silver-grey suit. He walked very fast, but his steps were still elegant, “Matthew is back.” Mrs. Kyle’s eyes were full of love, glistening brightly under the light. “Yes, I’m back.” Kevin Kyle stepped forward and gave his mother a hug. Then he looked at Karen Daly who was standing next to her. “What were you both talking about?” When Kevin Kyle saw his mother and Karen Daly walking together, he naturally thought that they probably already knew each other. He forgot that he had not introduced his wife to his mother and other family members yet. “When did Matthew become so busybody?” Kevin Kyle’s mother looked at both of them and joker, “Are you tempted by her beauty? Kevin Kyle’s mother received a phone call from Mia Kyle a few days ago. She said that her brother brought a woman home and asked her not to worry anymore. Mia Kyle’s words were very exaggerated. Mother Kyle knew that she would often like to exaggerate things, so she did not take what Mia Kyle said seriously. Of course, she would not think that Kevin Kyle would have a girlfriend, or worse, married Kevin Kyle walked to Karen Daly’s side, hugged Karen Daly, and said, “Mom, this is Karen Daly. We have already registered our marriage, and she is your daughter-in-law.” After hearing that her son was already married, Kevin Kyle’s mother looked at Karen Daly immediately, focusing on her. It was different from how she was looking at a stranger earlier. She looked at Karen Daly carefully. To tell the truth, before this, she always imagined what kind of woman her son liked, sexy ones, innocent ones, or pretty ones… She did try to imagine her son’s preference in women. But she never thought that her son would really marry this kind of woman. She looked Karen Daly thoroughly then looked into her eyes. At that moment, she understood why her son made such a choice Kevin Kyle didn’t mention it to his family about his marriage, and his mother did not think that it was stranger, because son had always made his own decision in everything. When Kevin Kyle first took over Rovio Corporation Inc, he also asked for some opinions from his grandfather and father, but they always asked him to solve the problems by himself. Perhaps it was because of this, Kevin Kyle would do whatever he decided to do. He had never thought about asking for any opinions from his parents. She looked at Karen Daly and then looked at Kevin Kyle, who had his gentle look fixated on Karen Daly. She let out a smile, “Well, well, my son finally got married. This is a good thing. We should celebrate.” Karen Daly had never expected that his mother would accept Kevin Kyle’s marriage so easily. She was surprised and touched. Looking at Karen Daly who was daydreaming, Kevin Kyle gently patted her head and said, “Call ‘mom’ quickly. Karen Daly became alerted and said with a blushed face, “Mom, nice to meet you!” “Good girl, good girl..” Kevin Kyle’s mother nodded repeatedly, full of joy..

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