Mother Kyle had a good first impression of Karen Daly, and even more after knowing that Karen Daly was her daughter in-law. She loved her son, so she naturally would like her son’s wife. “Karen Daly, I have to apologize for what happened earlier.” Kevin Kyle’s mother said again. She had mistaken her daughter-in-law as a new helper, so Kevin Kyle’s mother was a little embarrassed. Even if she was an elder, she still had to apologize. Karen Daly shook her head. “It’s okay.” “What’s the matter?” Kevin Kyle wanted to know what had happened between them, but they shook their heads at the same time. No one wanted to tell him. Kevin Kyle’s original work plan was to finish his work tomorrow, but he received a phone call this afternoon, saying that the elders of the Kyle family arrived in Chatterton Town in advance. He didn’t tell his family about his marriage with Karen Daly in advance, so his family didn’t know Karen Daly’s existence. If they met each other first, Karen Daly’s position would be awkward. Thinking of this, he came back in advance. Kevin Kyle knew his mother’s character. His mother would definitely be okay with his choice of life partner. However, he was a little excited when he saw his mother’s recognition of Karen Daly. He could not help but hold onto Karen Daly tighter. “Your father should be in the study room sorting out his things. Ask someone to invite him downstairs. It’s time to tell him about this marriage,” Kevin Kyle’s mother said happily. After his father arrived and took his seat, Kevin Kyle introduced Karen Daly to him formally. He said, “Dad, this is Karen Daly, my wife.” Hearing the news of his son’s marriage suddenly, Kevin Kyle’s father did not show much surprise on his face. In other words, he knew too well about his son’s character. It was not surprising that he would suddenly give such shocking news. He was more surprised about meeting the woman that could win his son’s heart. Therefore, his first reaction was the same as that of his wife. After hearing Kevin Kyle’s introduction, he looked at Karen Daly. It was already official that their son had already gotten married. They only cared more about his wife’s commitment and loyalty – if she would be there for him for the rest of his life. His eyes fell on Karen Daly, who looked calm but appeared to be extremely smart. The girl’s family background was not one of their consideration, because the Kyle family did not need to use marriage to strengthen social status. He only cared about her sincerity towards his son and whether his son’s marriage and life would be happy in the future. Kevin Kyle’s father had been working in the business with his father since he was a child. Later, he gave his career to his son and accompanied his wife to travel around the world. He had seen countless people and things in life, so he can judge people very well. Kevin Kyle’s father could see through Karen Daly’s intention, which was written all over her face. She wanted to get the family’s approval and also spend the rest of her life with Kevin Kyle. He retracted his gaze and nodded. “Well, this marriage is your choice. Then you should manage it well. As your parents, we want to see you happy.” Kevin Kyle’s parents fell in love at first sight and fell in love freely. Their love was a love story that many people wanted. Now that decades had passed, their son had found a life partner who can accompany him through hardships. Of course, they were very happy. During the short period when Kevin Kyle’s father looked at Karen Daly, Karen Daly felt so nervous that she broke out in cold sweat To be honest, the word “father” was not a very good word for her. Because of Samuel Daly, she always had some prejudice against fathers. She was afraid that Kevin Kyle’s father would not approve this marriage, and she was afraid that he would force Kevin Kyle to leave her… Only after Father Kyle spoke, she knew that most parents would want their children to be happy and none of them would use their children as a tool. “Karen The crisp and sexy voice appeared in her ears again, bringing her back from her thoughts. She heard him say, “It’s time to call ‘dad’.” “Dad, nice to meet you!” She hadn’t said this word for several years. It sounded a little awkward, but in her heart, she was happy She was worried that the parents of the Kyle family would not accept her. However, they all accepted her so easily which made her feel surprised and shocked. “Good.” Kevin Kyle’s father nodded. Mother Kyle took Karen Daly’s hand, took off one of her bracelets, and said, “This was passed down from the ancestors of Matthew’s grandmother. It will be passed down to the daughter-in-law of Kyle’s family. Now I should pass it on to you.” When she heard that Kevin Kyle’s mother was going to give her such an expensive bracelet, Karen Daly glanced at Kevin Kyle. After he nodded, she accepted it. “Thank you, Mother!” Mother Kyle put it on her and praised, “Well, it looks beautiful on you.” “Mom, you gave her such a valuable gift after you met sister- in-law. Why didn’t you give me any good stuff?” After hearing Mia Kyle’s sweet voice, Mia Kyle was already jumping up and down in front of everyone. Mia Kyle jumped over to hold and kissed her mother on the face twice. “Mom, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Do you miss me?” “Mommy missed you even in my dreams.” Kevin Kyle’s mother patted Mia Kyle’s head and smiled gently. “I missed mom very much too.” Mia Kyle snuggled in her arms and threw herself into her father’s arms. “Dad, why didn’t you say anything? Don’t you miss me?” “She has grown up and hasn’t come home for a few months after she left. I don’t miss her.” In front of Mia Kyle, Kevin Kyle’s father took off his strict father personality and he was just a father who loved his daughter very much. “You really don’t miss me?” Mia Kyle blinked her eyes as if she was trying to say “If you dare to say that you don’t miss me, I won’t miss you so much.” “I miss Mia. Of course, I miss my precious Mia. Father Kyle rubbed Mia Kyle’s head and laughed happily. “That’s more like it.” Mia Kyle also laughed. Then she looked at Kevin Kyle, who sat there without saying a word and only looked at his wife. She added, “Brother, do you miss me?” “In front of the elders, you should act decently as a younger generation. Look at how you act in front of them.” Kevin Kyle looked at her with a serious face. Look at their family, listen to their family… Karen Daly was envious of a family like theirs. They loved each other very much, and their families were harmonious and warm. Karen Daly really envied Mia Kyle, who can act like a spoiled child in front of her parents and brother’ arms at any time. All she went through in her childhood was only domestic abuse, her mother was scolded and beaten everyday. Her mother would hide and cry in the room, but there was nothing she could do..

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