“Karen,” Perhaps knowing what Karen Daly was thinking, Kevin Kyle held her waist, took her into his arms, and tried to give her warmth and comfort. Karen Daly looked at him and gave him a reassuring smile. From now on, she would be the daughter-in-law of the Kyle family. Kevin’s father would be her father, and his mother would be her mother. She was also a member of the Kyle family. She could also have a warm and harmonious family, and she could be happy. Looking at Karen Daly’s smile, Kevin Kyle did not say anything. He just held her cold hands in his palm. “Aunt Anne, I’m hungry.” Mia Kyle shouted. “Miss, the dishes are ready.” Aunt Anne smiled. “Thank you, Aunt Anne.” Mia Kyle hurried to hold her father and mother. “Dad, mom, brother, sister-in-law, let’s have dinner. Anyway, everyone is here during the New Year’s holiday. We have plenty of time to chat, and we are not in a hurry.” Kevin’s mother and father walked with Mia Kyle, followed by Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle. As they walked, Kevin Kyle suddenly stopped Karen Daly. Karen Daly looked back at him and he rubbed her head. “Don’t worry.” Karen Daly looked at him and smiled. “I’m not worried at all with you around.” All the worries and anxiety disappeared the moment he appeared, because she knew that he was her most solid shield. No one spoke at the dining table. Even Mia Kyle, who was usually talkative, was eating obediently and did not make a sound. Everyone in the Kyle family had to obey the Kyle family’s rules. Over the years, everyone had developed this habit. Karen Daly occasionally looked up and secretly looked at everyone. When she saw Kevin’s father and mother, it was not difficult to imagine why Kevin Kyle was so excellent. Kevin’s father and mother were very outstanding in terms of their appearance and temperament. Kevin Kyle had inherited these traits, so how could he not be outstanding? Kevin’s mother was in poor health yet she ran around the whole day. After dinner, she went back to her room to rest. Mia Kyle happily followed behind Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly and said with a sneaky smile, “Brother, sister-in-law, it’s still early today. What are you doing at night?” Kevin Kyle stopped and looked at Mia Kyle. He said casually, “The New Year is coming soon. “You naughty brat!” Upon hearing Kevin Kyle mention this, Mia Kyle became anxious and stomped her foot. “If you dare to deduct my allowances again, I’m not done with you.” Her bad brother deducted half of the allowances her grandfather and parents gave her last year, which led to live quite uncomfortable. If he dared to do that this year, she would take his wife away. However, he was not that free now. Now that he was married, he should spend more time with his wife. He had no time to care about her. Thinking of this, Mia Kyle put on a smiling face again and said sweetly, “Brother, sister-in-law, you should rest early and give me a little nephew or niece soon.” After that, Mia Kyle turned and ran away. Kevin Kyle looked at her back and shook his head helplessly. When he looked away, he saw that Karen Daly was analysing him. “What’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle asked. “No, nothing.” Karen Daly shook her head. She would not tell Kevin Kyle because she thought of something else after hearing Mia Kyle’s words. They went back to the room on the third floor together. After entering the room, they closed the door, Karen Daly turned around and hugged Kevin Kyle. Her hand was wrapped around his thin waist and her head was buried in his arms. She said, “Mr. Kyle, please poke me.” Today, the parents of the Kyle family arrived too suddenly and they also accepted her so quickly. Everything was so sudden that she felt that everything was just a dream for her Kevin Kyle hugged her, rubbed her head and whispered, “Everything is true, you’re not dreaming.” “But I’m so afraid that I’m dreaming.” Karen Daly said in a soft voice. Happiness was not easy for her. A harmonious, warm and healthy family was an inaccessible dream for her. “Karen!” Kevin Kyle held her head and said very seriously, “Forget all the bad things in the past. You just need to remember that you have me.” Kevin Kyle understood Karen Daly’s thoughts. The happier Karen Daly was, the more bad memories would resurface. She was afraid that this kind of happiness that she just received would be swallowed up suddenly. “Okay, then I won’t think about it anymore.” Karen Daly nodded, raised her head from Kevin Kyle’s arms, and pulled him to sit down. “I went to find something today. Please give me some advice to see if Grandpa and mother will like the gift I prepared.” “As long as it’s prepared by you, they will definitely like it,” Kevin Kyle said. Karen Daly rolled her eyes at him and unwrapped the things she bought in front of him. “This is a double sided embroidery. I intend to give it to mother. What do you think?” Kevin Kyle picked it up and looked at it. He nodded and said, “Very good.” Karen Daly spread out the calligraphy and painting that she wanted to give to Grandpa Kyle. “This is prepared for Grandpa. Look at it.” Kevin Kyle looked at it carefully and said, “Although it’s not a master’s work, the painting style is good, and grandpa will like it.” After listening to Kevin Kyle’s comment, Karen Daly fell into a deep thought again. After a long time, she said, “But I haven’t thought about what to give to father and Mia.” Kevin Kyle got up and picked Karen Daly up. Karen Daly was startled and patted his chest anxiously. “I’m still discussing serious matters with you. What do you want to do?” “What do you think I want to do?” Kevin Kyle raised his lips with a faint smile in his eyes. “..” Karen Daly was speechless. He suddenly carried her into the room. What else could she think of? “Take a shower first. I’ll tell you what to give father and Mia,” Kevin Kyle said. “You keep your promise.” Karen Daly blushed again. In fact, she was the one who always over-interpret his actions. “Okay.” Kevin Kyle nodded. Karen Daly glanced at him and turned to the bathroom. After washing up, Kevin Kyle sat on the sofa and patted on the seat beside him. Karen Daly walked over and sat down beside him. “Are you going to tell me?” Kevin Kyle did not say anything, but suddenly reached out and lifted her left leg. Karen Daly wanted to avoid him, but he moved faster and lifted her pants with his hand. There was a long scar on her left calf, from her knees to her ankles, which destroyed the beauty of her leg. Earlier, he had asked the doctor to use the best scar removing medication, but it didn’t work well and didn’t remove the scar completely. Kevin Kyle’s palm gently stroked her scar. His rough fingers on her skin were magnetic, and Karen Daly had chills..

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