“Don’t look anymore, Kevin.” Karen Daly pushed his hand and whispered. It was all in the past. She didn’t want to mention it again, and she didn’t want him to keep it in his mind and feel bad for her. Kevin Kyle took out a bottle of ointment and unscrewed the bottle cap. Suddenly, the room was full of fragrance. Karen Daly asked curiously, “What’s this? Why is it so fragrant?” “The medicine for removing scars.” While answering her, Kevin Kyle placed some ointment on his finger and gently stroked her scar. After applying the ointment, he used his fingers to press it gently to increase the absorption rate. Only then could the effect of the medicine be brought into its full efficacy. Looking at his concentration, Karen Daly gave him a kiss Every time she launched a sneak “attack” on him, he would be a little surprised, like he didn’t expect that she would do such a thing, and then pretend that nothing had happened after. Karen Daly liked to see his expression, because he was no longer cold, but a little awkward and cute. However, this expression could last for at most three seconds. It was so short that she missed his stunned expression when she kissed him several times before. “Okay.” After applying the medicine, Kevin Kyle pulled down her pants. Then he carried her to the bed and put her on the bed. He turned around to leave, but Karen Daly grabbed him and said, “You haven’t told me what to get for father and Mia.” “Mia told you just now.” Kevin Kyle looked at her and said seriously “Mia didn’t say anything.” Karen Daly thought for a while and couldn’t remember what Mia had told her. Kevin Kyle suddenly approached her, bit her earlobe and whispered, “There is a gift everyone will like very much.” “What is it?” Karen Daly asked in a hurry. “It’s giving Mr. Kyle a baby” Kevin Kyle looked at her flat belly. He did not appear to be joking. Karen Daly blushed again and said in a low voice, “How can it be so fast? After the first time, her period was still normal. Even if they succeeded, it would take at least a month to know the results. Getting pregnant was not a quick process. Looking at Karen Daly who was really thinking about this question, Kevin Kyle suddenly felt that she was so innocent and cute. In the past three years before marrying him, Karen Daly was a very hard-working woman. When she was running sales, it could be said that her tongue was like a spring, and her mind was very clear. Once, in order to push a deal, the other party deliberately made things difficult for her and gave her two choices. One was to make her accompany their manager for one night, and the other was to drink two bottles of white wine on the table. Without thinking, Karen Daly picked up the bottle and gulped down the two bottles of liquor. The real purpose of those people was not to ask her to drink, but to make her lower her status to accompany them, so that they could get the sale by saying a few nice words. However, she did not expect that Karen Daly dared to risk her life. She did not agree to their dirty request. After drinking, Karen Daly forced herself to sign the contract. As soon as she got the contract, she called the ambulance herself to get treatment at the hospital. In addition to this, Kevin Kyle had a very deep memory of her when he was reading some information. She had run a kilometre after some boss’s car during the winter for a case. The boss was not a good person. He looked down on women. He always felt that women should take care of children at home and shouldn’t come out to show their faces. At the time, Karen Daly was responsible for contacting him. He was very dissatisfied and vented his dissatisfaction on Karen Daly. He drove the car and let Karen Daly chase him in the snow. He promised to give her the project as soon as she caught up. At that time, Karen Daly did not think too much. As soon as she took off her high heels, she ran after the car with bare feet. If it was someone else, they would definitely be unwilling to do it when faced with such crazy conditions, but Karen Daly was not someone else. She had this grit in her bones, and she needed this job. She needed work to prove herself, and she needed to distract her attention through work to forget about being abandoned. Thinking of what Karen Daly had experienced before, Kevin Kyle’s heart seemed to be pinched by someone. It was somewhat painful. Therefore, when Charlie Gook announced not to work with Innovative Tech anymore, he did not announce that Rovio Corporation had bought Innovative Tech. The reason was that he wanted those little people to end the cooperation with Innovative Tech themselves and never give them a chance to get better. But Karen Daly was in front of him. Most of the time, he saw a silly Karen Daly who blushed all the time, Sometimes, this was how he recognised Karen Daly. He knew that it was her. At work, she had the grit to work, so she didn’t want to openly have a relationship with him at first. In life, she had the tender side of a little woman, blushing, occasionally acting coquettishly to him, cooking for her husband and so on. She had been using practical actions to maintain their marriage. It was this simplicity that made him want to protect her and hide her under his wings to shelter her from the wind and rain. In the past, Kevin Kyle did not think about having a child. He did not want a child, but also he did not even think about marrying a wife Tonight, when he heard Mia Kyle mention it, he really wanted a child. He wanted a child, with Karen Daly. He wanted to raised the child together as the child grows up healthily, working together to develop a happy family of three. “Karen, if so, are you willing to keep it?” Thinking of this, Kevin Kyle asked. He still asked for her opinion. If she was willing, then he would let nature take its course. If she was not willing, he would respect her choice and try his best to use contraception to prevent her from getting hurt. “Of, of course I would.” Karen Daly nodded heavily. Although Faye Reed had told her that if she wanted a child at such a young age, her future life would be attached to her child and she could no longer be able to do anything else. But after a thorough consideration, the child was not a burden to her, but one of the basic conditions of a family. She wanted to have a complete family. She wanted everything to be natural. If she could be pregnant, she would be pregnant. If she could not be pregnant, she would not force it. Hearing Karen Daly’s answer, Kevin Kyle pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. After a long time, he whispered, “Well, since you have decided to have a baby, go to bed early.” Leaving his words, Kevin Kyle let go of her and turned to the bathroom Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Karen Daly was stunned on the spot. Isn’t it necessary to work harder at night to have children? Where would the child come from if he went to bed early? Were they going to plant them in the ground?.

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