Listening to the sound of running water in the bathroom, Karen Daly blinked her beautiful big eyes and her thoughts were all over the place. No matter how low Kevin Kyle’s EQ was, he must have some basic knowledge. He must know that if he wanted a child, he has to work hard to “plant his seeds”. No! No! Karen Daly remembered that his back figure was shaking as he was entering the bathroom. He must have tried his best to hold back his laughter. “Naughty boy!” It turned out that he played with her on purpose. Thinking of this, Karen Daly stared angrily at the bathroom door. If eyes could kill, at this time, her eyes must have passed through the door of the bathroom and knocked down Kevin Kyle who was taking a shower. Karen Daly stared at the bathroom door so closely that her eyes hurt, and then Kevin Kyle came out of the bathroom. He wrapped himself in a bath towel, and walked toward her with steady and elegant steps. Watching him getting closer and closer, Karen Daly gulped. However, she heard Kevin Kyle’s slightly giggly voice and said, “What are you thinking about again?” “Didn’t you say that you want to have a baby?” Since he liked to act cool, then she will take the initiative. Otherwise, when can the baby be born? He laid down next to her, Karen Daly turned over and rolled into his arms, and reached out to hold him tightly In fact, she was not so open-minded. Every time she wanted to take the initiative to do more, she would need to mentally prepare herself For example, although she had thrown herself into his arms and hugged him tightly, her hands were trembling slightly Her face was as red as blood and she did not dare to look at him. “Karen, don’t force yourself to do anything you are afraid of.” He grabbed her chin and raised her head to face him. Then he said, “To have children or not, let nature take its course. Don’t force it.” But if he didn’t touch her, where will the child come from? Karen Daly lowered her head and thought bitterly. Kevin Kyle added, “Give me your hand.” “What?” Before Karen Daly could react Kevin Kyle had already grabbed her right hand. Looking at her slender and white palm, Kevin Kyle gently pinched it. It was like magic, and a ring box suddenly appeared in her hand, He opened the box and a pair of shiny diamond rings appeared in front of them. Kevin Kyle picked up the ring and put it on her ring finger. Then he looked at her tenderly and asked, “Do you like it?” Karen Daly touched the ring he had just put on her and nodded vigorously. “I like it!” She picked up the other ring in the box and grabbed his left hand to help him put it on, but she saw the ring left by her mother on his left hand’s ring finger. It was a very old ring. It looked weird on his hand, but he did not get rid of it. She looked at him and felt a little embarrassed. She didn’t know where to put the new ring. Just as she was in a dilemma, he said in a low voice, “How about wearing the ring left by mother-in-law on my middle finger?” Few men, especially a man like him would wear two rings in one hand. If he goes out to work in the future, would others laugh at him if they saw him? However, Kevin Kyle grabbed her hand and asked her to take off the ring left by her mother and put it on his middle finger. Then he put her new ring on his ring finger. “Well, that will do.” He did not tell her that the two rings were custom made. There is a “Kevin” inscribed in her ring, and the one he was wearing had a “Karen” engraved in it. He didn’t know romance. But this was the most romantic thing he could think of. Karen Daly looked at him and smiled. “So, Mr. Kyle, does this mean you have officially proposed to me?” “No.” Kevin Kyle said seriously, “You are already my wife. I’m giving you a chain to lock you up and let other men know that you already have an owner.” Although he was talking about trapping her firmly and telling other men that she already had an owner, he was also trying to let other women know that he already had an owner too and didn’t want other women to have thoughts about him. Thinking of this, Karen Daly’s heart was so touched that she moved in closer together with him. She took a breath quietly, suppressed the embarrassment in her heart, and kissed his lips. His sexy thin lips were a little cold, and she sucked it hard. She continued to attack him like what he had done before. Kevin Kyle stretched out his hand, grabbed her waist, and pressed her tightly on his body. Then she kissed her hard. “Oh.” When he became one with her intimately, Karen Daly made a cat-like moan. This man always had a cold look on his face, but when he made love, he was like a hungry wolf, eager to tear her apart and swallow her. At first, Karen Daly could barely deal with him, but later, her inhibitions were down, as if she was thrown into the sky… She saw the white clouds, the rainbow after the rain, and his handsome face that was as delicate as a sculpture. He raised his eyebrows and smiled at her. Later, Karen Daly did not know anything anymore. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. After a dreamless night, she woke up and opened her eyes to see that he was sitting by the window and reading the newspaper. He was still sitting upright today, but he slightly raised his chin, and there was a gentle smile in his eyes. “You’re awake.” He still turned around the moment she woke up and asked calmly. “Mmm.” Karen Daly moved slightly, feeling a little uncomfortable. She still felt like there was a part of him in her body Karen Daly quickly lied back down and did not move. Her delicate face was red, as attractive as a ripe red cherry. Kevin Kyle put down the newspaper in his hand walked over and sat down beside her. He reached out and touched her silky long hair. “Take a rest if you’re tired. I’l ask Aunt Anne to send breakfast to the room.” “No.” Karen Daly refused and sat up immediately. She hurriedly got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. “Wait for me. Let’s go downstairs together.” On the second day after seeing the elders of the Kyle Family, if she slept late and asked someone to send breakfast to her room, what would the elders of the Kyle family think of her? Since the elders of the Kyle family were so friendly and polite, she should also work hard to be a qualified good wife. Looking at her running back in a panic, Kevin Kyle’s eyes looked at her endearingly. He licked his lips, and there seemed to be a lingering smell of her between his lips and teeth He shook his head in disappointment again. After one night, the Karen Daly who had thrown herself at him last night disappeared again..

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