Not only did Kevin Kyle have a fixed schedule, but also did the elders of the Kyle family. When Karen Daly packed up and went downstairs with Kevin Kyle, Kevin’s father and mother were already in the living room. They sat together as if they were talking about something It sounded like that Kevin’s father had provoked Kevin’s mother. Kevin’s mother was angry, and Kevin’s father was trying to coax her The two of them were already so grown up, but they still loved each other as before. When they looked at each other, their eyes were still full of love for each other. Seeing them, Karen Daly could not resist looking up at Kevin Kyle next to him. Could she and Kevin be like Kevin’s father and mother? Kevin’s parents went through ups and downs together. Decades later, the significant other was still the most important person in each other’s heart, and no one could replace them. “You’re all up.” Kevin’s mother suddenly looked over. She looked at Karen Daly and smiled slightly. “Karen, did you sleep well last night?” Kevin’s mother asked casually, but Karen Daly, who was “guilty suddenly blushed and did not know how to answer her. Kevin’s mother also realized that her question seemed to be inappropriate. She immediately changed the topic and said, “Aunt Anne, please prepare breakfast.” “Yes, madam.” Aunt Anne responded and turned to go to the kitchen. She thought of another thing, “Madam, should I wake Me up?” “Let the little sleepyhead sleep a while longer. But keep the food warm for her. When she wakes up, she can eat it immediately. Whenever Mia Kyle was mentioned, Kevin’s mother couldn’t hide the love in her eyes. She had been in poor health all the time. When she gave birth to Kevin Kyle, she almost lost her life. She went through a lot of complications. Kevin’s father, who was standing beside her, was also the same. When Kevin Kyle was born, Kevin’s mother was bedridden for a long time before her body got better. After that, Kevin’s father did a vasectomy, unwilling to see his wife suffer because of him. The Kyle Family was originally already a small family. Many people couldn’t understand what Kevin’s father did. Kevin’s mother also felt guilty for a long time. That was until Mia Kyle showed up. As they saw the cute little baby for the first time, they decided to adopt her immediately The arrival of Mia Kyle injected new blood into the Kyle Family. Everyone treated this child as a treasure. Although everyone knew that Mia Kyle was not the biological child of the Kyle Family, no one dared to gossip. She was everyone’s treasure in the Kyle family. Whoever dared to say anything about her would lose their jobs. “Karen..” Kevin’s mother pushed Kevin’s father away and held Karen Daly’s hand. She said gently, “Since you’ve married into the Kyle family, you are a member of us. You can be as casual as Mia. You can get up at any time you want.” “Mom, your daughter is already a sleepyhead. Do you want to turn your daughter-in-law into that too?” Mia Kyle’s crisp voice suddenly sounded behind them. Everyone looked back and saw that she wore pink cartoon pyjamas with her messy hair and appeared in front of her family casually In the Kyle Family, only she could do this. She could run around in her pyjamas. No one would say anything to her. Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and said in a low voice, “Go back and change your clothes before coming down to have breakfast.” “Brother, you are already married, why do you care so much about me? Besides, sooner or later I will get married, as long as my husband won’t mind.” With her parents around, Mia Kyle felt very arrogant. Kevin Kyle still wanted to say something, but Karen Daly gently pulled him and gestured him to stop talking. It was boring for a family to follow the rules. It was because Mia Kyle was lively and naughty that the big family of the Kyle Family became more lively. “Thank you, sister-in-law. Let me tell you, I will be on your side in the future. If he dares to bully you, I will help you.” Mia Kyle said again. Karen Daly smiled and said, “Mia, then I should thank you first.” “Mia, after the meal, your brother and I will go to the airport to pick your grandpa up. Your duty is to hang out with your mother and sister-in-law.” Kevin’s father, who had been silent, suddenly said. Mia Kyle rushed to her father’s arms and said, “Although I also want to see grandpa earlier, you guys can get him. I will be responsible for taking care of my mother and sister- in- law at home.” “My Mia is so sensible.” Kevin’s father rubbed Mia Kyle’s head. “Then hurry up and change your clothes. We will wait for you to have breakfast together.” “Roger, Mr. Kyle!” Mia Kyle saluted and went upstairs to change her clothes. Seeing that the Kyle family was harmonious, Karen Daly envied them so much that she hoped that she could integrate herself into this warm family as soon as possible. After breakfast, Kevin’s father and Kevin Kyle went to the airport to pick Grandpa Kyle up. It was only then that Karen Daly remembered that she had been thrown into a mess by Kevin Kyle last night and had forgotten what to gift to Kevin’s father and Mia Kyle, It was not good for her to ask Mia Kyle directly and ask what she liked. It would seem that she was not sincere. While she was thinking, she received a message from Kevin Kyle: Go to the room and have a look. On the coffee table in the little hall. She didn’t know what Kevin Kyle wanted her to see, so she went upstairs obediently and opened the door. She looked up and saw two gift boxes on the tea table. As Karen Daly approached, she found that one box consists a tea set, and the other was a book about self-cultivation of the actors. Seeing these two gifts, Karen Daly suddenly understood that Kevin’s father must have had other hobbies besides traveling, because she kept thinking about travelling, forgetting that there were other possible hobbies. As for Mia Kyle, she liked acting, so the best gift was to give her a gift related to acting. Even if she didn’t lack anything, receiving such a gift was to support her hobbies and to assure her of her career. Judging from the gifts, Karen Daly knew that she knew only a little about the Kyle Family, so she had to work harder in the future. “Sister-in-law, I want to go have a walk in the back garden. Do you want to go with me?” Mia Kyle stuck her head out from behind the door and asked with a smile. “Okay.” Karen Daly turned around and followed Mia Kyle out. The back garden was a garden behind the villa. It was not big, but there were many uncommon flowers that were rarely seen After strolling for a while, Kevin’s mother was tired and they sat down in the pavilion to chat. “Mia, go get me a coat.” Kevin’s mother sent Mia Kyle away was because she wanted to talk to Karen Daly alone. Mia Kyle was liked by the Kyle family. Not only was she lively and cute, but she was also very sensible..

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