Knowing that her mother wanted to talk to her sister-in-law alone, Mia Kyle ran away without saying anything. Seeing Mia Kyle walking away, Kyle’s mother took Karen Daly’s hand and said earnestly, “Karen, Matthew is a cold person. He may not know how to say good words to make you happy. Please forgive him in this aspect.” Kevin’s mother’s sudden words made Karen Daly understand that it was not an easy thing for her to really integrate into this family. Kevin’s mother was willing to accept her, but she still treated her son and daughter-in-law separately from deep in her heart. Otherwise, how could she say these words for Kevin Kyle? However, this was human nature, so Karen Daly did not care about it. She nodded and said, “Mom, I know about it.” Looking at Karen Daly, Kevin’s mother paused for a while and said, “There is something I think I must tell you.” Karen Daly said politely, “Mom, please go ahead.” “Mia is my adopted child. Your grandfather had always intended to match Mia and Kevin together, but there is only sibling love between them. No one wants to advance further.” While speaking, Kevin’s mother observed Karen Daly’s expression She thought Karen Daly would be surprised or dissatisfied, but Karen Daly’s eyes were calm and gentle, and her eyes were clear. Looking at her calm and gentle face, Kevin Kyle’s mother had a little more affection for her. She held Karen Daly’s hand tighter and said, “When grandpa arrives, if he says something unpleasant, please don’t take it to heart. Anyway, you are Matthew’s wife. This is something that no one can change, isn’t it?” Karen Daly smiled and said, “Mom, in fact, I’ve heard about it before, but I chose to believe in Kevin. As you said, I am already his wife, and this is a fact that no one can change.” Karen Daly had heard from his uncle at the charity dinner before. Later, when she knew that Mia Kyle was not the child of the Kyle Family, she had already thought of the connection between these matters. Kevin Kyle did not tell her personally, perhaps because he was worried that she would overthink. Besides, as he was involved in this matter, Kevin Kyle might not know how to open up about it Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin’s mother was relieved. She let out a long sigh of relief. Karen Daly left her a better impression Kevin Kyle was her child and had always been calm and reserved. His purpose was clear and he never did anything irrelevant. When she first heard that he was suddenly married, she was somewhat surprised, but after feeling surprised, she was relieved. She believed in her own child’s judgement. Now that she had some understanding of Karen Daly, she felt that her son’s judgement was not bad. “Woof, woof, woof…” After being ignored for a long time, Momo really didn’t want to be neglected anymore. She showed her existence. “Momo.” Karen Daly smiled and picked up the little fellow, rubbing its head. “What are you shouting about again? Didn’t you have enough food in the morning?” “Woo..” Momo wiggled its body in Karen Daly’s arms and made two pitiful cries, like it was responding. Looking at Momo, Kevin’s mother thought of Kevin Kyle again. In the past, Kevin Kyle would never allow his family to raise pets. But last night, she saw Kevin Kyle holding this little animal with her own eyes. It also made her understand that it was not that people in this world would not change, but whether he or she was willing to change. Before Kevin’s father met her, he was also a workaholic. After getting married for a long time, he was also busy with work. It was only after Kevin Kyle was born that he slowly returned to his family. As soon as Kevin Kyle could support Rovio Corporation alone, Kevin’s father would immediately hand it over to Kevin Kyle to handle. He had no desire for power at all, Their son was different from his father. He was calmer and more capable than his father at work While his father was busy with work, he also knew how to make his wife happy. However, Kevin Kyle was cold-hearted in nature. Kevin’s mother was worried that Kevin Kyle would ignore his young wife. However, after last night’s observation, Kevin’s mother also found that Kevin took good care of his young and beautiful wife. “Mom, grandpa is coming.” Mia Kyle rushed over and said, “Dad asked us to wait first.” Karen Daly put Momo down and hurried to support Kevin’s mother. Kevin’s mother patted her hand and said, “Don’t worry, child. We are all here.” Karen Daly nodded. She would not be worried or afraid, because Kevin Kyle was here. They went to the main entrance of the villa together. As soon as they stood still, Old Master Kyle’s car arrived. The logo in front of the car was very bright. It was still one of Bentley’s model, but the colour was black. It looked slightly more mature than Kevin Kyle’s silver car. Mia Kyle immediately ran over and opened the door for the old master. She said sweetly, “Grandpa.” “Hey, my Mia seems to be taller and more beautiful.” Before Grandpa Kyle got out of the car, his loud voice had already reached Karen Daly’s ears. One of the following two cars was Kevin Kyle’s silver-gray Bentley, and the other was Kevin’s father’s car, whose logo was a Cayenne. Three expensive luxury cars appeared at the same time, and each car was equipped with drivers. This was absolutely not owned by ordinary families. What kind of rich man had she married into? Karen Daly thought worriedly. Kevin Kyle got off the car first, walked to Grandpa Kyle’s car, and helped him get off the car with Mia Kyle. Karen Daly hadn’t met Grandpa Kyle officially, so she couldn’t do what Mia Kyle did. That is why Karen Daly stood by Kevin’s mother’s side quietly. “Although I’m old, I can still walk.” Grandpa Kyle said, but he still held Kevin Kyle with one hand and Mia Kyle with the other. Seeing the two of them standing together, he smiled with satisfaction. “Matthew has become more mature and Mia has grown up. When I look at you two, I feel so much better.” “Grandpa, you should stay in Chatterton Town for a little longer, so brother and I can spend more time with you,” Mia Kyle said. “Grandpa, I want to introduce someone to you first.” Kevin Kyle let go of Grandpa Kyle’s hand and walked to Karen Daly’s side. He led her to Grandpa Kyle’s side and said, “Grandpa, this is Karen, my wife.” Karen Daly was still in a daze from seeing Grandpa Kyle. She was still thinking that Grandpa Kyle didn’t look like an eighty-year-old person. Perhaps the Kyle family knew how to keep fit and looked much younger than their actual age. Grandpa Kyle seemed to be in his seventies at most. “Karen-” Kevin Kyle tugged at her again. Karen Daly came to her senses and hurriedly said, “Grandpa, hello!”.

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