Kevin’s Grandpa stopped abruptly and immediately looked up at Karen Daly. His sharp eyes scanned through Karen Daly like an eagle. His gaze did not seem to be looking at a granddaughter-in law, but rather like an opponent, as if he wanted to see through Karen Daly and it made her feel extremely uncomfortable. “Grandpa..” Kevin Kyle shouted again, to protect Karen Daly. “You little brat, you are married?” Grandpa Kyle’s eyes moved from Karen Daly to Kevin Kyle, and his eyes narrowed slightly, showing no signs of joy or anger. “Yes, grandpa.” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand tightly and answered seriously Her hand was tightly clenched in Kevin Kyle’s hand, and she could feel his warmth. The slight worry in Karen Daly’s heart also disappeared. She pursed her lips and gave him a smile to reassure him that it would not easy for her to be scared and cry. Grandpa Kyle looked at them from head and toe. After a while, he said, “Registered? Or had a wedding? Or is it a shotgun wedding?” Kevin Kyle’s grandpa asked aggressively. Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand and stood straight. He answered seriously, “We have already registered our marriage. We are a legal couple.” “Really?” Grandpa Kyle’s sharp eyes fell on them, slowly repeating what Kevin Kyle had said. “Yes.” Kevin Kyle answered more briefly, but his tone was firmer, and he held Karen Daly’s hands more tightly. “Just a marriage certificate? Who would know that you’re married? You didn’t even have a decent wedding. How can you justify this to her?” Kevin Kyle’s grandpa rebuked his grandson, but he was looking at Karen Daly. He changed his gaze so quickly that no one would tell. His words made everyone else perceive that he didn’t mind that Kevin Kyle did not inform him of his marriage, rather, he cared more about the fact that he did not hold a wedding ceremony. This might not sit well with Karen Daly. “Dad, it’s cold. Let’s go into the house and talk.” Kevin’s father hurried forward to mediate the dispute. These two people, one was his father and the other was his son. He couldn’t watch them quarrel, and not do anything. “Okay, let’s get into the house first.” Grandpa Kyle’s tone suddenly softened. He did not care about this matter anymore. He pulled Kevin Kyle with one hand and Karen Daly with the other hand, and said, “My child, we are family now. Don’t be too courteous.” Grandpa Kyle took Karen Daly’s hand voluntarily, which meant he acknowledged her identity. The people who looked at her breathed a sigh of relief. Especially Karen Daly, if she got the approval of Grandpa Kyle, it meant that she was acknowledged by everyone in the Kyle Family, then her relationship with Kevin Kyle could continue to persevere. She looked up at Kevin Kyle and happened to meet his inquiring eyes. They looked at each other, and then they gave each other a shallow smile. Kevin Kyle Grandpa’s arrival made the Kyle Family even more lively. Although he was aged, he was in good spirits. His voice was loud and his complexion was good. That kind of aura that seemed to be able to control everything. Sometimes, Karen Daly could see that aura from Kevin Kyle especially when he was at work. As if he had a well- thought-out plan and controlled everything like an emperor. Moreover, Grandpa Kyle was more approachable than Karen Daly had imagined. When he looked at her, he called her “kid”, which warmed her heart. Before that, she did not sleep for several nights because she was worried that the parents of Kevin Kyle would not accept her easily. After meeting Grandpa Kyle today, the burden in her chest was lifted. “Grandpa, do you intend to stay longer this time?” Mia Kyle asked while massaging her grandpa’s back. “Mia, sit down and talk to me.” Grandpa Kyle patted the seat beside him with a kind face. At this time, he had faded his cold aura. “Grandpa, I think you look younger again.” Mia Kyle leaned in front of Grandpa Kyle and said it in a joking tone. “Hahaha.” Kevin Kyle’s grandpa suddenly burst into laughter. “Only you have such a sweet mouth, and make me happy.” Everyone sat in the living room and chatted with Grandpa Kyle. Most of the time, Mia Kyle was talking. Every time she said something, Grandpa Kyle would laugh out loud. It could be seen that he loved this granddaughter very much. Kevin Kyle’s father occasionally said a few words, and Kevin Kyle only responded when being targeted. “It turned out that Kevin was still very quiet in front of his family.” Karen Daly thought to herself. Such a personality won’t please others easily, but the Kyle Family only had him. Even if he did not say anything, he still received the greatest attention While chatting, Grandpa Kyle changed the topic to Kevin Kyle. “Matthew, how long have you registered for marriage?” “Four months.” Kevin Kyle’s answer was still short. “Four months is not short. Why haven’t you told the good news to me? I mean, the baby thing.” Grandpa Kyle asked with a smile. After asking such a sensitive question, Kevin Kyle shook Karen Daly’s hand and answered, “This kind of thing can’t be forced. We let nature take its course.” Kevin Kyle’s responses were always so prim and proper, which made Karen Daly understand more that his cold personality definitely did not develop overnight. In such a harmonious and warm family like the Kyle Family, everyone was talking and laughing. Only he remained cold and quiet. He rarely smiled, nor would he take the initiative to converse After dinner, Kevin Kyle’s grandpa went back to his room early to rest. Karen Daly followed Kevin Kyle outside for a walk. He held her hand tightly and stopped walking after some time, then he stared at her with keen eyes. “What’s wrong?” Being stared at by him for a long time, Karen Daly felt embarrassed. “Nothing.” He raised his hand, pulled her hair up to her earlobe, and led her forward. “Really?” Karen Daly did not believe that he was fine. “I just want to look at you,” he said. “Kevin, why are your family members so kind?” Karen Daly asked. But her family was so bad? How could there be such a big difference between families in the world? Karen Daly didn’t say what she thought, but Kevin Kyle knew. He hugged her again and pressed her into his arms. “Karen, will you be bored with ordinary days?” “How would 1?” Karen Daly was surprised. What a dream for her to live an ordinary life. Now that she had it, she wanted to really cherish it. How could she be bored with it? In the past, Kevin Kyle did not consider this problem seriously. At that time, he just wanted to live with her..

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