They spent their days together. They just lived together. Whether there was love or not it did not matter. Maybe if there was no love it would be better, because it would save a lot of trouble. This was what Kevin Kyle thought when he married Karen Daly But now, Kevin Kyle didn’t think so. He wanted more than before. Not only did he want Karen Daly, but he also wanted her heart. Would she be willing to open her broken heart for him again? Because he could not figure out what Karen Daly was thinking, Kevin Kyle always felt that their relationship was very fragile. They would collapse in an instant even at the smallest storm “Why don’t you talk? What are you thinking about?” Karen Daly tugged at his sleeve and asked softly. “I’m thinking of you can open up your heart and have a relationship with me?” Kevin Kyle couldn’t say it out, so he could only look at her silently. “Look at you. If you don’t want to go shopping, let’s go back.” Kevin Kyle didn’t want to talk, and Karen Daly didn’t want to go on hanging around. “It’s not that I don’t want to go shopping.” Kevin Kyle grabbed her hand and pulled her back. He lowered his head and kissed her hard. If he couldn’t say it, he would prove it with action. Karen Daly pounded his chest hard and got out of his arms. She gasped and said, “Kevin, don’t do this. All the elders are here. If the family elders saw them like this, it would be very embarrassing. “Sorry!” he said. “No, if we want to do it we can go back to the room and close the door.” As soon as she said this, Karen Daly’s face turned red again. The gloom in Kevin Kyle’s heart dissipated because of her words, and he chuckled. This woman. She was obviously so shy, but what she said was so bold. In the next few days, Kevin Kyle began to be busy again, and everyone in the Kyle family began to be busy. The Kyle family had lived in the United States for many years, so there were not many relatives and friends in the country. Those who were still in contact with them were very close friends. As the New Years were approaching, the Kyle family held a small party and invited their close friends. Among these people, the one who had the best relationship with them was Kevin’s mother’s family – the Brown Family. The Brown Family was the most famous family with military power in Chatterton Town. Kevin’s mother’s name was Rana Brown. Her grandfather used to serve as the general of the country and had made great achievements in the past. His father showed his talent when he was young. He first served in the central government and then was appointed to take charge of a military power in Chatterton Town. In the next few decades, the Brown family had established a firm foothold in Chatterton Town. No one could move their position. It could be said that they had great power. Rana Brown’s younger brother, who was 20 years younger than Rana Brown, was named Neil Brown. He had an extraordinary life. Many people wanted to be at his position Neil Brown, who was only 30 years old, had already obtained a high rank with his own ability that many people couldn’t get in their lifetime. Now, he was in charge of the military region of Chatterton Town and he was also very well-known. The parents of the Brown family had passed away two years ago, Rana Brown was married already. Now there was only Neil Brown left in the Brown family, At the age of 30, he had not been married yet, nor had he gave an heir for the Brown family. Seeing that there was only him left in the Brown Family, Kevin’s mother was also anxious, but what was the point of being anxious? Her younger brother had his own opinion. To him, building a family to carry on the family line for the Brown family might be far less important than his military brothers working under him. Every year during the New Year, Kevin’s mother would shake her head and sigh, and Kevin’s father would also worry together with his wife. His wife was in poor health and could not think about these menial things. Today, Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly were dressed very formally Kevin Kyle looked more handsome in his suit and shoes. She wore a long knitted dress with a base, a pair of long boots, and a red coat. Her hair was tied up high, looking brighter and more charming. Kevin Kyle took her to welcome the guests at the door of the house and officially introduced Karen Daly to everyone. Every guest would be introduced seriously by Kevin Kyle, “This is my wife, and this is..” Almost the same words were repeated for half a morning, but he didn’t show any impatience, at time there was even a rare faint smile. Looking at him, Karen Daly thought that he talked more in the morning today than what he would talk in a year. This kind of Kevin Kyle was even more down-to-earth. He was no longer the man who was so cold that no one dared to touch him. Karen Daly really liked him like this, so she kept leaning closer to him. “Are your feet getting uncomfortable?” Kevin Kyle looked at her while he was free and asked. “No.” She shook her head and put her hand in his palm. “I’m very happy today.” How could she be unhappy when she was formally introduced as a wife to Kevin Kyle’s friends and family? How could she be in the mood to care if her feet would be uncomfortable? “If you’re tired, you can sit here for a while. I’m here anyway.” Anyway, at noon, Karen Daly would officially be introduced to everyone at the party, and he didn’t need her to stand here with him in the cold wind. “I’m not tired.” Karen Daly shook her head and whispered, “1 want to be with you.” “Okay,” he said. It was just an okay, but it was also very powerful. Karen Daly smiled even more brightly. Mia Kyle changed her usual lively image. She dressed up beautifully early in the morning and popped around the front door from time to time. She was active for almost the whole morning, and all the guests of the banquet arrived, but the person she was waiting for still did not come. She liked the New Year’s the most, but what she liked for a different reason. Other children looked forward to the New Year’s because they could get a lot of gifts. But she looked forward to the New Year’s because it was only at this time that she could spend two more days with that person. Last year, after the New Year’s had passed, he promised her that he would definitely come early this year. But the party was about to begin and she hadn’t seen him yet. After waiting for a while, some of the guests were leaving, which meant that all the guests that were supposed to come had already arrived. In other words, the person that she was waiting for wouldn’t come anymore. “Mom, isn’t Neil Brown coming this year?” Mia Kyle ran over to hold her mother’s arm and asked coquettishly. “Silly child, that’s your uncle. How can you call him by his name? Where’s your manners.” Kevin’s mother pinched the tip of Mia Kyle’s nose. Although she was scolding her, her tone was gentle and she didn’t mean to scold Mia Kyle at all. “Will he come or not?” “There’s something going on in the military region. He can’t come today.” Kevin’s mother said. Her brother was excellent in all aspects, but he was too responsible for his work and he did not even give himself holidays during New Year’s. [Public Chat: It’s over. Goodnight, my little friends.).

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