He could let his men do a lot of things, but Neil Brown insisted on handling matters by himself. As his sister, she couldn’t do anything about it. Perhaps he was just used to being busy and working, so he didn’t care about anything else. Hearing her mother’s words, Mia Kyle’s beautiful face darkened instantly. She lowered her head and walked forward silently. She didn’t want to say anything more. Neil Brown had promised her that he would come earlier this year. Why didn’t he come? Didn’t he know that she had been waiting for him? She had been chasing after him for 13 years. Now she had finally grown up, but he avoided her. Why? Before that, she went to find him, but the military base was heavily guarded. Not everyone could enter. She couldn’t even look at his back from afar. She also made countless phone calls to him, but each time it was his subordinate who answered the phone. He always said that he was busy with military affairs… It seemed to be a very extraordinary thing for him to answer her phone calls. She always looked forward to the New Year’s holiday where everyone had a chance to meet up and catch up. But he didn’t come! This matter was such a downer for Mia Kyle. She felt that she had wasted the one year of her life and waited for nothing She unknowingly clenched her fists, bit her pink lips with her teeth, and her little face became pale. “Mia, what’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Mia Kyle rarely had such a gloomy expression. Kevin’s mother was a little worried and immediately reached out her hand to touch her forehead. “I’m not uncomfortable.” In order not to let her mother worry, Mia Kyle tried to raise her eyebrows and smiled gently. Then she pulled her mother and said, “The party is about to begin. Kevin wants to introduce sister-in-law to everyone today. Let’s go in quickly.” Kevin Kyle took the opportunity of gathering relatives and friends to introduce Karen Daly to everyone. They were today’s main stars. Mia Kyle was usually playful, but she knew how to behave right when needed. She would never make any trouble at such an important moment Although it was a party, it was not as formal as a party. The party and gathering for friends and family prioritized comfort. The weather was good today, and the main venue of the party was set on a lawn in front of the villa. After the helpers set up the place, the whole venue looked romantic and warm. There were flower racks all over the place. A dozen long tables covered with white floral tables were arranged in a square, and there were good wine and delicious food. There were exquisite and delicious snacks, various fresh fruits, and some fruits that were handcrafted and carved into various shapes. Just looking at it was very appetizing The men and women at the party were gentle and elegant. Most men were in suits and shoes like Kevin Kyle, women were dressed differently. Some were wearing dresses and some were wearing coats, which appeared colorful. It was indeed a beautiful scenery in the banquet. Grandpa Kyle, who had the highest prestige, was wearing a tunic suit. He looked both majestic yet kind, but it did not look odd. He was the eldest among the elders. When everyone came, they would first greet him. He would also give some gifts to the younger generation with a smile and to encourage them to study hard and work hard. He stood there for a while, looked around, and finally looked at Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly who were greeting the guests. — Karen Daly! The name was very simple and beautiful, which matched her temperament very well. She was not inferior to his shining grandson. There was no doubt that the two of them looked very well matched just by looking at their appearance, but Thinking of this, Grandpa Kyle slightly narrowed his eyes and a sharp light flashed in his eyes. Perhaps sensing a weird stare, Karen Daly turned around and looked at Grandpa Kyle’s malicious eyes. But soon, Karen Daly thought that she was wrong. Grandpa Kyle’s eyes became kind and peaceful again. He nodded and smiled at her. “Matthew, congratulations on marrying such a beautiful wife.” The person who came to speak was Uncle Law, whom Karen Daly had met at a charity dinner Kevin Kyle nodded. “Hello, Uncle Law.” Karen Daly smiled. “Hello, Uncle Law.” Uncle Law raised his glass and said with a smile, “You are a perfect match for each other. I wish you a good relationship forever! At the same time, I hope you can help add to the Kyle family as soon as possible.” Kevin Kyle nodded slightly and politely said, “Thank you, Uncle Law!” Listening to these words, Karen Daly pursed her lips and blushed unconsciously, In Karen Daly’s view, not only were the elders of the Kyle family approachable, but all the relatives of the Kyle family were also very polite. No one asked how Karen Daly was raised, and no one asked what she’s doing now. They just sincerely gave their blessings. Perhaps a real rich family should be like the Kyle family, who was well- educated, polite, and cultivated, who had like minded friends too. Looking at the Gook family and her family, people could tell the difference at a glance. Three years ago, Samuel Daly also took Karen Daly to a party like this. At that time, Samuel Daly was always busy boot-licking, or introducing her to others. Sometimes, Karen Daly felt ashamed, but at that time, she would think for Samuel Daly, thinking that he wanted to elevate the Daly’s family status, so he tried hard to do things that many people were disdained to do. But then… Later, she met Kevin Kyle and he became her husband. When people say bad things about her again, he stood behind her to support her When her mother was forced to commit suicide, he accompanied her and helped her. She was glad that she had met him and found her happiness in her life. “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?” His deep magnetic voice sounded in her ears, and it was not difficult to tell that he cared about her very much. “No.” She shook her head and smiled at him. “I feel so happy, so happy.” Kevin Kyle raised his hand and touched her forehead. Then he kissed her forehead and said softly, “That is a must.” He kissed her under the gaze of so many people, and Karen Daly blushed again. She lowered her head and felt embarrassed to look up at him. “Follow me.” Kevin Kyle took her hand and left. “Where are we going?” Karen Daly asked, keeping up with his pace. “Just follow me,” he said. “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded. “As long as I follow him, it will be fine. Follow him to find our happiness.” Karen Daly thought..

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