Compared with the harmony and warmth of the Kyle family, the Gook family in Beaford City was in a tight and hot situation As the New Year was approaching, every family was busy preparing goods for celebration, while the Gook family was shrouded in dark clouds. They were not in the mood to buy prepare for anything, and they couldn’t even afford any festivities. The stock price of the Gook family had been falling again and again, which had made them panic. Now, some authorities and departments were looking for them. It was said that they had received evidences to prove that the Gook family had not only bribed some officials but also involved in business crimes over the years. The relevant departments had already launched a comprehensive investigation. During this period, Bernard Gook was not allowed to leave the country. As long as the evidence was true, Gook Corp would not only face the risks of closing down their company, but Bernard Gook would also face imprisonment. From the Gook family’s point of view, the reason why Gook Corp had fallen to such a state in such a short time was because Charlie Gook had offended Leo Kyle of Rovio Corporation Thinking of this, Bernard Gook grabbed a stool and threw it at Charlie Gook. He cursed angrily, “B*stard, why don’t you go to hell? If I had known that you would cause such a disaster, I shouldn’t have let you come to this world.” Bernard Gook threw a wooden stool, but Charlie Gook didn’t dodge it. His head was hit and he didn’t dare to make a sound. “Why don’t you say something?” Bernard Gook lifted his leg and kicked him. “This crisis is caused by you, you useless thing.” “Dad -” Charlie Gook clenched his fists and shouted in anger. “Who the f**k is your father? I don’t know you, you b*stard.” Bernard Gook was angry, he might be put into prison and Gook Corp was about to go bankrupt. He could not even control his own fate, so how could he care about Charlie Gook? “Director Gook, we got some sources. The evidence is from Daly’s daughter, Kristine Daly, who submitted it to the government.” The secretary came to report in a hurry. “What? That bitch Kristine Daly?” Charlie Cook’s first reaction was to catch Kristine Daly and teach her a good lesson to vent his anger. Bernard Gook roared, “You bastard, look at what you’ve been doing all day long. What kind of person have you provoked?” Bernard Gook’s first reaction was to look at Charlie Gook. If he wanted to blame, he would blame it on this useless thing. He did not just offend the wrong people, but also made friends with those who were not easy to deal with. “Now that Gook Corp is in such a situation, do you have no guilt at all?” Seeing that Gook Corp was about to drown, Charlie Gook did not want to hold back any longer. He looked at Bernard Gook and said, “If you did business properly these years, how would you be caught?” After saying those harsh words, he turned around and left. At this time, the person he wanted to seek revenge the most was not Leo Kyle from Rovio Corporation, but Kristine Daly, the b*tch. After going downstairs, he did not even drive his own car. He hailed for a taxi and went straight to the Daly house. At this time, Kristine Daly just finished the call with Mr. Wilis and sat in the room to work on her embroidery. This was something she had recently picked up when she was bored. After being betrayed by her father and Charlie Gook, she could not calm down. Every night when it was quiet, that scene would always appear in her mind. She hated Karen Daly because Karen Daly was happier than her. Karen Daly had someone to look after her even after experiencing those things. But Kristine Daly herself was lonely. No one wanted to stand behind her and help her willingly. She hated Charlie Gook even more. She hated him for giving her hope and destroying all her hope and dreams. She hated many people and those who made her lose her happiness. She swore in her heart that she would deal with all the people she hated sooner or later. But for now, all she could do was to wait, wait for Mr. Willis good news, and wait for Gook Corp to completely fall. While waiting, she had to find something to distract her attention, so she bought some embroidery crafts to work on. She was doing embroidery, and the closed-door was pushed open from the outside. Then, Charlie Gook appeared in front of her angrily. Charlie Gook did not hesitate at all. He stepped forward, grabbed Kristine Daly’s hair and then threw her on the ground. Then, he kicked at Karen Daly’s abdomen and cursed, “B*tch, do you not want to live anymore?” The pain in her stomach made Kristine Daly curl into a ball. She opened her mouth and wanted to speak, but she couldn’t make a sound at all. Charlie Gook walked over and sat on top of her. He waved his hand and slapped Kristine Daly twice. Several marks immediately appeared on Kristine Daly’s fair face, and blood flowed from the corners of her mouth. “If I don’t kill you today, I wouldn’t live at all.” Charlie Gook waved his hand and slapped her, repeating it more than ten times. He was going to vent all his anger from Bernard Gook on Kristine Daly He cursed while beating her, “You d*mn woman. You’ve lived in the Gook family for so many years and spent so much money. How dare you betray us.” “Charlie.” Kristine Daly was dizzy. After a long time, she shouted Charlie Cook’s name. “How dare you call my name?” Charlie Gook pulled Kristine Daly’s hair with one hand and slapped her several times with the other hand He was so angry that slapping her was not enough. He grabbed Kristine Daly’s hair and slammed her head against the wooden edge of the bed. Kristine Daly only felt that there was a white light flashing in front of her, as if the sky and earth were spinning, and she could not feel anything else. She wanted to struggle out of it, but her strength was too weak to break away from Charlie Gook. Even so, Charlie Gook was still angry. Suddenly, he saw a small pair of scissors beside the embroidery cloth. Without thinking, he took it and slashed a few times on Kristine Daly’s face. As he looked at the bright red blood, he came back to his senses, Kristine Daly’s face had been slashed with several cuts, and the blood flowed out from the wounds, her face was full of blood. “I’l disfigure your face today and see how you’ll meet anyone in the future.” Thinking of this, Charlie Gook slashed the scissors a few more times, which made Kristine Daly’s face unrecognizable. “Ah -” Kristine Daly screamed hysterically, and then everything went dark as she lost all consciousness. Seeing Kristine Daly faint, Charlie Gook dropped the scissors and said as he faced the door, “Don’t hide anymore If you send her to the hospital in time, you can save her life.” Samuel Daly slowly walked over from the side and said with a fake smile, “She was brave to offend the Gook family, it wouldn’t matter to let her suffer a little pain.”.

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