Charlie Gook looked at Samuel Daly and snorted, “She is still your biological daughter.” Samuel Daly did not answer. He looked at Kristine Daly unemotionally and sneered, “Who told you that she was my biological daughter?” “Not your own daughter?” Charlie Gook looked back at Kristine Daly, who was unconscious on the ground, and said, “It’s up to you whether to save her or not. Anyway, I don’t care if she was dead or alive.” After saying that, Charlie Gook turned around and left. It seemed that Kristine Daly’s life was not worth a dog’s life. Samuel Daly looked at Charlie Gook’s back, clenched his fists, and his eyes were fierce. He sneered in his heart, “My Young Master?” Charlie Gook, oh, Charlie Gook. Do you really think that Gook Corp was still the same Gook Corp as before? Do you really think that there are so many people coming to fawn on you? Once Gook Corp gets defeated, Charlie Gook would be a homeless dog Those evil things that he had done before, those people who he had bullied before, they would not let him go easily. At this time, Charlie Gook still did not understand his situation, and still dared to hurt others and called himself a young master. It was destined that Charlie Gook would never be able to turn over. Thinking of this, Samuel Daly felt very happy. Over the years, he had done a lot of illegal things for Gook Corp, because Bernard Gook had something on him. Now that Gook Corp has fallen, means that he lost a backup and a person who could threaten him. After a long time, Samuel Daly finally took back his stare and looked at Kristine Daly, who was lying on the ground and had lost consciousness. He said coldly, “I thought you would be useful to me after I adopted you and raised you for so many years, but I didn’t expect you to be so useless.” Before he got married, he had found out that he had Azoospermia. It was impossible for him to have his own child in this life. This was a secret in his heart and he was never willing to mention it in front of others. So not long after the marriage, he made Karen Daly’s mother pretend to be pregnant, and then adopted an abandoned baby to pretend to be their child. In this life, he would not have his own child and could not carry on the bloodline of the Daly family, so he could only think of ways to restore the Daly family’s reputation. Money, power, fame and wealth, these things should have belonged to the Daly family, and he tried his best to get them back. However, no one knew that after decades of hard work, he did not get what he wanted, adversely he became under other people’s control. But now, the defeat of Gook Corp was a foregone conclusion, and there was no turning back. He had to seize the time to think about his future. Since Gook Corp had been defeated, he would not join them. As for Kristine Daly who was lying on the ground, he would still be kind enough to send her to the hospital. If she died, things would be complicated. After sending away all the guests, it was getting late. After a busy day, everyone was tired and went back to their rooms to rest. After returning to the room, Karen Daly was so excited that she twirled around the room. She smiled widely. “Mr. Kyle, what should I do?” “What?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “I think I’m too happy. But I don’t want to hold this happiness in my heart. I want to shout it out to the whole world.” If not for the fact that the elders of the Kyle family were all there, Karen Daly would have stood by the window and roared a few times She wanted to tell her mother loudly that her daughter has become very happy now and let her mother know to not worry about her anymore. She also wanted to tell those who hurt her and those who tried to hurt her that she had not been knocked down by them. She stood up and lived a happy life. “Let’s go.” Kevin Kyle turned around and took a coat for her to put on. He also took a coat and put it on himself. Then he took her hand and left. “Where are we going so late?” Karen Daly was a little worried. “Grandpa and parents are all here. It’s not good for us to go out at this time.” “Don’t worry.” Kevin Kyle took her out and said, “I told you to follow me right?” Karen Daly nodded and followed him with a smile. “Then I will follow you from now on. I will go wherever you take me.” Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly out and drove for more than an hour before arriving at the destination. After getting off the car, Karen Daly knew that the place he took her to was Behae Resort. Not long after they got married, Innovative Tech had a company event here once. After getting off the car, Karen Daly took Kevin Kyle’s arm and asked, “You are a senior executive of Rovio Corporation. Do you have benefits to stay here to free?” “Free,” he said. “Rovio Corporation’s employee benefits are really good. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t resign, and I could enjoy a lot of benefits in the future.” Karen Daly rubbed her head against his arm and said. “Resigned but your benefits are still there,” he said. “Mr. Kyle, don’t forget that there is still Leo Kyle above you.” She was teasing her, he can’t decide everything for Rovio Corporation anyway. All of a sudden, he heard Karen Daly mention about Leo Kyle. Kevin Kyle stopped and looked at her seriously. “I’m Leo Kyle.” “Alright then, you are Leo Kyle.” It was rare for him to make a joke with her, so she just took him as Leo Kyle. But to be honest, his ability was so good, his upbringing was so good, and his family background was so good. If she hadn’t seen the pictures of Leo Kyle online, she would really believe that it was him. “You don’t believe me?” Kevin Kyle asked. “I believe you.” Karen Daly smiled and winked at him playfully. “Then, Mr. Leo Kyle, can we go in?” Karen Daly was unwilling to believe it. Kevin Kyle felt helpless and did not know what else to say. He led her into Behae Resort Before arriving, Kevin Kyle sent a message to Amelia Gray and asked her to inform the people here. The managers here had been waiting for a long time. Seeing them coming, the person in charge immediately greeted them and said, “Director Kyle, Mrs. Kyle, this way, please.” They got on a buggy and drove straight to the villa area of Behae Resort, which was also the villa they stayed in when they came last time. After getting off the car, they stood at the door, and there was unspeakable emotion in Karen Daly’s heart. The last time she came here, she and Kevin Kyle were still like strangers, and this time she had become his real wife. Kevin Kyle did not take her back to the room, but went around the buildings to the beach. Listening to the sound of waves hitting the rocks, she was so happy that she jumped like a child. “If you want to shout, just shout,” he said. “Kevin Kyle.” She looked at him and suddenly could not speak It turned out that he drove for more than an hour and took her out in the middle of the night just because she said that she wanted to shout loudly. “Hm?” He looked at her with his eyes that were so gentle that it made one’s heart ripple. “Thank you!” Thank you for treating her so well, thank you for making her so happy “For what?” He rubbed her head and said, “It’s windy at night. Just say what you want to say and go back to rest early.”.

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