“Then you can shout with me.” Karen Daly wanted to be capricious just once. She wanted him to be a silly couple with her. Kevin Kyle frowned and said nothing. She wanted him to shout at the sea. He was definitely not willing to do such a childish thing Karen Daly grabbed his arm and shook it. “You don’t want to?” Kevin Kyle’s face darkened and he remained silent. “Okay then, I won’t force you.” Karen Daly knew Kevin Kyle more than she knows. It was okay for her to do this kind of thing herself then. It was better for him to maintain the image of a cool CEO. “Then I’m going to shout.” She added. Kevin Kyle nodded. “I might have no image when I shout, will you be scared?” she asked again. “No.” He was finally willing to speak. Karen Daly smiled with satisfaction. “That’s right. I don’t know what you want to express until you speak.” Kevin Kyle’s face darkened again. She was tied that if teased him again, he would turn around and leave, so Karen Daly had to stop. She cleared her throat, placed her hands beside her mouth, faced the sea and shouted, “Mom, can you hear Karen talking? Karen met a very good man. He loves Karen a lot. His family had accepted Karen too, Karen is now so happy…” Because she was too happy, Karen Daly was completely liberated. After shouting, it had an echo. Kevin Kyle laughed out. Hearing his laughter, Karen Daly turned around and glared at him. “You are not allowed to laugh at me.” Kevin Kyle nodded. Karen Daly turned her head and shouted again, “Mom, don’t worry. I will treat Kevin well too and I will try my best to make him happy. I will protect him and no one is allowed to bully him. I will also have many babies with him…” For the first time in his life, Kevin Kyle heard someone say that she wanted to protect him, he was moved greatly. Since he was sensible, he knew that his mother was in poor health. His father had to work and take care of his mother He had to deal with his own affairs. So he was more sensible than other children. He had developed a habit since he was a child to solve everything by himself. After that, Mia Kyle came to the Kyle family. He had been taking care of her as a big brother. It was his habit to take care of others for so many years. He had never thought of asking others to protect him. Then came Karen Daly who looked so fragile, but her slender body seemed to be full of endless power. She was shouting and shouting about her happiness at this moment. “Karen-” He called her name gently in his heart. “Kevin, do you think mom can hear me?” Karen Daly turned around and looked into his burning eyes. Kevin Kyle nodded. “Yes.” Karen Daly ran over and hugged him. “Kevin, will we be so happy forever? Kevin Kyle nodded. “Yes. He answered every question she asked in a very short way, but Karen Daly didn’t care about it. From the beginning, she already knew his personality. Perhaps it was because of his personality that he was more attractive. Others didn’t know about it, but she liked his personality Although he didn’t like to talk, it was not a big deal for her. Take what happened tonight as an example. Except for him, it would be difficult to find men who were willing to do this for their wives. She added, “I’ve finished yelling, let’s go back.” “Mmm.” He snorted softly, but did not move. Instead, he took her into his arms, hugged her tightly, and gently rubbed her chin. Her fresh fragrance drifted into his nose with the evening breeze, which aroused a strong desire for her in his heart. He wanted her Now, immediately, urgently. “Karen” “Hmm?” Before she uttered any words, she was quickly kissed by his thin lips. His kiss was more fierce than any other time before. His tongue went straight in and kissed her deeper. His palm was also restless and wandered around her body. Although there would be no one else here, Karen Daly was still a little scared outside. She nervously grabbed his hand and said, “Kevin, not here.” Kevin Kyle immediately stopped, grabbed her by the waist and carried her back to the house with elegant and steady steps. Back in the room, Kevin Kyle almost immediately launched an attack. The fierce attack did not give her time to adapt. Although his attack was fierce and powerful, Karen Kyle was not afraid at all. She was not afraid, but she was very happy, because this was the first time he took the initiative to ignite the fire, which made her understand that she was also attractive to him. She didn’t know how long it took. In Karen Daly’s memory, it was longer than ever before. In the end, she was doing things with him and fell asleep immediately. In fact, she didn’t want to be so useless. She still wanted to lie in his arms and chat with him afterward. But she didn’t know whether she was too weak or Kevin Kyle was too strong. In the end, she slept first. After Karen Daly fell asleep, Kevin Kyle did not continue. He was considerate of her and did not want to hurt her. He quietly stared at her blushing face and pinched her nose. “Kevin – She suddenly called out his name, making him withdraw his hand like lightning. He looked away awkwardly, pretending that nothing had happened. After waiting for a few seconds, she didn’t make a sound again. Kevin Kyle turned his head and found that she didn’t wake up. It turned out that he had appeared in her dream. What would he look like in her dream? While he was deep in thought, she murmured, “Kevin, I will try my best… “Your best for what?” Kevin Kyle really wanted to know. He stretched his ears to listen, but she did not speak again. After making sure that she was asleep, Kevin Kyle got out of bed and went to the balcony. He called Nick Black back. “What’s the matter?” Nick Black’s voice soon came from the phone, “Director Kyle, we have already handed over the relevant information to Wilis according to your instructions. They have begun to investigate Gook Corp. If all goes well, Bernard Gook will be arrested after the New Year’s, and Gook Corp will never be able to revive.” “If all goes well?” Kevin Kyle asked in a deep voice. Nick Black immediately realized that he said wrongly and rectified, “After the New Year’s holiday, you will see everything you want.” “Okay.” Hearing him, Kevin Kyle grinned and decisively hung up the phone. Karen Daly was so badly hurt so he didn’t mention it in front of her, but it didn’t mean that he forgot about it. There were a lot of things that he didn’t have to do personally, but it could cause harm to those who hurt Karen Daly and affect their future. As for Charlie Gook, if he dared to commit any crime, he would not let him go. Whoever dared to provoke him, he would make them pay the price they couldn’t afford..

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