Three days passed in a flash. After the reception of relatives and friends, Kyle’s family was free During these three days, everyone was chatting and talking about interesting things at home. Life was warm and comfortable. Today was New Year’s Eve. Everyone in the Kyle family got up early. In the morning, they asked helpers to help with the last round of cleaning. After lunch, they gave them their days off. The Kyle family was very considerate of these helpers. They also had their own families. Every year on New Year’s Eve, they would ask them to go home for their holidays. In previous years, Kevin’s father accompanied Kevin’s mother to the kitchen for the New Year’s Eve dinner on New Year’s Eve. Mia Kyle would occasionally help her with some things. Grandpa Kyle was an elder, and he was old. Of course, he would not do these things. He would just be taking his time to marvel at the scenery outside. Kevin Kyle was busy in his study. Whether it was New Year’s eve or the first day of the New Year, he had not been free before. In Mia Kyle’s words, her brother earns a remarkable amount every second. If he wasted one minute, how much would he lose? So let him do his work. Things were different this year. Today, Karen Daly was busy in the kitchen with Kevin’s mother, while Kevin’s father accompanied Grandpa Kyle to drink tea and play chess in the leisurely garden. After Mia Kyle cheered herself up from a sad mood, she became energetic again. After a while, she was walking around the house. She would always be the life of the family. The person who was the most different from the previous years must be Kevin Kyle. He was not busy in the study like the previous years. Instead, he took the newspaper and sat in the living room to read the newspaper. When Mia Kyle passed by the living room, she was shocked. “Brother, did the sun rise from the west today?” Previous years, if it wasn’t dinner time yet, he would never appear. He actually sat in the living room and read newspapers today. This was simply odd. Kevin Kyle looked at the newspaper and ignored her. He ignored, but Mia Kyle would not let him go easily. She squeezed herself to sit beside him and said with a smile, “Brother, aren’t you busy with work today? Don’t you want to deal with big things?” “If you want to sit, sit quietly.” Kevin Kyle said without looking up, “If you can’t sit properly, go to the kitchen and help mother and sister-in-law.” “So you’re worried that sister-in-law would be tired.” Mia Kyle grabbed the newspaper in his hand and said, “If you care about her, go to the kitchen and have a look. If you sit here like this, how can she know that you are caring about her?” Kevin Kyle raised his head and looked at Mia Kyle with heavy eyes. “Mia, do you want to face the wall to reflect on your mistakes on New Year’s Eve?” “Hey, what’s wrong with you two?” Karen Daly came out with a plate and saw Kevin Kyle with a gloomy face. Mia Kyle immediately said, “Sister-in-law, brother said that he cares about you.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and smiled. “I know.” Kevin Kyle’s face suddenly darkened. He didn’t say a word and didn’t look at them. He felt uncomfortable. How long had these two people known each other? In such a short time, he felt that they have built an alliance and he was pushed away, “Mia, this is a treat made by mother. Let me take it out for you to taste first.” Karen Daly said with a smile. “Thank you, sister-in-law.” Mia Kyle took one and stuffed it into her mouth. She said with satisfaction, “The food made by mother are always delicious.” “Did you wash your hands? Can you talk when you eat? Have you forgotten the etiquette learned in elementary school?” Kevin Kyle looked serious. Karen Daly had never seen him like this before. When he looked at him, there was some inquiry in his eyes. It turned out that he can also be fierce. It’s not entirely, ruthlessly fierce, but just an elder brother educating his younger sister. Mia Kyle pouted, got up and ran, “I don’t want to play with you, emotionless guy. I’ll play chess with grandpa and father.” Mia Kyle ran away, leaving only Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly in the hall Kevin Kyle flipped open the newspaper again and read it attentively Karen Daly sat down beside him and picked up a treat. “Do you want to eat?” Kevin Kyle opened his mouth to bite it, but Karen Daly suddenly withdrew her hand, She said, “Do you still want to be angry?” Kevin Kyle frowned. “I’m not angry.” He just felt uncomfortable, as if she had a better relationship with Mia Kyle than with him Karen Daly smiled gently and asked, “You just don’t want to admit that you care for me?” Kevin Kyle frowned even more. “No.” Karen Daly moved closer to him and said gently, “Kevin, it’s a very happy thing for me to be able to accompany my mother to cook for our family.” On New Year’s Eve, it was the time for a family reunion. Many families would have a reunion dinner on this day. In fact, the meal was not important, but enjoying the good time of a family gathering together. It was boring and insincere for helpers to prepare dinner, so Kevin’s mother would cook for her family every year. It was not about the meal, but love. After the reunion dinner, the family sat around and watched some television while they stayed up through the night. Most people were also like this, so calm and warm, which is actually a kind of happiness. “As long as you are happy,” he said. “Let’s eat.” Karen Daly picked up a treat and fed it to him. After he swallowed, she added, “I didn’t wash my hands either.” Knowing that he was a clean freak, she deliberately said so. After speaking, she ran away. Then she looked back at him and saw that his face was mad. She added, “I’m just teasing you. Don’t be angry, Mr. Kyle.” Kevin Kyle’s face darkened again, and he didn’t even look at her. But when she left, he smiled under his breath. On the day of reunion dinner, the Kyle family would break the rule of not chatting at the dinner table. They sat together and chatted together, happy and warm. After dinner, Karen Daly knew that Kevin’s mother was in poor health, so she took the responsibility of cleaning up. How could Kevin Kyle let his wife do it alone? He also took the initiative to help. One was washing the dishes, and another one drying them. Karen Daly looked at him and said, “You haven’t done these things at home before, have you?” Kevin Kyle shook his head. “No.” “I’m so happy.” She felt so lucky. He got out of his comfort zone for her when they lived together. After packing up, there were shows on the screen. The family sat together to watch some shows while chatting with each other. For example, they discussed the plot, the actors, common topics when you are watching shows. When the firecrackers lit up, Mia Kyle immediately approached Grandpa Kyle and said, “Grandpa, I wish you good health. The longer you live, the younger you are.” Grandpa Kyle smiled and gave a small gift to Mia. “Come, I also hope that our Mia will become more and more beautiful and sensible.” “Thank you, grandpa!” Mia Kyle took the gift and kissed him again.

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