After drinking the medicine, Karen Daly quickly handed a candy to her and said, “Eat it quickly Mia. Don’t be bitter about it.” Mia Kyle took a bite of the candy and said in a subtle tone, “Sister-in-law, why are you so considerate? My brother, that silly guy, has been so lucky to marry such a gentle and considerate wife like you.” “Your mouth can be so sweet with just a piece of candy.” Karen Daly smiled and took back the bowl, and then touched Mia Kyle’s head. “My mouth has always been sweet.” After that, Mia Kyle held Karen Daly and touched her face. “Sister-in-law, since there is nothing to do, and my brother is busy in the study room. Why don’t you accompany me here and chat with me? Let’s talk about my brother.” “What does your brother have gossip about?” Karen Daly was still very interested in this topic. It was impossible to learn about his past from Kevin Kyle himself, so it was not bad to hear it from Mia Kyle. However, Karen Daly, who had always been smart, forgot that Mia Kyle could definitely shoot all sort of nonsense off from her mouth. Mia Kyle had suffered a lot of “bullying” from Kevin Kyle. If Mia Kyle were to talk about her brother’s past, she would definitely be able to talk about it for the rest of the day. “My brother has a lot of gossip about him!” Mia Kyle looked up at the door to make sure that her brother didn’t eavesdrop at the door. She said mysteriously. “It depends on which one you would like to listen to.” “Any one of it will be fine.” Karen Daly said with a smile. There were also some mischievous thoughts in Karen Daly’s heart. Usually, Kevin Kyle always pretended to be cold and distant. If she could know some of his previous embarrassing moments, she could use them to tease him in the future. “Let me tell you something. Before I knew that he got married, I thought he liked men.” Mia Kyle winked and said. Her appearance was so adorable. Karen Daly was amused by her and couldn’t stop laughing, “Mia, why do you think so?” “My brother used to have a girlfriend, but the woman dumped him. By the way, the woman’s family name seems to be Daly too. Speaking of this, Mia Kyle appeared happy. Her brother had always been loved by many in the school. No matter where he went there were countless people who wanted to be his friends, but he was abandoned by a girl. “Why did she dump him?” At the mention of his ex girlfriend’s surname, Karen Daly immediately thought of the thing between Kevin Kyle and Kristine Daly. At that time, Kevin Kyle also told her the same thing. If Kristine Daly didn’t dump Kevin Kyle at that time, then what was happening now? It was possible that Karen Daly had married Charlie Gook, and Kristine Daly had married Kevin Kyle, and the person who had a conflict with the Kyle family here today would be Kristine Daly. Fortunately, Kristine Daly chose to let go of Kevin Kyle and came back to Charlie Gook. Luckily, in the end, Kevin Kyle belonged to her rather than Kristine Daly “Well. You know, my brother could be like a piece of wood and he was as cold as an iceberg. He must be stupid. He did not know how to make his girlfriend happy, so naturally, he was dumped.” As soon as Mia Kyle started talking, she couldn’t stop. Without giving Karen Daly a chance to interrupt, Mia Kyle continued, “Sister- in- law, when my brother was with you, was he also like a piece of wood? Was it boring for you to be with him? Would he take the initiative to chat with you?” “No, in fact, your brother is very good.” Karen Daly naturally stood up for her husband. Except that Kevin Kyle was cold-tempered and didn’t like to talk, he was very good in other aspects. At least, he was very considerate whenever he should be considerate to her. As for what Mia Kyle said, it was even more impossible for Kevin Kyle to fall in love with men, “That’s why I said that my brother was lucky.” “Mia, you just took the medicine. Sleep for a while. Everything will be fine when you wake up.” Karen Daly pulled the quilt to cover Mia Kyle properly, patted her, and watched her fall asleep. In the past, she had never taken care of others so carefully. Perhaps it was because Mia Kyle was too adorable, or perhaps it was because Mia Kyle was Kevin Kyle’s sister. As a sister-in-law, she felt that she should take care of her. However, no matter what it was, Karen Daly had put in a lot of effort to take care of Mia Kyle, who was sick, and it could be regarded as a way to spare everyone else some worries. In a hospital in the Beaford City. Kristine Daly had been lying in the hospital for a few days. Today was the day for her to remove the her bandage. Kristine Daly sat quietly on the bed, and the two nurses stood at the bedside and carefully helped her remove the bandage on her head. A round of bandage was removed, and Kristine Daly was still sitting there. Her eyes were cold, and no a single expression could be seen. “Miss Daly, the wound has already healed. If we use some better medicine from now on, there shouldn’t be much scarring.” Hearing the nurse’s voice, Kristine Daly smiled gently and said, “Could you please give me a mirror so I could look at my face?” “Miss Daly, you’d better not look at it now. You’d better wait a few days when the wound would be better.” The scars on Kristine Daly’s face looked like centipedes, the nurse was a little worried that she would not be able to face the reality. Women had always wanted to be beautiful. Only a few women could accept the fact that their faces were disfigured like this. “Sorry to trouble you but please give me a mirror.” Kristine Daly said. Kristine Daly insisted on seeing it, so it was inappropriate for the nurse to persuade her again, so she found a mirror for her. When Kristine Daly saw the woman with scars all over her face in the mirror, she still didn’t show any expression on her face. But, her hands at the side of her body clenched into fists, and her nails sank deeply into her palms. “Miss Daly, are you okay?” The nurse asked carefully. “I’m fine. Thank you.” Kristine Daly raised her lips and smiled at the ferocious face in the mirror. The nurse took back the mirror and said, “Please go through the discharge form and you can leave the hospital.” “I’ve already completed the discharge form. Kristine Daly was about to say yes when a frivolous male voice suddenly came in. She looked up and saw Mr. Wilis appear at the door of the ward. “These are my personal affairs. I don’t need your help.” Kristine Daly glanced at him and said coldly. “Don’t think too much. I don’t mean anything to you.” He waved to the nurse to go out and said, “You will marry me sooner or later. I just want to see the wounds of my future wife. If we are going to live together in the future, I will need to get used to it in advance so I won’t be scared.” Kristine Daly looked at him coldly. “Do you want to change your mind?” “Of course not. Anyway, I just need to marry you, not sleep with you. It doesn’t matter to me what you look like,” Mr. Wilis said as he reached out to help her up. Kristine Daly grabbed his hand and whispered, “I have paid such a heavy price, and I have another request to make. You have to agree.” “What request? Tell me, if I’m in a good mood, I may agree with it.” Mr. Wilis slightly curled his lips and looked at her quietly..

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