Looking at the smile in Mr. Wilis’s eyes, Kristine Daly did not speak anymore. Her gaze went from being fierce and intimidating, to being expressionless again. She was too stupid and naive. After experiencing so many things, she still thought that someone would help her and that she could rely on a man to complete what she wanted to accomplish. Mr. Wilis and her are only working with each other for mutual benefits. It could be said that they had no affection at all. Now that she had given him everything that the Gook family should have given him, she was no longer useful to him. How could he help her? He came to her today just for show. He wanted to see how serious her injury was and if she could survive. If she was so depressed, it would mean that he wanted to see the final result, because if that was the case, he could completely take back the 20% part of the deal that belonged to her. “Not speaking? Do you want to withdraw your ideas?” Mr. Wilis put his hand in his pocket and asked slowly. “Since you’re so free, I’m sorry to trouble you, but could you send me home?” Kristine Daly asked calmly. Mr. Wilis chuckled and said, “Go home? Which one?” Kristine Daly was stunned when she got out of bed. She looked up at him again and asked, “What do you mean? Mr. Wilis took two steps back and observed Kristine Daly seriously. Then he slowly said, “Miss Kristine Daly, you may not know that during the half month when you were in the hospital, there has been a tremendous change outside.” “What kind of change?” Kristine Daly asked in a hurry. Her cold expression was observed by Mr. Wilis at this moment. In fact, she still care about everything even though she didn’t express it. He added, “The Gook family had been sealed up, and several core leaders of the Gook family have been arrested. As for your father, he escaped quickly. I don’t know where did he go, and even the police can’t find him.” “Haha.” Kristine Daly smiled coldly. Charlie Gook, the beast’s patron, had fallen, which was really a great joy, However, it was a pity that she didn’t see Charlie Gook’s miserable situation and the Gook family being arrested with her own eyes. Mr. Wilis added, “Anyway, I have promised to marry you. You don’t have a place to live, and I can take you back to my place.” Kristine Daly asked, “Was the Daly household sealed up too?” Mr. Wilis said, “That’s not true. Maybe they have not found any evidence of Samuel Daly’s real involvement in the crime yet, but he felt guilty and ran away first. Maybe there isn’t much to search for anyway. “Since my house is still available, I don’t need to go back with you. If you’re willing, please send me back to my place.” Kristine Daly got up and walked out. A cold light suddenly appeared in Mr. Wilis’s eyes as he looked at her back. This seemingly weak woman’s willpower was much stronger than her appearance. She had experienced so many things and her face had been disfigured. How could she be so calm? It seemed that he couldn’t look down on her, and he couldn’t be soft on her. He couldn’t leave any future troubles for himself. Thinking of this, Mr. Wilis quickly followed up. He helped Kristine Daly up courteously and said, “You have been lying on the bed for so long. Don’t go too fast. If you faint, you have to continue to stay in the hospital.” Kristine Daly shook off his hand and said coldly, “You and I both know what we want. Don’t act with me.” “I just want to be nice to you. I mean no harm.” He smiled. “I don’t need it.” Kristine Daly ignored him and strode out. Then Mr. Wilis drive Kristine Daly back to her place. When she got off the car, he stopped her and said, “Miss Daly, still have some things to give you.” Kristine Daly stopped walking and turned back. “What is it?” “I’m worried that you don’t sleep well, so I got a bottle of sleeping pills specially through my contacts.” Mr. Wilis took out a white bottle without any labels and shook it outside the window. Kristine Daly raised her eyebrows and said, “It’s not too late for me to be happy about the fall of the Gook family, so how can I not fall asleep?” “You really don’t need it?” Mr. Wilis smiled and said, “The dosage here is enough for a person to sleep to death and never wake up. I gave you so much at one time just for you to have a good sleep. Don’t eat it all at once and don’t let me get charged with murder.” Murderer! Kristine Daly’s eyes lit up. She reached out to take the bottle and said, “Then, thank you for this.” Mr. Wilis said, “You and I will be husband and wife soon. You don’t have to be so courteous.” After that, he waved his hands, and drove away. Kristine Daly saw Mr. Wilis driving away, and then turned back to enter her house. After returning to her house, Kristine Daly noticed that it was swept clean. All valuable things were sold by Samuel Daly, and there were no helpers around. It seemed that Samuel Daly knew about the fall of the Gook family, and he couldn’t get rid of the relationship, so he was ready to escape. She went back to her room, which was in a mess. There was blood on the ground that had dried up, which proved that no one had cleaned up after she went to the hospital. She sat in front of the dresser and looked carefully at herself in the mirror again. This face used to be so beautiful, and she even felt that she would never lose to Karen Daly in terms of appearance. Now she was unrecognizable. The scars, big and small, looked like small worms, which was disgusting. “Ah – She screamed hysterically, holding her head in her arms. After venting for a while, she gradually calmed down. She stretched out her fingers and stroked every scar gently. Every time she touched a wound, the hatred in her eyes became deeper. Charlie Gook, Samuel Daly, Karen Daly The reason why she was here today was all caused by these people. If Karen Daly did not exist, Charlie Gook would not compare her with Karen Daly, and it was even more impossible for him to do these unspeakable things to her. Thinking of this, she stopped touching the scars and turned her head to look at the window. The weather in Beaford City had always been like this. It was almost mid month after the New Year, and the weather was still so cold. It seemed that a new round of heavy snow was about to start. The heavy snowfall will then melt in a few weeks. Everything new would start again. She also wanted to start her life again. She took out her mobile phone and searched for news about the Gook family. As expected, a large number of people were searched. The most eye-catching thing was that the Gook family’s commercial crimes had been investigated and several core leaders had been arrested. As for Charlie Gook, if there was no news about him, it proved that he was fine. He was not involved in the case of the Gook family’s crime. “Can’t I do anything if he’s not involved?” Kristine Daly thought She looked at herself in the mirror again, smiled and said, “Charlie Gook, if you gave me a hard time, how can I let you live comfortably?”.

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