Half a month seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye. In the past few days, the temperature in Chatterton Town had risen, and the sun was shining bright every day, which lifted people’s spirits. After lunch, Kevin Kyle’s mother invited Karen Daly and Mia Kyle to sit in the garden, basked in the sun and chat. Kevin Kyle’s mother patted Karen Daly’s hand and said, “Karen, we will go back to the United States tomorrow. From now on, you and Matthew will live in the Chatterton Town. You must get along well with each other.” “Mom, you should say these to my brother. If the two of them quarrel, it must be because of him who doesn’t know how to make Karen happy.” Mia Kyle chimed in and said. “I wanted to tell him, but do you think I have time to tell him? A few days after the New Year, he had been busy with work. Every day he goes out early and comes back late. I can’t even see his shadow. How can I find a chance to tell him?” Speaking of her son, Kevin Kyle’s mother was full of complaints. She had always known that her son was a workaholic. He would be occupied with work 24/7. Now that he had gotten married, it seemed that nothing had changed. However, she knew that it was not entirely Kevin Kyle’s fault. It was because of her. If her body had not gotten weaker, Kevin Kyle’s father would not have handed over all the work to Kevin Kyle so early. “You can’t put pressure on sister-in-law.” Mia Kyle pouted her lips and looked at Karen Daly, who lowered her head and said nothing, “Karen, don’t you think so?” “Sorry? What?” Karen Daly asked in confusion. “Karen, did he really make you unhappy?” Seeing Karen Daly’s absent-minded look, Mia Kyle instinctively felt that her brother had made her sister-in-law angry. “We’re fine.” Karen Daly replied weakly. She didn’t know what had happened to her. She had been sleepy for the past few days. Kevin Kyle will leave work very early in the morning, and will only get up hours later. When he’s not back yet, she would go to bed early. But she still felt sleepy after sleeping so much every day. “Karen, are you not feeling well? Or did Matthew make you unhappy?” Kevin Kyle’s mother also noticed that Karen Daly was different from the past, and she was not in the mood. “I’m not unwell, Karen Daly said. But when she saw the skeptical look in Kevin Kyle’s mother’s eyes, she added, so that she would not worry, “Maybe I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m a little sleepy today.” She didn’t want Kevin Kyle’s mother to worry about her at all, but through the ears of his mother and Mia Kyle, it was perceived with a completely different meaning. Kevin Kyle’s mother smiled and said softly, “Since you’re tired, go back to your room and sleep for a while. You won’t have to get up until you’re fully charged.” Karen Daly was so sleepy that she couldn’t open her eyes, and she didn’t pay attention to the implicit meaning behind her words. She nodded and said, “Then I’ll go.” Karen Daly tried to beat her sleepiness, but it was impossible. She had to rest well before she could chat with Kevin Kyle’s mother and Mia Kyle. After getting along for nearly a month, Karen Daly deeply felt the care and love of the parents of the Kyle Family. Especially Kevin Kyle’s mother, she was like her own mother, always smiling kindly at her, which was so gentle that people wanted to be in her embrace. It was probably a blessing for a woman to have such a caring mother-in-law. It must be so rare. After the Gook family was investigated, the news that several core leaders had been taken in was quickly spread throughout the major cites, and it became the headlines for weeks. Over the New Year, Karen Daly was not in the mood to pay attention to the Daly Family or the Gook Family, so she naturally ignored the news. However, this news was too shocking. As soon as Karen Daly returned to her room, the news from the Gook family’s search popped up on her mobile phone. After reading, Karen Daly had an unspeakable feeling in her heart. There was no pleasant satisfaction as expected after her revenge. Instead, she felt a mixture of emotions. Life was so uncertain that it could push a person to the peak in a minute, and then it could throw a person to the lowest point in a minute. She reminisced the time when the Gook family was in such a great heyday. The young master of the Gook family, Charlie Gook, was very eye-catching, but now he was doomed. To be able to defeat the Gook family in such a short period of time, that Mr. Wilis must be much more powerful than she had imagined. Such a person, she had to stay away from him in the future, and should not have anything to do with him As for Samuel Daly, it was said that he had run away. How could that beast run away? While she was thinking, Kevin Kyle called her. She picked up the call and heard Kevin Kyle’s magnetic voice, “What are you doing?” “I’m missing you.” Karen Daly smiled and said. Sure enough, after hearing this answer, the man on the other end of the phone was silent again. She added, “Don’t you want me to miss you?” Kevin Kyle replied, “No.” Karen Daly asked, “What’s that?” Kevin Kyle didnt say anything, “.” Karen Daly said, “Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to say it. I’m going to sleep now, so I won’t talk to you anymore.” In fact, she really wanted to chat with him and wanted to hear his voice, but she was too sleepy. Kevin Kyle suddenly said “Karen.” “I’m not angry with you.” Hearing his helpless voice, Karen Daly couldn’t resist smiling and said, “The elders are going back to the United States tomorrow. Do I need to prepare anything else? Kevin Kyle said, “No need.” Karen Daly sighed. “We’ve been together for nearly a month and they’re going back. Suddenly, I feel empty in my heart. I’m so reluctant to say goodbye.” “You still have me.” “But the feeling is different.” “What’s the difference?” Karen Daly rested her head on the pillow and said softly, “Because you are my husband. You are unique to me. It must be different.” “Well, I see.” He gave such a short and annoying answer. If he was by her side, Karen Daly would definitely pounce on him and bite him hard. “Then ‘ll hang up.” Before he could answer, she hung up on the call, laid in bed, closed her eyes and was about to sleep. The phone beside her rang again, Karen Daly answered, “Is there anything else?” “Karen, have you seen the news of the fall of the Gook family? It’s really a great joy.” Faye Reed’s voice came from the phone. “Oh,” Karen Daly answered weakly. “It’s a good thing that the Gook family is overthrown. Why do hear that your tone is a little sad?” Faye Reed asked discontentedly. “I was just about to fall asleep, but I was woken up by you. I think it’s fair enough that I didn’t scold you, but how can I be happy?” Karen Daly had been woken up twice at this point, she was getting a little agitated. “Well, it’s not the right time for me to call. But tell me, when will you come to work?” “Tomorrow afternoon.” After sending off the Kyle family tomorrow, she would go to work. Since she would be occupied with work, then maybe she wouldn’t feel so groggy anymore.

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