After finishing work, Karen Daly went directly to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. After exiting the pharmacy, she took out her mobile phone and searched on the Internet for information on how to use the pregnancy test stick. According to the Internet, it was best to use the stick for testing the first urine in the morning as it typically contained the highest level of pregnancy hormones Anyway, there was no point to hurry. She just waited for another night, hoping there would be good news when she checked the next morning. While she was thinking, Kevin Kyle called again. As soon as she picked up the phone, she heard his low and sexy voice, “Are you done with work?” Karen Daly nodded and said, “Yes, I just got off work and was about to take a taxi home.” Kevin Kyle said, “Turn around.” Karen Daly turned around and saw that Kevin Kyle’s car was not far behind her. She grabbed her bag tight. She wondered how long Kevin Kyle had been there, she hoped he had not seen her coming out of a pharmacy suspiciously. “What’s wrong?” “How long have you been here?” “I’ve just arrived.” “Oh.” Karen Daly breathed a sigh of relief, then hung up the phone and walked to him. Kevin Kyle got out of the car and opened the door for her. He placed his hands above her head to shield her from hitting anything when she was entering the car. He was quite the gentleman. After she fastened her seat belt, she asked, “Didn’t you say you’re busy? Why are you getting off work so early?” “I’m done with my work,” he said. In reality, he was worried that she would be too lonely when she went home alone, so he got off work early. “Kevin-” She called out to him, but did not know what to say Thinking that she might be possibly pregnant with their first child, she could barely hide her excitement. At the same time, there was no certainty that she really got pregnant This made her uneasy, “Yes?” He looked at her worriedly. “Nothing.” She smiled at him. She’d better tell him after she confirmed it. At least she would be the only one disappointed. The dinner that Aunt Jen prepared was very much to Karen Daly’s liking. It was her favorite seafood feast. Looking at the steamed crabs on the table, Karen Daly was very hungry. However, she recalled somebody told her that seafood and early pregnancy did not go hand in hand. When this hit her, she pulled back her hand and could only devoured the crabs with her eyes. She was so hungry that she was salivating. Looking at her transfixed expression, Kevin Kyle thought that she didn’t know how to eat the crab. He used the pliers to crack open the hard shells and revealed the tender meat underneath gracefully. He put them in her bowl and said, “Eat it” “You eat it” Karen Daly returned it. “I had afternoon tea this afternoon, and I’m not hungry yet. i’ll be fine after having some porridge.” “You really don’t want to eat it?” Kevin Kyle confirmed again. He didn’t think of other reasons that could stop her from eating that Karen Daly shook her head and said, “I feel slightly bloated. I really don’t feel like eating it.” Kevin Kyle didn’t insist on it anymore. He picked up a bowl of porridge for her and said, “Have some.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded, picked up the spoon, and took a big spoonful. However, when she was eating porridge, she could not help but glanced at him eating crabs. He was enjoying his meal which made her drool. It was a subtle act but Kevin Kyle interpreted it differently. He asked, “What are you thinking about?” “Nothing.” Karen Daly shook his head and lowered her head to eat the porridge. Kevin Kyle who was too oblivious did not realize that she was stopping herself from eating the crabs. He continued eating and did not bother her much. Karen Daly couldn’t stand it anymore. She gulped down the porridge in large mouthfuls and said angrily, “Momo will go back to our room first.” and I “Okay,” replied Kevin Kyle flatly. Karen Daly carried Momo off the floor and had angry thoughts going through her mind. Mia was right, Kevin Kyle was a clueless guy, he didn’t even realize that she was angry. Back in her room, Karen Daly decided to leave her anger behind as she still had work waiting for her to complete. So she went to her study area and continued to work on the design draft that had yet to be completed today. However her mind was full of the thoughts about her possible offspring, so she couldn’t really concentrate. She discarded her drafts, not happy with her designs at the moment. When Kevin Kyle returned to the room, he saw her anxious look. He went over, putting her hand on her shoulder and asked, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.” She shook her head. “You can be busy with your work. Don’t bother me.” As soon as she said this, Karen Daly felt that she was too harsh. He was concerned about her, but she was taking it as a form of annoyance. She heard that the pregnant woman was especially moody and couldn’t stand anything. Some even had postpartum depression. When she thought of this, Karen Daly was even more worried. She shouldn’t be thinking too much at the moment when she was not even sure she was pregnant. It would be stupid to damage her relationship with Kevin Kyle because she was not able to control her temper. She grabbed his hand again and threw herself into his arms, and hugged him tightly. “Mr. Kyle, I was not thinking straight when I said that. You’re not angry with me, right?” “You are my wife. How can I be angry with you?” He rubbed her head and sighed in his heart. What a fool. Even if he was dissatisfied with her occasionally, he would not blame her. These days, in front of his family, she tried her best to be a qualified daughter-in-law and took everything into her own hands because she was a family-oriented person. “Are you still busy?” She shifted in his arms and looked at him. “Yes.” He nodded. “Then go ahead.” She let go of him. “I’ll be busy for a while too.” “Okay. Call me if you need anything.” He kissed her ruddy cheeks and turned to leave. Looking at his back and touching her cheeks, she blushed unknowingly. After being interrupted by Kevin Kyle, she chose to put aside the matter of a possible pregnancy, and focus on her drawings. However, as her hands were working on the drawings, her mind started to wander off somewhere again. In her head, there was a toddler that looked like Kevin Kyle, with a big smile on her face, calling her “mama”. “Woof, woof, woof…” Perhaps she had been left out for too long, Momo barked softly to get her attention Karen Daly snapped back to reality, and picked Momo up while rubbing its head, “Momo, do you want a little brother or a little sister?” “Woof, woof, woof..” It tried to send the signal to her that it didn’t want any brother of sister. If mom had a child, her attention would be divided then. That’s why it didn’t want a new member in the house. “I think you want both a little brother and little sister right? I can only give birth to either one, you get to choose only one. Next time, I will give birth to another one for you.” Momo wouldn’t tell others what she told her anyway, so she could have this little conversation with her. She had to talk to somebody tonight Normally the night would pass by so fast and in a blink of an eye it would be already morning. However, tonight seemed to be much slower, as if her life flashed by in front of her eyes. But in the end, morning came. Kevin Kyle was still by the window and read the newspaper. After Karen Daly greeted him, she went to the bathroom to test if she was pregnant. When she saw there were two red lines on the pregnancy test stick, she was so excited that she almost screamed. She was pregnant!.

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