“He is Leo Kyle! “Leo Kyle!” “Leo Kyle. Karen Daly repeated the words of Grandpa Kyle and suddenly had the urge to laugh. She wanted to laugh at herself for being so stupid. She had been with Kevin Kyle for such a long time, yet has never known of his real identity He had told her about that in the past, but under the circumstances of that time, she thought that he was only joking with her. Plus, she had seen the so-called pictures of Leo Kyle on the Internet. How could she have known that he was Leo Kyle? She did not want him to have such a prominent identity. She only hoped that he was an ordinary man with an ordinary job. She did not want him to make a lot of money, as she could make money by herself. The two of them would have made enough money to live a normal life. She didn’t need to live in a big villa as well. Even if she just rented a house, as long as she was with that man, she would still be elated. But the truth was that Kevin Kyle’s identity was so prominent that everyone in the world of business knew about him. He is the iron-hearted, decisive chief of Rovio, Leo Kyle! Leo Kyle! Never in her life had Karen Daly thought she would meet him, she had never thought that she would have anything to do with the man with that name. He was a man that she wouldn’t even dream of meeting, yet she has a real relationship with him, and even became his wife. “Karen, no matter what status Matthew has, no matter how much power he holds outside, to us, he will always be a child in our eyes. We want the best for him, and do not want any him to have any regrets in his life. You are still young, and you do not understand the feelings of us parents and elders. But one day, you will understand.” Grandpa Kyle said earnestly. Upon hearing about children, Karen Daly subconsciously put her hand on her lower abdomen. She was pregnant with a new life inside, and was a woman who was about to be a mother When she found out she was pregnant, she was so happy, as if she had owned the entire world. She wanted to tell this good news to her mother and her husband. Apart from that, she wanted to tell everybody in the world that she was pregnant. She really wanted to let the whole world know that she was a blessed woman. She had a husband who loved her very much, and they were about to have a child together. However, before this happiness could be spread out, it was doomed by Grandpa Kyle’s words. She even wondered if the new life in her belly would not be welcomed to this world. If what grandpa Kyle said was true, that her birth was tainted, then the child that she would eventually give birth to would not be any better. Grandpa Kyle said, “Karen, I heard you like fashion design. As long as you are willing, I can arrange for you to study with the world’s top clothing designer. And I promise you that you won’t worry about your life in the future.” “Grandpa Kyle, it seems that the reason you came to me today is for me to leave Kevin Kyle.” Karen Daly said with a deep breath. She looked at Grandpa Kyle, and then raised her lips. With a gentle laugh, she said firmly, “No matter what, I will not leave Kevin Kyle, unless he wants me to leave or if he wants to leave me.” Karen Daly stood up, raised her head and puffed her chest. She then walked away in the most elegant posture. However, as soon as she took the first step, she felt dizzy, and her footsteps were light, as if she would fall down at any time. But she would not allow herself to fall down, especially in front of those people. She did not want them to see her like that. She glanced at the sight of the tea house, what an elegant tea house it was! She thought about how many people could fancy coming here for a drink without any ill intentions. “Karen, I hope that you think this through, I’ll give you five days to call my secretary. I promise that the conditions that I promised you are real and valid.” Grandpa Kyle’s old voice came from behind, but without looking back, Karen Daly said, “Grandpa, it would be better to persuade your grandson.” At the beginning of the marriage, she and Kevin Kyle had made it clear that there was no love in this marriage. They just wanted to live a good life together. And on the first night that she moved into his house, he told her that they would not speak of a break up no matter what. As long as Kevin Kyle did not mention breaking up, she would never mention it as well. To keep this promise from the first day of their marriage was the only thing that she could do. When she walked out of the tea house, the sun was high up in the sky. The warm sunshine warmed up Karen Daly’s cold body bit by bit. She took another deep breath and looked up at the sky Kevin Kyle seemed to be like the red sun in the sky, giving her infinite warmth when she needed it. She also coveted the warmth he gave her. When she thought of Kevin Kyle, she thought of everything he had done for her, which convinced her even more that no one could force her to leave him except for himself. At this time, she really wanted to call him and listen to his voice. She wanted to tell him that they had a child, but she was afraid that she could not control her emotions and cry in front of him. She didn’t want to rely on him for everything, she did not want to show him the side of him that was weak. For she believed that she too could be strong, and not everyone could knock her down. Karen Daly stood on the side of a road and stared at the moving cars. She stood for a while and thought of plenty of things. After she controlled her emotions, she took a taxi to go back to her studio to work. Back at the studio, Faye Reed immediately sensed that something was off with Karen Daly, and frantically asked, “You don’t look good, are you OK?” “I’m fine.” Karen Daly smiled. “But your hands are cold.” Faye Reed quickly poured her a glass of hot water, “Drink up, it’ll warm your body.” Karen Daly smiled, “Faye, did you know? When I made up my mind to forget about the past and only wanted to spend the rest of my life with Kevin Kyle, do you know how blessed ! “Karen, of course, I know.” Faye Reed knew that after everything she had experienced, having someone who loves her was not easy, and she knew that Karen Daly had always cherished it. Karen Daly continued, “But someone told me that we aren’t meant to be, that we are two people from completely different worlds, and that someone like me does not deserve to be by his side. What did I do wrong? I only want to spend the rest of my life with him, to have his children and live a normal life. Is this really too much to ask for?” “Karen, what’s wrong? Where did you hear about this?” Karen Daly didn’t cry or make a fuss, she was calm. But this only made Faye Reed even more worried..

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