Karen Daly continued, “Others can look down on me, but I will never look down on myself. I always feel that I’m not worse than other people. And I believe, the ones that truly understand and admire me will always be by my side.” “Karen, you have always been exceptional in my heart, better than a lot of people.” Faye Reed’s words were not only for comfort, but also words that she had kept in her heart. It was because Karen Daly was such an outstanding person, and a worthy friend. Back then, when Karen Daly met with that situation, Faye Reed accompanied her to Chatterton Town to start a business together, to plan a better future together. “Faye, there’s nothing to be worried about, nothing can stop me.” Karen Daly smiled gently, paused for a while, and said, “Now I know that happiness does not come easy, we must strive for it, and once we have it, we have to protect it with our hearts. Never give up because of a little obstacle.” Therefore, Karen Daly was sure and firm that she would not leave Kevin Kyle just because of Grandpa Kyle’s words. Moreover, she also believed in Kevin Kyle. In Karen Daly’s heart, he would never look down on her. He always trusted her and supported her, Faye Reed nodded, “Karen, I know that you are always working hard. Life would never disappoint you, your happiness will eventually come.” “Well, I think so too.” Karen Daly laughed wholeheartedly and took another sip of water, “Faye, we need to take more orders and make more money, so that we can have a better life.” Upon seeing Karen Daly’s smile, Faye Reed also smiled. She patted her shoulder and said, “Let’s work hard, and buy a house and car as soon as possible.” Karen Daly thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t we go to look at some cars after work today? I want to buy a car.” Karen Daly thought about it, and said, “Haven’t you always said that you wanted to save money? Why do you suddenly want to buy a car?” Karen Daly said, “Taking a taxi everyday is quite expensive as well. If we buy a car, we might be able to save more money” Moreover, a taxi can’t enter her residential area, as it could only stop at the gate. It took her more than half an hour walking inside every day, which was too long, too tiring and too inconvenient Furthermore, she wanted to buy a car as a way to show Grandpa Kyle that she was economically stable, that she could live a comfortable life by herself, and not rely on the Kyle family. After she made a lot of money, she would have the ability to buy a house, so that when Kevin Kyle had no more money, she could take care of him. When she thought about it, Karen Daly worked harder and paid more attention to work, she hoped that every customer would appreciate and like the wedding dress she designed. If they liked it, they would introduce it to their friends. Such a good reputation would spread easily, and the more it spread, the better her job security. Soon, she would not have to worry about not being able to get an order. They busied themselves until noon, and at this time Karen Daly was at a critical part of her design draft. Normally, she would wait till her draft was completed before eating, or not eating lunch altogether. However, over lunch time today, she asked for Faye Reed to order lunch for her. She could stay hungry, but not her baby. Now, not only was she Karen Daly, but also Kevin Kyle’s wife. She was also a woman who was about to be a mother, no matter what, she had to think about them first. After work, Faye Reed accompanied Karen Daly to a car shop. She could not afford to buy a luxury car, but a simple, commercial car was not a problem for her. Previously, Karen Daly had been interested in a specific car brand, and they researched on the brand previously as well. Which was why they went straight to the brand’s shop. Karen Daly fancied a model after browsing around, after trying it out, she immediately paid the down payment and decided to pick it up in two days. As soon as she paid the bill, Kevin Kyle called. On the phone, his voice was still as usual, deep and sexy, “Where are you?” “I’m buying a car.” Buying a car was a big deal. She couldn’t hide it from him, but she didn’t want to hide it from him anyway “Then I’ll come and fetch you.” His voice was still as calm as usual. She went to buy a car by herself, without using his money, but he didn’t feel ashamed, nor did he ask her why she wanted to buy a car “Okay.” After the call, Karen Daly sent her location to Kevin Kyle’s phone. After about twenty minutes, Kevin Kyle arrived. Faye Reed knew that Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle must have some discussions, so she left after greeting him. After getting on his car, Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand, looked at her seriously and said, “Karen, there are some things that I didn’t think through.” “Why would you say this?” Karen Daly looked at him, and blinked her eyes playfully. Kevin Kyle looked at her fair face, while Karen Daly forced a smile, and suddenly he felt uncomfortable. There had to be a reason for her to buy a car by herself. Judging from her personality, he knew that she was unwilling to tell him the reason for this, so he was wondering if he should ask. If he didn’t ask, he would never know the reason. But if he ask, there was a small possibility of him getting an answer, so he asked, “Why do you suddenly buy a car?” “I’ve made some money and want to get myself something. I’ ve had a license for a long time, and it’s a great time to put it to use.” Her answer was very natural, so he couldn’t find a way to twist her words. He looked at her for some time, and slowly said, “Apart from the things at work, I have always had other people to take care of my other stuff. I don’t know much, and there are some things that only come to my mind after a while.” “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much, Me knowing much would be enough, I can remind you of other things in the future.” Karen Daly suddenly thought it was funny, Kevin Kyle s words indirectly meant that he admitted that his EQ was quite low. Looking at her serious expression and particularly confident look, Kevin Kyle found that Karen Daly seemed to be a little different today. But he could not identify the reason. He looked at her and could not resist the urge to hold her, he slowly lowered his head and kissed her. The kiss was gentle and swift, he released her afterwards. Karen Daly held his hand and smiled, “Let’s go home first. I have good news to tell you when we get home.” He raised his eyebrows and said, “Can’t you say it now?” For the sake of safety, I can’t tell you now.” If she told him, he would be too excited and it would be dangerous to drive, so it was better to tell him after they were home. “What’s the matter?” The more she didn’t want to tell him, the more interested he was. “I’ve said that i’ll tell you when we get home. Why are you still asking? You aren’t cute at all like this.” Karen Daly reached out to pinch his face and squeezed it hard. “Mr. Kyle, be good.” Suddenly being treated like a child was a shock to him, Kevin Kyle turned to the front of the car and he started to drive home..

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