On the way back, Kevin Kyle didn’t say a word, Karen Daly was silent all along. She thought about all the things that had happened in the past few months. Kevin was a quiet person. He barely chatted with her, but he made her feel at ease and warm. He said before that they were both adults, and the idea of “true love doesn’t exist in the real world. He said that no matter what happened, they shouldn’t consider a break-up easily. He also said that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He wasn’t a sweet talker, so she remembered every one of the sentences he said. Even if there were no love between them, she too, believed that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life together. However, what was lingering on Karen’s mind was what Grandpa Kyle said to her today. She knew very well that Grandpa Kyle did not want her to be with Kevin because of her poor background. Her birth was not up to her, and her mother was also a victim herself. It was unfair for her and her mother to bear the consequences of the past events. She righteously thought that she has worked very hard to live a good life over the years. She had never done anything bad nor hurtful to others in the past. Didn’t she not qualify to be with Kevin? Why couldn’t she be his wife? Why couldn’t she pursue the happiness she wanted? She would try her best to protect her happiness, her husband. No one had a say to just let her give up. After thinking it through, Karen’s mood was enlightened. She then let out a long sigh of relief. “What’s wrong?” Kevin parked the car, looked back at her and asked. “Kevin, you said I am the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Does this promise still count?” She asked, looking at him eagerly. “What are you thinking again?” Of course, he’s a man of his word. He wondered what was in this woman’s mind all day long? “Tell me, even if you meet another woman that you want to love, will you leave me?” She grabbed his hand, shook it and ask. “You are my wife.” He had already married her. How could he fall in love with another woman? Even if he wanted to love someone, it will still be her. “A marriage could end in divorce. After divorce, you can marry someone else, and someone else would be your wife.” She was not satisfied. “I won’t.” Kevin threw out these two words in a heavy voice, unfastened his seat belt and got off the car. “What do you mean?” Karen followed him out of the car and continued asking him. “I would only have one wife in my life, and there will be no one else.” Kevin looked at her, and his tone sounded undeniably serious. “Okay, I believe in you.” She threw herself into his arms and held him tightly. “In my life, I only want you.” A person like him would not make a promise easily. Once he made it, he would do his best to fulfill it. Therefore, she had nothing to worry about, and she didn’t need to think about what Grandpa Kyle had told her before, as long as she believed in him. She took his hand and put it on her lower abdomen. “Here, touch it. Can you feel anything?” He raised his eyebrows and asked, “You lost weight? Karen rolled her eyes at him and said, “Feel it again.” Kyle’s warm and thick palm moved around her belly, he was squinting slightly, and seriously thought about what she wanted to tell him. But after thinking for a while, he still couldn’t figure it out, so he shook his head. “Il let you guess, there will be a reward for you.” Karen did not intend to let him go easily. “Do you want me now?” A faint smile appeared in Kevin’s eyes. He was flirting with her, but he said it so sincerely. Karen instantly understood what he was thinking. She punched him playfully. “Kevin, your reaction is so slow. Can’t we have a good chat?” How could there be such a stupid man? She gave him so many hints, but he still could not figure it out. What if their children were born with the same personality as him? What should they do? A piece of wood in front of her was enough. If there was another piece of wood for her to deal with, it would drive her crazy. “What exactly is it that you want to tell me?” he asked again. “Our child is in here.” She said with a smile and fixed her eyes on his face, paying attention to his every reaction. “Mmm.” He snorted softly, held her hand, and continued to move forward. He was so calm that it was unbelievable. “Kevin Kyle!!” Karen wanted to kick him. Was this the reaction he should have when he heard that she’s pregnant with his child? “Let’s eat,” he said. His voice was deep and his eyes were cold. Karen was not feeling well at all. Not only did she want to hit someone. She still wanted to bite him. “I don’t want to eat.” She shook off his hand and said angrily. “You have to eat.” He said with a very concerned look. ” said I don’t want to eat.” She rushed forward, but was grabbed by Kevin “Listen to me,” he sounded helpless. Looking at him, Karen felt even more helpless. He had such a cold personality. She shouldn’t have expected that he would be so excited that he would just carry her and spin her around. On the dinner table, Aunt Jen prepared all the healthy and nutritious dishes. Karen glanced over and thought that the dishes are all good for pregnant women. She sat down. Kevin served her a bowl of rice and said, “Eat more.” “It’s easy to gain weight if you eat too much at dinner.” She said so, but she didn’t want to eat any lesser. Now she was not only alone. She had to take care of the baby. The more she ate, the healthier her child would be. “It’s better put on some weight.” He picked some food and placed them on her plate. “I’ll look ugly if I’m fat.” “There’s nothing wrong with it.” “Are you sure?” “Eat quickly.” He ignored her and ate seriously. After dinner, Karen went back to her room to take a bath. She went to bed early to rest. Like always, Kevin went to the study room, and continued on with his work. At this time, Kevin was not in the mood to work at all. He smoked one cigarette after another, he was still thinking about what Karen had told him not long ago. Did she say that she was carrying their child? Did she mean in the future? Or was she already pregnant? At that moment, he didn’t know what he felt, so he didn’t ask anything. He was worried that the answer he had heard was not what he had expected. He was worried that he had thought too much. It turned out that he was hoping for her to be pregnant soon, so that they could be together longer even if there was no passion in the marriage. Kevin finished the last cigarette. He suddenly got up, went to another room to take a bath, brushed his teeth, and changed into a pair of clean pajamas. After making sure that there was no trace of smoke on his body, he went back to their room. He unconsciously slowed down his pace and quietly came to her side. He stood by the bed and calmly looked at Karen who was fast asleep..

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