Just as he was staring at her, Karen opened her eyes. Their eyes met. “Are you done with your work?” she asked sleepily. “Karen..” He called her name, and his voice trembled. “Huh?” She rubbed her eyes. “You were telling me earlier that you’re pregnant with our child?” He paused for a long time before asking this simple question. Hearing what he said, Karen finally understood why his reaction was so calm. It turned out that this man was suspecting that he had heard it wrong. He must care about it so much that he had such a silly reaction She didn’t know what to reply. “Karen-” He called her name again, followed by a nervous swallow. “Yes, I’m really pregnant with our child, Mr. Leo Kyle.” She nodded and looked at him with a faint smile. Hearing Karen’s words, Kevin did not respond for a long time. He looked at her deeply. She couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. He looked stunned silly. She was unsure whether it was because he heard her say that he was pregnant or that she called him Mr. Leo Kyle. “Mr. Leo Kyle?” Karen waved her hands in front of his eyes, then asked with a smile, “Are you unhappy hearing this news?” “No.” He laid down on the bed by her side and instinctively wanted to reach out and pull her into his arms, but just when he realized that she was pregnant, he was worried that he might hurt her. He took back his hand and was so nervous that he did not know where to place it. It was the first time that she saw him flustered. Karen couldn’t help but laugh. She turned over and rolled over to his side. As she was about to speak, she heard his harsh voice, “Lie still, don’t move around.” Karen blinked his eyes and said, “Hey, Mr. Kyle, you are favoring your child over your wife aren’t you?” “..” Kevin was speechless. It was not that he favored the child more, but it’s because his mother had suffered from complications when she gave birth to him. He was worried about her. Karen rested his head on his arm comfortably and sighed: “Mr. Kyle, don’t worry too much. My baby and I will be strong. Kevin laid next to her, he didn’t dare to move his stiff body, as if he would hurt her if he had any movements. Karen continued, “Don’t tell the elders about my pregnancy for the time being. I heard that it could only be announced after the first three months.” “Okay.” It didn’t matter if that sentence was true or not, he would just listen to her. “Go to bed then.” She moved her body and put her face against his chest. “Good night, Mr. Leo Kyle!” “Alright.” He nodded, but his body was still stiff and he didn’t dare to move. After a long while, he asked, “Why do you suddenly believe that I’m Leo Kyle?” She thought he was just joking when he told her in the past. Why did she suddenly believe in it today? Her action and behaviors today made him feel different. Was she acting strange because she found out that she was pregnant? “Because you are,” she said with a grin. “You told me that you hated Leo very much.” At that time, he was worried that she would not accept his identity easily. I hated the so-called womanizer Leo Kyle, but the Leo Kyle I know is not that kind of person, so I will still treat you well. Don’t worry.” No matter who he was, he was her husband, and she would accept him no matter what. She didn’t expect to get something off of Leo Kyle. She could get all she wanted by working hard, that’s why she could accept his identity easily. The reason was simple. Kevin was struggling to believe in her reasons. He gently patted her back and coaxed her to sleep like how he would do with a child. Karen was always sleepy recently. She fell asleep in the blink of an eye. However, Kevin couldn’t sleep at all. Knowing that she was pregnant with their child, he began to overthink Was it a boy or a girl? Would the child look more like him or her? He still hoped that it’s a baby girl, a daughter who looked and have a personality like her. No matter how much she had been through, she could still be optimistic and happy. After thinking about it quite a while, his palm carefully touched her lower abdomen. Obviously, he couldn’t feel anything, but it was as if he could feel a tiny heart beating inside. What a strange experience Not long ago, he didn’t even have the idea of getting married. He didn’t expect that he would have a child after only a few months. There’s a saying that mentioned how children are the legacy of parents’ lives, so did it mean that their lives could live on? “Kevin..” Karen muttered in her sleep. “Huh?” Kevin held his breath and listened quietly, listening to what she wanted to say. “We’ll be together forever, right?” Her voice was so soft, but Kevin heard it clearly Although she couldn’t see or hear anything, he still nodded and said, “Of course.” As long as she’s willing, of course they would be together forever He didn’t know how she was thinking deep down in her heart, but he knew his thoughts clearly When he decided to marry her, this idea was already in his mind, firm as a rock. He had never hesitated. The next day. Karen woke up early. She instinctively looked at the window when she opened her eyes, but did not see Kevin, who usually sits by the window reading the newspaper in his neat outfit “You’re awake.” His voice suddenly came from above her head. When she turned around, she saw that he was lying beside her in his pajamas. “Aren’t you busy today?” Ever since they were married, this was the first time she woke up with him still lying beside, except for the time when he had a fever. “I’m on leave today,” he said. “It’s so early in the year and you’re taking a day off, we have several months to go in the future. Don’t you have to go to work every day?” Karen knew the reason he didn’t go to work right after she heard it. It was a good news expecting a baby, but she didn’t want him to think too much about it, and she didn’t want it to affect his work. “I’m happy today,” he said. Although he said that he was happy, his expression was still as calm as before. No one could tell that he’s happy. “I’ll to go to work.” She didn’t want to quit the job just because she was pregnant. She had to work hard to raise the baby. She would never be a homemaker that only depended on her husband. “It’s okay. I’ll accompany you there,” he said. Karen:”. He sincerely wanted her to feel bad about it. As the CEO of Rovio Corporation, he still accompanied her to work. The money she earned was not even a tenth of what he earned He pressured her with his actions, so that she could stay at home obediently and not go to work..

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