Up until now, Karen glared at him and said, “I don’t need your company. You can do your thing.” Kevin: “.” In fact, he really wanted to tie her up with him, but he knew her too well. She saw work as priority. If he forced her to not go to work, she would be unhappy. The last he wanted to do was to make her unhappy. After thinking through the whole night, he came up with an idea that he thought was a good idea. He could accompany her to work, so that he could look after her all the time. Karen pulled the quilt away and quickly sat up. Then, she heard Kevin’s nervous voice, “Karen, slow down. His big palm held her waist in time, preventing her from moving around. “Mr. Kyle, being pregnant is not as terrible as you think.” She felt that he was silly She made him so nervous by just making a move. There would be several months ahead being pregnant in the future. How could they live like this? “..” He opened his mouth but said nothing. He withdrew his hand slowly. Karen got off the bed from the other side and walked towards the bathroom. Just after two steps, Kevin was already behind her. He followed her to the door of the bathroom and had no intention of stopping. Karen looked back at him and said, “Mr. Kyle, I’m going to wash my face and brush my teeth.” “The bathroom floor is slippery, I’ll keep you company.” “I need to use the toilet. Do you still want to accompany me?” “Yes.” He nodded. “Yes? She regretted telling him about the pregnancy. She should have waited for a few more months and told him when she couldn’t keep it as a secret anymore, Karen took a deep breath and tried to explain to him, “Mr. Kyle, the thing about pregnancy is really not as horrible as you think. You should believe in me. I will be careful and protect your child from any incident.” “TIl wait for you at the door then.” She didn’t want to give in, so he had to take a step back. Karen glanced at him again, shook her head helplessly and walked into the bathroom at last. This man was really an idiot in life. When she came out of the bathroom, he was still guarding at the door as she’d assume. He was so nervous that he looked at her from top to bottom. He immediately reached out to hold her. “Karen” “Mr. Kyle, you will pressure me if you keep on doing this.” She patted him on the chest and sighed, “Relax, it’s me who will have to give birth, not you.” Kevin: “..” He was so worried and nervous only because she was the one who’s giving birth to the baby. If it would’ve been him that’s going into labor, he wouldn’t care. “Go get changed. After breakfast, do what you need to do.” Karen said as she walked, but every step she took, he followed. She stood still, turned around and glared at him, and said angrily, “Kevin, if you keep on following me, I will be annoyed.” She was so angry that she wanted to rush over and knock him out, so that he couldn’t follow her so closely and get all tangled with her. Kevin stood still, but his eyes moved with her Karen went to the changing room to get changed, and then went downstairs to eat. She didn’t look at the man who was still standing there in a daze. Seeing him this silly, it was really hard to imagine that he would be the decisive, cold blooded, and ruthless corporate ruler at work. But on a second thought, he had made a clear distinction between work life and daily life. He would never bring his work into their lives. She might’ve liked him like this. Although he’s no sweet talker, he cared everything about her. Karen wanted to refuse his offer of sending her to the studio, but when she saw Kevin’s worried eyes, she gave in and agreed to let him drive her there. She didn’t want him to worry about her. However, he would call her every hour to check in on her when she was at work, she was so angry that she wanted to smash her mobile phone. In the end, she turned off her phone in order not to let him disturb her work. Staring at the dimmed screen on the mobile phone, Karen gritted his teeth and thought furiously, “Mr. Kyle, let’s see what else you can do.” However, it didn’t take long for Karen to regret this idea. Kevin couldn’t get through to her phone, so he came to the studio directly When Kevin came, Faye Reed was serving a customer. He wore a silver-gray hand-made suit, and his eyes under his glasses were cold. As he glanced around, he saw Karen. His sudden appearance attracted everyone’s attention. The bride-to-be who was looking at some gowns was almost staring at Kevin, which made her man beside her extremely frustrated. He turned the bride’s head and said, “You are going to marry me soon. What are you looking at?” “Can’t I just have a look?” the bride-to-be said unhappily. “Mr. Kyle, are you here to see Mrs. Kyle?” Faye greeted him with a smile, letting others know that this gentleman was taken. “Yes.” Kevin nodded and fixed his eyes on Karen, who was busy sketching a draft in her desk. Karen looked up at him, raised her hand and pinched between her eyebrows. She thought in her heart, “Why on earth is this man here? Doesn’t he know that she can’t concentrate like this?” Not only today, but in the next few days, Kevin was in such a tense state. It was not until a week later when he was sure that she was not as weak as he had imagined, he returned to his normal state gradually In week’s time, they lived like this every day, simple but warm Likewise, Kristine Daly had also lived comfortably for the past few days. One day, when she was having lunch, an unexpected guest appeared Charlie Gook sat down on the other side of the table, and still behaved like a young master. “Go and get me a bowl of soup.” Kristine looked up at him coldly, then lowered her head to eat, she didn’t want to pay attention to him. “Don’t you hear me?” Charlie slammed on the table and sneered, “Believe it or not, I will make you deaf for real.” It took Kristine too long to figure out what kind of person Charlie was. Of course, she knew that he might really make her go deaf, but she would not give him that chance. She got up and glanced over Charlie gently. Then, she turned around and went to the kitchen. The Gook family was defeated, Bernard Gook was caught, and their family property had been sealed up. Charlie had been asking for help all this time, but he was rejected everywhere. He hadn’t even had a proper meal, which was as miserable as a stray dog. As soon as Kristine left, he picked up the chopsticks and gulped down the dishes on the table. He cursed, “Bitch, I’m suffering outside and you’re here living a good life.” After a long while, Kristine came out of the kitchen with a big bowl in her hands. She filled up Charlie’s bowl with soup. Charlie looked up at her and said, “Turn away, don’t let me see you. You ruined my appetite.” He asked her to turn her face away, and Kristine did so. She too didn’t want to see his face, in case she’ll have a nightmare in future..

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