Although January was almost over, it was still cold in Beaford City Kristine Daly had not stepped out from home from the past few days. She was home all day long, but dressed herself up beautifully still. Since young, she had always been a woman who cared about her looks She did not give up although her face was ruined. She thought that good makeup was equally important. From behind, people couldn’t see her scarred face. Looking at her silhouette, she would still be outstanding. Her waist was slim and her wavy blonde hair was hanging freely on her shoulders. Charlie Gook picked up the bowl and took a few sips. Then, his eyes fell on Kristine’s back. She was wearing a bright red coat today. The coat was as red as blood. It was so red that it was shocking. He stared at her for a long time, Charlie didn’t want to look away. It doesn’t make sense that she’s still listening to him like she used to Could it be Thinking of this, Charlie looked away from her and turned to the soup in the bowl in front of him. He drank it too fast because he hadn’t had a good meal for days. He didn’t notice that the taste of this soup was different than before. At this moment, he tasted a hint of drug in the soup. It was definitely not the scent of herbs, but another kind that he didn’t know about. “F**K! He cursed, picked up the bowl and threw it at Kristine. “What the f**k did you put in this soup, b*tch?” He shouted angrily. The bowl hit Kristine’s back, making a muffled sound. The hot soup instantly left a greasy stain on her red coat. The soup dripped along the coat and reached the ground. Kristine did not look back. She straightened her back and stood as stiff as a sculpture. Seeing her response, Charlie was even angrier. He grabbed a spoon from the table and threw it towards Kristine again. “Are you f**king dead? Turn around! The spoon did not hit Kristine this time. Instead, it passed by her ear and fell next to her feet, making a tinkling sound. She clenched her hands by her side, as if she was going to bury her nails into her palm. She bit her lips and slowly turned around, smiled slightly, as if she was pretending to be calm. “Master Gook, I’m kind enough to feed you the dog’s soup. It’s fine that you don’t pay me gratitude, but you dared to hit me with a bowl of soup. What do you think I should do with you?” She said ruthlessly, but her eyes were shining. Her smile, which she had tried her best to maintain stretched the scar on her face, revealing a disgusted look. Looking at Kristine’s distasteful scar and listening to her words, Charlie suddenly felt nauseous. His heart sank and he looked back at the bowl of soup in front of him. There must be something wrong with the soup, but he didn’t know what the b*tch added inside. He stood up abruptly, but his head felt numb. Before he could think, the monstrous anger took over his mind. He stepped over next to Kristine and grabbed her hair. “B*tch, you try to kill me? It’s not that easy!” Then, he grabbed Kristine’s head and slammed it against the table. “I’l kill you today, b*tch.” Kristine couldn’t react in time, and she’s far weaker than Charlie. Suddenly, she heard a muffled sound exploded in her ear followed by a roar in her head. Over these few days, Kristine did not get anything done. She could only think of how to kill the bastard, Charlie Gook. She wanted to kill him and take everything away from him. She wanted him to pay the price for the things he had done. Initially, she was still thinking about how to approach Charlie Gook, but who knows that this b*stard would come to her by himself. She almost got flooded with joy while preparing chicken soup for this bastard, and put the sleeping pills she had kept for a long time into the chicken soup. Everything was flawless, and she could soon kill her enemy. It turned out that Charlie had discovered it. The person who should have died was punching and kicking her at this moment, she could not do much but scream. One after another. She felt a stabbing pain in her lungs with every punch. “Go to hell!” Charlie roared. Knowing that this damned bitch poisoned him, he couldn’t suppress his anger. He cursed at Kristine “B*tch”, “Wh**e”, while kicking, stepping, and beating her mercilessly. After some time, Kristine had no strength left to scream, and Charlie stopped. He looked at Kristine who was like a broken doll on the ground with satisfaction and smiled smugly and spat on Kristine’s scarred face. “Bitch!” He said, and sat back in the chair, panting. This violent fight had used up a lot of his strength, and the half bowl of chicken soup with sleeping pills that he had just eaten gradually worked. At this time, he felt lethargic and needed to lie down. However, before he could sit still, he felt someone standing next to him. He instinctively stretched out his hand to grab the figure. At this moment, the sleeping pill began to work. His reaction was significantly slow, and his hand missed the figure. He looked over to Kristine’s direction and found no one there, only a small pool of blood was left. Charlie was shocked and knew that this was bad. He quickly turned around to look for Kristine. Before he could find her, a heavy object hit his head. Charlie felt a sharp pain and fell to the ground, He was angry, afraid, and screamed as he saw Kristine, who was holding a hammer, looking down at him. Kristine was smiling, and her grin stretched out the scars left by him, which was particularly disgusting and terrible. But unexpectedly, it looked beautiful… The smile was genuine. For a moment, Charlie saw a flash of their childhood memories in Kristine’s eyes. She was beautiful and innocent when they were young. She was following him and cried softly, “Charlie, am I pretty?” You look pretty- he wanted to answer in this way, but as he blinked, the cute vision disappeared and her cute face was covered with long and deep knife marks again. It was him who did all of these. Suddenly, Charlie felt a fear that he had never experienced. He wanted to scream and escape, but the sleeping pills were slowing him down. The sharp pain on his head affected his voice. Kristine approached Charlie step by step. Looking at this man whom she once yearned for now squirming like a dying bug filled her heart with joy. He was so ugly, just as ugly as her. She giggled and suddenly rushed over and sat on Charlie’s body, like how he used to sit on hers. “I won’t die.” She smiled hideously and murmured, “You’re the one who should die!” Then she raised the hammer in her hand and smashed it on Charlie’s head. “Kristine, don’t!” Charlie screamed for mercy, but failed to stop the falling hammer. One after another. The hammer fell, again and again..

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