Charlie Cook’s head was smashed into pieces. “It’s you! It’s you! It’s you! It’s you!” Every time Kristine Daly hit with all her strength, she roared. Blood splattered on her face and splashed into her eyes, everything was blood red. She didn’t stop hitting until she had run out of all her strength Charlie Gook was no longer what he used to look. He was unrecognizable after being smashed by her. “Hahaha.” Looking at her masterpiece, Kristine laughed abruptly until she burst into tears. Tears and blood were mixed together. It was sweet and bitter, just like her life. All of a sudden, she lost all her strength and collapsed beside Charlie’s body. She looked at the disfigured body. Suddenly, she stretched out her hand and hugged him. “Charlie, am I beautiful?” She asked. She didn’t get an answer. The only thing that could be seen was the blood that was flowing endlessly. A long time passed, the sky was already dark when Kristine woke up. She glanced at the ice-cold body on the ground and climbed to the side to pick up her cell phone. She scrolled to a recent contact number and dialed. After a long while, someone picked up. A pleasant voice came from the other side saying “Hello?” The voice was very pleasant. She felt like it came from another world. Kristine took a deep breath and then said coldly, “I killed someone.” It was silent from the other side, but Kristine could picture the man’s smiling face. Compared to Beaford City, the weather in Chatterton Town was getting better day by day. It seemed that people’s mood would get better with the good weather Karen didn’t sleep as much as before, but she began to vomit. The sickness came every morning and evening, and she felt unwell due to the constant throw-up. Kevin was by her side, and he couldn’t do anything but just felt anxious. The maternity doctors he hired for her were the best, but all of them told him that this was a normal reaction of a pregnant woman at the early stage of pregnancy. Karen was in such a bad condition, but those stupid doctors told him that it was a normal reaction. For the first time, he felt helpless. He asked Aunt Jen to prepare some light and nutritious food for pregnant women as best as she could. But tonight Karen could only take a bite before she began to vomit again. What made Kevin even mad was that Karen insisted on working in the studio every day despite her sickness. She said that she had to work hard to make money for the baby. It was not that he could not afford to raise her and her child. He really wanted to tell her this, but he knew that she had a strong ego. It would be an insult to her. Before they got married, he gave her his credit card. But throughout these few months, he had never receive any charges, which meant that she had never used his money. The fact that he didn’t want to spend his money made Kevin feel uncomfortable. They were husband and wife, his money belonged to her too, but she didn’t want to spend it. Karen bent over the toilet seat and vomited for a while, but there was nothing coming out. It made her lost all her strength She turned around and smiled at Kevin. “Don’t worry, it’s common for pregnant women.” Kevin held her in his arms and was about to say something, but she reached out and touched his eyebrows. “Don’t frown constantly, it’s not pleasant.” Her voice was as gentle as a feather stroking his heart softly, making him both happy and worried. He pressed her into his arms, placed his chin on her head, and whispered, “Karen, let this be our only child. I don’t want you to suffer anymore in the future.” He would rather not to have more children than see her suffering like this. She could not eat anything these days, and she became thinner. She was so thin that a gust of wind could blow her away. During the check-up yesterday, the doctor said that the baby was all right, but it still needed more nutrition, so the mother had to eat more. Listening to the doctor’s advise, even if she couldn’t eat anything at all, she still tried her best. She said that she could starve herself, but she couldn’t starve the child. Hearing what she said, Kevin hated himself for not using contraceptives at the beginning, If he hadn’t gotten her pregnant she wouldn’t have to suffer so much. “This is the first child, it will definitely be harder. When it comes to the second, the third or even the fourth child, these symptoms would go away* Karen said with joy. It seemed that the person who had suffered so much before was not her. To her, a child was not enough. She wanted to have a group of children with him so that they would have many children filling the house. So fun! She wanted to educate the children to love each other since they were young. When she grew old with Kevin in the future, the children would be there for each other. The key was that she didn’t want her children to be as tired as Kevin. If she had a few more children, they could share the responsibilities together when they take over Kevin’s work in the future. They wouldn’t have to count on one child alone. “Don’t say that.” He helped her up and filled a glass of water for her to wash up. After gargling, she looked at Kevin, who was still frowning, and suddenly an evil idea came to her mind. She pouted and smiled cunningly, “Mr. Kyle, give me a kiss.” She knew that Kevin was a germaphobe. She was certain that he would not kiss her because she had just vomited. Therefore, she just wanted to tease him and see how he reacted to her prank. However, she had never expected that Kevin not only lowered his head to kiss her, but also gave her a nice French kiss. The kiss made it hard for her to breathe, so he let go of her and stared at her face with deep eyes. “If this will make you feel better. Then in the future..” Before he could finish his sentence, Karen felt a sudden nausea and ran back to the toilet to vomit. To be frank, this was not a good feeling. She felt as if her guts were about to be spat out. But when she thought of how their child was going to be born in a few months, she would feel slightly better. After a while, Karen finally stopped vomiting. She apologetically looked at Kevin, who was by her side, and said, “Mr. Kyle, I’m sorry to make you worry.” However, Kevin’s face was sullen. He frowned and ignored her. The reason why she felt so uncomfortable was entirely because of him, and she even foolishly said sorry to him. “Are you angry again? You’re always angry lately. Do you know that being angry makes you age faster?” She clearly knew that he was mad at her, but she still wanted to tease him to make him talk to her. Kevin got her up to clean up again, then carried her back to the room and gently put her on the bed. Just as he was about to get up, she grabbed him. She said with a straight face, “Mr. Kyle, are you tired of being bullied by me every day?” These days, when she was free, she always imagined what if he had enough of her and didn’t want to talk to her? Hearing Karen’s words, Kevin’s expression became even more distressed. He said in a low voice, “Sleep well. Don’t think too much.” Kevin really wanted to get mad at this woman sometimes. He wanted her not to be so silly. He needed her to know that she could rely on him genuinely..

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