Due to her condition, Karen Daly woke up relatively late these days. It was around ten o’clock in the morning when she arrived at the studio recently. Seeing her arrival, Faye Reed quickly poured her a glass of plain water. Faye tried to say something, but didn’t in the end. “Faye, what are you going to say?” They had been friends for years, Karen could easily tell that Faye had something to tell her. Faye thought about it again. Even if she didn’t tell Karen about it, she eventually would know it since it’s such a big news. It would be better for her to tell Karen, as a reminder. She helped Karen sit down and said slowly, “Karen, how do you feel about Charlie Gook now?” “Why did you suddenly bring that up?” Karen asked. Honestly, all her thoughts were focused on Kevin Kyle and the child throughout this period of time. She hadn’t thought about those things and people in the past for a long time. As for Charlie Gook, she did not want to hear any news about this person at all. The Gook family had fallen, and she was not interested to know what would happen to him at all. Faye paid attention to Karen’s expression. Seeing that Karen’s expression was still calm, she added, “He was dead a week ago, he was killed by Kristine.” Karen: “… Although Karen had no feelings for Charlie Gook, but when she suddenly heard such a news, a complicated feeling was surging in her heart. She still remembered that Charlie Gook was so charming and attractive many years ago. He was the man that many ladies from wealthy family was chasing after. He once said to her, “Karen, it is the happiest and luckiest thing in my life that I can have you as my fiancee.” He once promised her with much confidence, “Karen, don’t have work and study too hard. When you graduate, I’ll marry you. I have plenty of money to support you. I will make you the happiest woman in the world.” He once said to her, “Karen, it was that one time I couldn’t control myself with Kristine. The love of my life is always you.” Once upon a time, they used to share so many memories. She knew him since she was a kid. When she first met him, he was only ten years old. He was childish, but always liked to pretend to be an adult. That day, the rain was pouring. Little Karen Daly and little Kristine Daly went home after school. The school bus could not enter their residential area, so they would walk a long way after getting off the bus. “Kristine, do you like our new school?” A young Karen looked up at Kristine, who was holding her hand, and blinked her big bright eyes. “The environment of the new school is much better than our previous school, of course, I like it.” Kristine rubbed Karen’s head. “Do you like it, Karen?” “I don’t like it.” Karen pouted her tiny mouth and shook her head. “I miss my old friends. They won’t laugh at you, nor will they laugh at me.” “But we have moved here, so we must like it,” Kristine said. As Karen was about to reply, a car sped past them and splashed the pool of dirty water all over them. Karen was nearer to the road, not only her body was splashed but her face was wet as well. Her chubby face was covered with mud and water. “Karena Kristine took out a wet tissue from her schoolbag quickly. She wanted to help Karen. “Look at those little beggars, where do they come from? She heard a tender boy’s voice, and then saw Charlie Gook, who was wearing the school uniform of the most prestigious school in Beaford City, appeared in front of her, looking at the two sisters arrogantly. Suddenly being called a beggar, Karen couldn’t be angrier. She rushed over, grabbed his hand and bit it hard. He raised his hand, but he didn’t hit her in the end. He let her continue biting instead. When Karen let go of Charlie, she left a little tooth mark on Charlie’s small hand. Karen glared at him angrily, but he suddenly smiled. “Are you the second daughter of the Daly family?” She stared at him silently. Kristine hurriedly went in front to protect her and apologized. “Charlie, Karen is still young and childish. Please don’t blame her.” “Karen?” He repeated her name and then looked at Kristine. “Are you her sister? The eldest daughter of the Daly Family?” Kristine nodded repeatedly. “Yes. We are the daughters of the Daly family. My father brought us over to your house to visit yesterday, but you weren’t home.” “You’re patient, but your sister’s got a bad temper. Tell your father to teach her a lesson.” After saying that, Charlie Gook turned around and left. “Karen, don’t you remember what dad said?” Seeing Charlie Gook leave, Kristine took out a wet tissue and wiped the dirty water on Karen’s face and said, “That’s the young master of the Gook family. We can’t mess with him.” “Kristine, he called us little beggars.” Karen said indignantly. Kristine had a gentle personality, but Karen’s temper was bad. When it came to an unfair situation, Kristine would rather endure it, but Karen would not. “Just let him be if he wants to. He is the young master of the Gook family after all.” Christine took her little hand and pinched her pinkish face. “Karen my sweetheart, you won’t want to make father unhappy, will you?” “Mmm.” Karen nodded and smiled sweetly at her sister who was a few inches taller than her. “Kristine, let’s go home.” Their family had just moved to this neighborhood, and their parents were not really rich. They would always be bullied by the children in the neighborhood. One day, Kristine was blocked by a few children on her way back from school. Those people pointed at her and said, “Look those girls, even if they live in this neighborhood, they are still poor persons.” Kristine lowered her head and didn’t say a word. She endured it, as long as she didn’t offend these rich children. Coincidentally, the situation happened to be seen by Karen who just walked by. Karen would not tolerate with their behaviors. She threw her bag away and rushed over to fight those kids. Just as she was beaten up, Charlie Gook appeared and said, “Stop.” He came over, grabbed Karen up from the ground, and said to the other kids, “Don’t ever let me see any of you bullying Karen in the future, or you’ll come crying to me in the end.” Karen shook off Charlie’s hand and hugged Kristine instead. “Kristine, don’t always be afraid. I will always protect you.” Because of Charlie’s support, no one dared to bully the sisters ever since. Karen, in turn, became the one that other children avoided. Those people knew that she had Charlie Gook backing her up. Whoever dared to find trouble with her, would offend the young master of the Gook Family..

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