Under Charlie Gook’s protection, Samuel Daly treated Karen rather well, so she was still able to do whatever she wanted. After their high school final examinations, Karen got into the best university in Beaford City as she was the best scorer. It was what Samuel Daly wished for her to study. But the major that she wanted to pursue was fashion designing. Samuel Daly was mad at her because of this matter. With the anger, he disallowed her to have dinner at as a punishment. Not only that, he even disallowed her to sit with the family. When Charlie knew about this, he climbed over the wall from the next door climbed along a big tree until he reached the upper floor of her house, and gave her some hot food. “Karen, eat this.” “Charlie, you always treat me the best.” She took the lunch box and looked at him with the biggest smile. “If I don’t treat you well, then who will?” Charlie said proudly and rubbed her head, Looking at her eating like a pig, Charlie couldn’t help but laugh. “Take your time. No one will take it away from you.” Karen swallowed a piece of chicken and said sadly, “I didn’t eat anything, and was punished to stand here for two hours. I’m starving.” “Well you can’t eat too fast.” Charlie thought for a moment and added, “Karen, don’t go head to head with Uncle Daly on this matter. Let’s think about a way to convince him.” “Did you think of any idea?” Karen asked while taking huge bites off of the chicken drumstick. Charlie said, “Don’t worry about this, I’ll talk to your dad. He will surely agree. “Karen, Dad’s coming.” Kristine peeked from the room and whispered to them. Karen quickly swallowed the food in her mouth and wiped it using her hand. “Charlie, take it away. I don’t want to get punished again.” “Remember what I told you don’t confront Uncle Daly.” Charlie held the bag and turned back quickly. Karen nodded repeatedly. As soon as Charlie climbed over the wall and left, Samuel Daly opened the door of the balcony and came over. He asked, “Have you thought it through?” Karen lowered her head and did not speak. Kristine peeked from the room again and said, “Dad, Karen admitted her fault to me just now. You know that she is stubborn, don’t be mad at her.” Samuel Daly looked at the pieces of chicken bones and immediately understood who came by. He softened his tone and said, “Good for you. You may go back to your room.” Karen returned to the room and gave Kristine a big hug. “Kristine, luckily I still have you guys.” Kristine rubbed her head and said softly, “Karen, you know dad’s temper. You should be more respectful in front of him. It’s you who will suffer if you fight with him.” “Thank you, Kristine!” Karen Daly sighed out of relief in Kristine’s arms. She felt blessed for having such a good sister. Once, Karen thought that she would be with Charlie for the rest for her life. He would be the hero who could stand behind her and guard her for a lifetime. That lasted until he and Kristine slept together. The two people she trusted the most betrayed her and pushed her into the abyss. When she heard the news, her mind went blank. She couldn’t find any adjectives to describe her feelings at that time, until today. The relationship among the three of them broke instantly, and there was no possibility of fixing it. After three years, Charlie Gook still thought that she would come back to him, and he said that he still loved her. Love? Karen admitted that she used to love Charlie Gook. In fact, she loved him to death. Therefore, she was hurt deeply when he had slept with her sister that she trusted the most. Since then, she no longer believed in love, so when Kevin proposed marriage to her, she agreed without thinking much. Without love, even if she was betrayed again, she would no longer feel sad and heartbroken. Even if they separated someday, she should not feel heartbroken. “Karen.” Hearing Faye Reed’s worried voice, Karen came to her senses and looked at her with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” However, she felt that life is so fragile. It would be gone all of a sudden. Her mother’s life did, so was Charlie Gook’s. The two people she cared about the most in the past instantly disappeared from her life, leaving no trace at all. “Karen..” Faye Reed was worried again. “Faye, just go and do your work. I will try my best to complete Mr. Baker’s order by noon.” Karen took a deep breath, flipped open the document and started working. The reason Kristine Daly killed Charlie Gook was because of the dispute between them that lasted for years. It was not something in Karen’s control, At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang. The ring trembled her hand which was holding her brush. Looking at the familiar phone number on her screen, she picked up the call. Mr. Wilis’ pleasant voice came from the phone, “Miss Daly, our plan has been completed in advance. Do you want to come to Beaford City to have a look at the final results?” Even on the call, Karen could picture the man on the other end of the phone smiling with his eyebrows raised. “Congratulations. She said. “You too.” He said. Karen took another deep breath and said, “Mr. Wilis, now that your purpose had been achieved, let’s not see each other again.” Mr. Wilis said again, “Kristine went crazy. Now she is staying in a mental institution. Miss Daly, are you really not coming back to have a look?” Karen did not say anything else and hung up. She did not want anything to do with this person anymore. After ending the call with Mr. Wilis, Karen couldn’t calm down. All she could think about were the people and everything in the past. With her state of mind, Karen could not work at all. In addition with her sickness, she informed Faye Reed and went home after After having lunch at home, Karen went outside to bask in the sun. Finally, she felt too sleepy and went back to her room to sleep. However, Karen did not sleep well. Those people who occupied her entire childhood would come into her dream from time to time. “Karen..” She heard her mother calling her, and was looking at her with a faint smile. “Karen.” She heard Charlie Gook calling her. He also looked at her with a smile. His face gradually became disgusting and horrible. “I love you so much, but you’re not coming back to me.” “Karen..” She heard that Kristine was calling her name. Kristine was still smiling gently. All of a sudden, her face became unrecognizable.” How could you live such a happy life, but I’m stuck in prison? I’m here today all because of you.” “No, no..” Karen waved her hand and tried to chase away the shadow in front of her. “It’s not me, I didn’t.”

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