“Not you?” The one speaking suddenly transformed into Charlie Gook. He stepped forward and strangled her on the neck “Karen, we used to be your closest family, but you betrayed us with someone else.” “I didn’t -” Karen wanted to speak, but she was choked by him. Her face turned red and she couldn’t breathe. She struggled to even say a word. “Karen, do you know how you were born? Samuel Daly gave your mother to another man like she was a toy, and that’s how your mother got pregnant.” “Look at Kevin Kyle, who is he? He is Leo Kyle who controls Rovio Corporation Inc. He’s the dream of a lot of people. But look at you, who are you? How did you deserve to be his wife?” “You think you can tie him up just by being pregnant with his child? Do you think his promise could last forever?” “There’s only one reason he’s still with you now is because he hasn’t met the woman that he truly loves yet.” The people who were pointing at her increased. She tried to refute them, but didn’t even have a chance to speak. She could do nothing but glare at the people who accused her, and struggled helplessly. “Karen “Karen-” Out of the blue, she heard a unique low voice. She turned around and saw Kevin Kyle standing behind her. “Kevin “Kevin-” She tried to call his name, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not make a sound. “Karen, I don’t care about your background, but my family does” he said. His voice was low and sexy as usual. His facial expression was clear and cold, and didn’t show any emotions. Before she could speak, he continued, “Karen, it’s a marriage without love anyway, let’s break up. We’ll each find our own life partner.” “Kevin-” It took a long time before Karen made a sound. She rushed over and grabbed him but missed instead. He suddenly disappeared from her sight. “Even you are giving up on me?” She looked at the direction in which he disappeared, screaming in grief and pain. They agreed that it’s a sham marriage at the first place, but why did she feel sad when he wanted to break up with her? Her heart went from painful to numb, as if it was no longer hers. Did she have feelings for him? Other than the marriage, could she get more from him that she shouldn’t have asked for? “Karen, wake up! Wake up!” It was Kevin’s voice again, but it was different from what she had just heard. He sounded urgent this time. Karen opened her eyes swiftly and saw a pair of eyes that looked anxious and a frown on his face. He didn’t leave, he was still here! When she realized that he did not leave her, her flustered heart suddenly calmed down. Kevin took a piece of tissue to help her wipe her forehead which was wet from all the sweat, “Don’t be afraid. It’s just a dream.” Looking at his caring eyes and listening to his pleasant voice, Karen felt like crying. She blinked her eyes hard to stop the tears from dripping. Kevin rubbed her head and asked, “Karen, what did you dream of?” Karen sniffed and said, “I dreamt that you would break up with me and we went separate ways.” He held her in his arms and locked her with one hand. He gently touched her belly with the other hand. He said softly, “It’s the contrary. We will be together forever.” “But…” Karen said. But the dream was so real that she felt scared and timid. She felt like she would lose him. “Karen, tell me, is something wrong?” Kevin asked, She went to buy a car a few days ago and asked him strange questions. She would also wake up from her nightmare these days. At first, Kevin thought that pregnant women would be anxious at the beginning of the pregnancy. But after observing for a few days, he was sure that something must have happened. “Why do you ask so? Could anything have happened?” She blinked at him and her eyes were so innocent that no one could tell if she was hiding something from him. Kevin didn’t ask any more questions as she didn’t want to talk about it. He just stared at her quietly. “A lot happened in my dream, the people and things in the past. It was terrible looking back.” Kevin Kyle was smart. Karen Daly was worried that he could figure it out, so she explained further. “Take a good rest at home and take a day off work tomorrow.’ Perhaps he was thinking too much. They were all too nervous expecting their first child. “Alright.” She leaned in his arms and said softly, “Mr. Kyle, I’m hungry, do you have anything for me to eat?” “Just a second.” Kevin Kyle got out of bed and helped her sit down before he turned around and left. Looking at his back as he left, Karen was in a daze. Although she was unwilling to admit, but what Grandpa Kyle said had quite an impact on her. Otherwise, she would not have had such a dream that Kevin would leave her. Although she woke up from the dream, but the fear was still there. Fortunately, he was still here, and he could make her feel safe. Not long after, Kevin came in with food in his hand. “Here’s some porridge and broth. The doctors said that these dishes are good for pregnant women and babies.” He said. Kevin didn’t have any experience prior to this, so he read a lot about it these days. Now he could be considered as a half expert in the pregnancy field. Kevin took a spoonful of porridge and gestured it to her mouth. “Open your mouth.” Karen smiled sweetly and said, “Mr. Kyle, are you going to feed me?” He could have asked Aunt Jen or Aunt Anne to prepare the meals for her, but he did it by himself. Now he even wanted to feed her. Karen felt that if he let Kevin go on like this, she would become a couch potato soon. “Come on,” Kevin nodded and said, “Open your mouth.” Karen opened her mouth and took a spoon. Then she looked up at him and smiled. “Mr. Kyle, thank you so much for taking care of me and my child.” “I am your husband, the father of the child.” Kevin said with a straight face. If he didn’t take good care of them, did he want other men to do it instead? “Then should I grant you the title of the best husband in the history?” Karen said with a smile. He was so attentive to her. After knowing that she was pregnant, he didn’t come back late for even one night. He got off work on time every day and didn’t go on any business trip. In the past, he would have a business trip every now and then. She didn’t believe that he suddenly had nothing on hand. He was Leo Kyle from Rovio Corporation and held the highest position in the Rovio business empire, but he was willing to do these trivial things for her. How could she not be touched?.

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